JYJ International Cassies Take Charge

Cassie have got to be the most dedicated fans K-pop has ever seen. Even JYJ who daily shows their gratitude for those who are keeping the faith. I never in the 3 years of listening to K-pop seen fans go to the extreme not only voice themselves but protect their favorite idol group. It’s beyond fandom, curiosity, or obsession but deep respect and love that hasn’t been waver despite the uncertain future. Just read for yourself…..

Translated Source Allkpop

JYJ’s international fans are rolling up their sleeves to help their idols. Nearly two weeks ago, we wrote about JYJ’s overseas fans undertaking a large campaign with a petition.

Approximately 86,418 international JYJ fans submitted a petition in regards to the lack of JYJ’s appearances on broadcasts.

According to a press release on February 28th, “from February 2nd to the 25th,” JYJ international fans have “voluntarily hosted a petition in 10 different languages advocating for JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights and a formal complaint about JYJ’s invalid restrictions in their music promotions and television appearances.”

About the petition, a representative from the JYJ international fans stated, “We are TVXQ and JYJ members’ fans as well as consumers of a cultural phenomenon known as the Korean Wave (Hallyu). We like to put an end to companies like SM Entertainment and KMP from violating JYJ’s rights protected under the South Korean law.”

International fans argued points based on personal rights, labor rights and income rights. They explained “this violates JYJ’s rights as South Korean citizens to freely act as celebrities. They must be protected with beneficial labor rights that include sufficient break time. ”

The Seoul Central Court had ordered the SM to pay for the damages done by the company’s blockade in JYJ’s activities.

Cassies fans are fighting for JYJ and their presence in K-pop while SM still tries to control. You guys are freaking amazing keep it up, make JYJ stronger but above everything Keep The Faith.


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