Crown J Detain WTF

Crown J isn't a bad boy just misunderstood

Lately Crown J has been making a spectacle out of himself and sadly it’s not for his music. Earlier this year he was busted for possession of an illegal substance. Now he is being accused of assault against his former manager who we will call A. The whole incident and feud was spark when Crown J needed a  co-signer on a loan 200 worth million won (~$179,200 USD). He wanted to start his own entertainment label. A agree with the intention that Crown J would pay him back.

On August 29th A agree to meet with Crown J and discuss on how he would pay back his debt. Crown J didn’t come only and brought 3 of his closet friends along. Things got heated and A was attacked  by Crown J and his confidants allegedly.  A was also force to obtain legal documents for a yacht worth 00 million won (~$89,570 USD) transfer in Crown J name.

Crown J has been arrested by Seoul’s Kyungnam district and proclaim innocents. He stated…

“It’s true that I took him to my car, but I did not assault him, and all documents were signed voluntarily by him.””

No charges are stated nor any fines. Until then its Crown J’s word verses A. The recent drug bust against Crown J isn’t looking to good. In the past couple of years Crown J has center himself in Atlanta, Georgia and  riding on the small success of his album Fly Boy. Which was also released in South Korea. He has worked with Grand Hustle’s Young Dro and Korean producer Kato.  Crown J is one of the few Korean Americanized rappers to integrate southern American hip hop style beats.  His most noted of K-pop duet is with Seo In Young for r&b/hip hop track “To Much” launching his own Youtube channel and performing club circuit concerts in the U.S. Kinda sad to see the media eat him up so quickly when his just getting into the meat of his career.



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