Did 2ne1 flop In Japan?

There is a heated debate among K-poppers starting to brew on the web. 2ne1 being the epic center of this debate and noted for their massive popularity. Haters, industry enthusiast, Blackjacks and semi fans are beginning to wonder. Why did 2ne1’s Japanese debut flop?

Heaters are having a field day while loyal Blackjacks are reduced to defend their precious group to the death. As fans consider the recent earthquake and  cancellations of televised performances on TV Ashai and Music Station are to blame. These factors are consider minor when you look at the whole picture. This will only set back the opportunity to expose 2ne1 into Japanese media but not discourage fans. What I notice that fans seem to have gravely over look  Avex entertainment poorly executed promotion tactics.

In theory marketing an artist and their music material must always correlate. In the case of 2ne1 this didn’t happen. To explain what I mean this is the typical promotion strategy most record companies universally use.

-Record label artist/group announce comeback or debut

-Artist/group work on comeback or debut

-Record label announce date of release

-In between official release date or production an artist or group may release a digital single,teaser, or preview of up in coming material. Even if its new,repackage or remix.

-In America (sometimes Japan) an artist can release several different digital singles before the primary album. In K-pop you have this but usually its several days or a week prior.

-Artist or group release primary album containing material previous tease, preview,or available on digital downloads.

-Fans buy music material that have been promoted by their artist or group feature on the album

-Record label makes a profit

-Artist or group starts promotions via TV and/or a promotional tour

In the case of 2ne1 this wasn’t follow. Some factors have prevented them and some were extremely confusing to follow. In fact what 2ne1 was promoting verse made available for music purchase were two different things. In the beginning Avex was following traditional ways but soon turn misleading.

-YG announces 2ne1 will debut in Japan under mega label Avex entertainment

-Avex launches 2ne1′ s Japanese website

-In January 2ne1 release their first single under Avex English version “Can’t Nobody” available by Chaku-Uta mobile device ringtones and back ringtone. The single ranks on Recochoku.

-In February 2ne1 release the English version MV “Can’t Nobody” for purchasing download on iTunes Japan

-Avex disclose that 2ne1 will promote with the Japanese version of “Go Away”

-On March 9th 2ne1 release ringtone/back ringtone version of “Go Away” on Chaku-Uta ranking on  Recochoku

-March 11 Japan suffer an earthquake delaying 2ne1’s debut. Avex disclosed that 2ne1 televised debut has been cancel.

-March 16 2ne1 releases their first Japanese album. A collaboration of songs mainly from their self title Korean mini album and “I’m Busy” from To Anyone. That was not promoted previously before the primary release. “Go Away” Japanese version and “Can’t Nobody” English version are not present on the CD release of 2ne1 nor CD+DVD combo.

-Fans are confuse

-2ne1 sales struggle

Why didn’t Avex release “Can’t Nobody English version and “Go Away” Japanese version on what is suspected to be their first official Japanese album. It’s common for Japanese artist to release several different formats of the same album.(Example: Normal editions-Type a CD- Type B CD+DVD-Type C CD+DVD with added material  ) My hypothesis is……

-“Can’t Nobody” and “Go Away” was a tester to see if 2ne1 had a core audience in Japan.

-Avex would allow the release of 2ne1’s collection of Korean songs. When 2ne1 started promotions with “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody” most likely release on a special edition.

-The earthquake threw a massive curve ball in promotions. Between Avex and YG just didn’t have enough material for a completed Japanese debuting album. Instead settle for a composite Korean collection album.That primary contain  2ne1’s first mini album and “I’m Busy” from To Anyone. I think it was YG intention to convert more songs into Japanese or English from To Anyone. Since that was their most recent album but fail or felt uncertain to do so. Creating inconsistency in their Japanese promotion.

-In the end 2ne1 was promoting material not feature on the debuting album. Avex try to make a quick profit of off “Can’t Nobody” ringtone and MV release. Also ringtone version of “Go Away” but fail to deliver on the primary album. Which was extremely important to turn a much more larger profit regardless if televised promotions were carried out or delay.

I don’t blame Japanese fans for not quickly buying this album. If 2ne1 is promoting “Go Away” and “Can’t nobody” then I would suspect it to be feature on the album. Not as separate items that have no correlation. Think of it like this, you go to the grocery store. You buy a bag of sugar it’s even advertise as sugar. When you decided to use it , flour is inside. You feel cheated if not completely ripped off.

