Should Park Bom Do A Solo Album?

Kicking off 2ne1’s lengthy comeback  Park Bom’s unleash her second digital solo song “Don’t Cry.” While YG follow this formula for total promotion domination by releasing a new track every 3 weeks. Bom’s “Don’t Cry” pumps fans with excitement. Promising that this comeback might be more successful than the last.

On the eve of Bom’s solo single YG disclosed she wouldn’t be able to promote. The same excuse YG pulled back in 2009 when Taeyang release “Where U At.”  The day of “Don’t Cry” release it shockingly snag #1 spots from various online portal sites. Ranging from iCharts,Navar,Monkey3,Daum cafe,etc… The over whelming respond encourage YG to allow Bom perform “Don’t Cry” on some music shows.

To keep fans on their toes YG also launch YG On Air live. The first to usher in this new wave Bom’s “Don’t Cry.” Instead of the original version she perform a special strip-down acoustic.

Don’t Cry Acoustic from YG On Air Live

Original MV and Version

Fans are impressed by both version of the song.Debating whether or not Bom can pull of a solo album. While Bom in her early training years might have been more ambitious on being a soloist. Her duty  if not musician’s responsibility  is with 2ne1 now. In 2009 Bom’s first solo single “You and I” won 2010 MNet’s Asian Music Award for best l digital single. Both “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” are compose by Teddy Park. An artist and producer himself who has been head music director in 2ne1’s musical process and soloist development. Instinctively Teddy Park can have a sense of connection with his fellow female juniors. Although Teddy is an excellent producer sometimes he can over emphasize the importance  a beat. Teddy musical back round is non traditional but heavily influence by hip hop. In both “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” the beat takes a life of its own. Carrying the song more dominantly yet Bom’s voice still shines through. In the acoustic version Bom’s voice is more expressive and creates the mood. Allowing her to show off the natural ability a vocalist can possess with story telling.

Safe to say the strip-down version has not only enhance “Don’t Cry” beautiful melody but Bom’s voice. If Bom every decided to do a solo album I hope she will experiment more. The success of “You and I” and the respond to “Don’t Cry” has been lucrative  for YG. Yet this also defines Bom’s possibility as being a top female soloist. It’ll be a few years from now before fans have the luxury of hearing a solo album from Bom. In the meantime 2ne1 is preparing for a third comeback. One that will be on an international level.  As the group continues to work with Wil.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) and their primary producer Teddy Park. YG has been very tight lip about the fellow quartet comeback. Their new material can only be an improvement from To Anyone. Even though I’m not a huge fan of this group I keep an open mind and ear to their music. I can cross my fingers for a Park Bom solo album after 2ne1’s comeback but I’m not holding my breath.

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