Beast Rainy Days

Beast(B2st) who debut back in 2009 with “Bad Girl” is quickly advancing in the K-pop world. With 5 mini albums under their belt,two concerts and a successful debut in Japan. The group is ready to unleash what is consider their first Korean album. Title Fiction and Fact Beast release their first single “Rainy Days.”

The current promotion trend universal among music industries is to release main singles prior to albums. In order to cut down on pirating and create buzz the old fashion way. While Beast Fiction and Fact wont drop until 17th of May. Their new comeback single “Rainy Days” is available for Korean fans.

If you’re a B2uty or an advent Beast listen their single “Rainy Days.” Is a mellow out tune similar to “Lights Go On Again” feature on their fourth album (same name as song). Beast explores acoustic once again and create a requiem type atmospheres. Contemporary pop isn’t something new for Beast to explore but a genre of music that favors them most. Even though Beast has built a reputation base off of dance pop songs. The group isn’t afraid to explore more unfamiliar music territories to enchant their fans.

I’m already predicting Beast’s Fact of Fiction will be a top album. Okay that was the fan girl in me talking but “Rainy Days” is a magnificent song.

Beast “Rainy Days” available on


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