That seems to be the case with 2ne1. Fans were hoping for something like “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody” but instead got something completely different. YG who maybe disorganized when it comes to comeback dates ALWAYS keep their promotions straight. Avex didn’t do this which can result to slow if not pitiful sales. Beast(B2st) Japanese/Korean collection album is doing better in sales and Ryo Shi Won.

Even groups like 4minute, TVXQ(Tohoshinki),Girls Generation (SNSD/Sonyeo Sidae),Kara,etc..have release either translated Japanese version of previous Korean songs and/or release known Korean material included. Those songs have always been feature on Japanese albums regardless if its a collection. Avex did not do that with 2ne1 which is just bad promoting on their behalf.

2ne1’s flop in Japan can be a sad foreshadowing for their American debut. 2ne1 and Wil.I.Am’s joint collaboration album has been set back do to Black Eyed Peas The Beginning. In the meantime YG has rebuttal with another Korean comeback for 2ne1. This just doesn’t seem to follow YG plans but hey when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Then pit some vodka in it cause its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Do You agree Avex screwed up 2ne1’s promotions?

Are you excited for 2ne1’s Korean comeback?

Do you think 2ne1 will succeed in America or will they flop?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mikey
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 20:25:30

    2ne1 didn’t even get to debut in japan cause of the earthquake please do you’re research before posting something like this :\


    • mikey
      Mar 31, 2011 @ 20:28:11

      Edit: if they weren’t known publicy they wouldn’t do good


    • spazifyouwantto
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 12:56:58

      You didn’t read my article or understood my point. I mention that as being a fault but also bad promoting. More to making an artist successful than just having them appear on televised media.

      If 2ne1 appear on Ashai TV and Music Station it would have made it more public but doesn’t guarantee success. Its what 2ne1 promoted verse being actually sold screw them over. 2ne1 Japanese album or Korean collection album doesn’t contain the primary promotional songs “Go Away” Japanese and “Can’t Nobody” English version. These two songs were promoted early this year but via ring tone.

      When 2ne1 was suppose to appear on Music Station they were set to perform “Go Away” Japanese version. When the earthquake hit cancel their opportunity but not their inability to sell. Beast Shock Japanese album is #2 on Oricon and was release same day as 2ne1.Beast promoted Japanese version of “Soom” which is feature on the album. Along with Korean songs. Beast has sold 23K copies without televised media. But Beast last year in November also did a showcase for Japanese fans. Again they did not used televised media. They used a concert and Universal was able to find their core audience prior to Shock.

      2ne1 was promoting “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody” but DIDN”T have it feature on the primary album.Only available for ringtones. So fans didn’t buy the album. Avex was trying to make a quick profit but fail. YG didn’t have enough material prepared for their Japanese material so that was a fail. On top of that Avex couldn’t find 2ne1’s core audience or made anything official prior to their debut.Like Universal did for Beast.Avex stupidly put all their eggs in one basket and got crush. All the earthquake expose just how unprepared both Avex and YG were for this Japanese debut.

      Only SNSD and Kara had major success with just releasing singles in Japan. It doesn’t work out for everybody. 2ne1 shouldn’t take this route in America or they FAIL miserably.


    • niq
      May 04, 2011 @ 00:14:05

      They DID went to Japan. They were there during the earthquake.


      • spazifyouwantto
        May 05, 2011 @ 16:14:29

        That isn’t the argument. My article wasn’t about that whether or not they went to Japan. But what factors might have prevented them from having a successful debut.
        1)The earthquake
        2)Lack of proper promotion prior to earthquake.
        3)What was being promoted and being available for purchase after the album was release.
        4)2ne1 under Avex was promoting two different things that didn’t correlate. You can not sell one thing then suspect fans to buy something different. In other words 2ne1 was promoting “Go Away” Japanese version and “Can’t nobody” English version BUT BUT it wasn’t available when their album drop. Only as ring tones and purchase downloaded music video on iTunes Japan. Avex pulled a fast one and lost out in the end. YG wasn’t prepared for 2ne1 Japanese debut. Earthquake expose just how disorganized and dishonest both companies were being. HINT why YG is being so tight lip now about 2ne1’s comeback and gain back control.


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