Teddy Park Answers My Prayers With 2ne1’s “Lonely”

FINALLY, I feel like the K-pop Gods are ruling in my favor. As electronic hip pop trend starts to die down. Mega pop idol female group 2ne1 shows off their more softer feminine side with “Lonely.” Although it’s another sad love song this time things are different. Member Park Bom kick off 2ne1’s comeback with “Don’t Cry.” A fast tempo house r&b piano influence song produce by Teddy Park. “Don’t Cry” shot to #1 on various music portal sites but when YG release a live acoustic version for On Air Live. Fans warmly respond to the more strip-down version and made it their favorite.

While 2ne1 is known for their high energy dance hip pop style tracks. That attracted the attention of prestigious American artist/producer Wil.I.Am to create them an English album. I’m quite please to see 2ne1 mature and stray away from their already known pop sound. “Lonely” an acoustic number that exposes 2ne1’s ability as singers.   Very much like “It Hurts” yet less jazz orientated. Instead “Lonely” allows each member to show off their vocal ability with CL and Park Bom taking the helm.

Even though this song is short, its leaving a lasting impression on fans. Since the group is going outside their normal comfort zone. A true testament to 2ne1’s as legit artists verse another manufacturer idol group with over zealous global ambitions. 2ne1 didn’t stray from their high fashion look but made it less the focus point.  Only good things can come when a group shows a bit of change. This isn’t drastic but a stepping stone. I just hope 2ne1 will always “explore” music not just always “trend.”

Kudos for Teddy Park backing off the heavy usage of auto-tune and house/hip hop pop beats. Teddy can create these beautiful melodies but always mask it with heavy beats. So you don’t fully grasp the emotion of  the song and the beauty it possesses. While 2ne1’s comeback schedule remains the same. A new song every 3 weeks. The sassy four ladies are preparing for a concert  solo for the month of August. In the meantime fans will have to settle with chart topping songs before the officially release of their album.


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