Lady Gaga vs SNSD

Oh you thought 2011 was gonna be quiet, filed with big idol comebacks. More infectious Hallyu in Japan and plagiarism accusations dead. No, no it wouldn’t be K-pop and yes I used double negatives. This time its Queen Monster Lady Gaga verse the bubble up beat Girls’ Generation aka SNSD.

Lady Gaga’s new track “Born This Way” has already raised suspicion. Most people feel the track has rip off Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Now it seems SNSD’s “Be Happy” may also have fallen victim(?)

E-Tribe who produce SNSD’s “Be Happy” has already made statements to Newsen on March 1st, quote…..

“Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady Gaga plagiarizing SNSD’s ‘Be Happy.’ I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. I am currently working to get in contact with Lady Gaga’s publishing label to find further information.”

Ah, maybe he is wrong taking a page from YG entertainment Teddy Park. Simply could be another case of similar melodies. You know when two people look a like but live on different parts of the hemisphere. Just because they look the same but aren’t…….oh forget was a horrible analogy.

Do you think E-Tribe might have gotten ripped off?



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