BEAST Vol. 1 – Fiction and Fact

Korean boy band Beast (B2st) has just release their first full album title Fiction and Fact. Their new Korean album is dominating Hanteo in sales placing at #1. On Gaon Charts Beast’s “On Rainy Days” rank in at #8 breaking into the TOP 10. With good reasoning by far Beast has created another master piece. One that even the most nonchalant  of K-pop listener will be left stun and amazed after hearing. Okay that last sentence was over the top……I’m such a fan girl. ^_^

While some fans feel Beast would stick to the routine of electronic dance pop…they did…well sorta. For catchy up-tempo songs “Back To You” and “Freeze” will diffidently satisfied your sugary pop cravings. While “You” is a piano pop song that will give you some insulin. So you don’t go into K-pop shock afterwords.

Beast continues to show off their diversity with “Virus” being strictly r&b and  “불러보지만 (Thought I Call)” being pop r&b. While those songs don’t fail to impress “The Fact” some what does. Even though this track is part of the album theme. Compare to “Fiction” I find it rather dull. Even ” 비가 오는 날엔(On Rainy Days)” out shines “The Fact.”

There are two songs in particular that do not belong on this album or even in K-pop. The unplugged or acoustic version of “Lightless” will leave you breathless. I know what you’re thinking “Is this the new trend in K-pop acoustic?” Maybe, but despite the increase need to whip out a guitar, vocally Beast becomes vivid story tellers. The original version isn’t bad but the acoustic makes it one of a kind.

Yet its not the hidden master piece on this album. The one track that ties this album up and make it stand out is “Fiction” but the orchestra version. Other idol groups feel by doing ‘acoustic’ version of songs will make them seem more deep if not artistic. Beast raises the bar by doing an orchestra version of “Fiction.” I mean strings instrumentals in a K-pop song no big deal but the entire track? Not only is “Fiction” a great pop song but also orchestra piece. Cube entertainment has taken it a step further for Beast. Not just on a group level but musically to their competitors.

While other K-pop groups are still wrapping their heads around acoustics Cube is ready to bring on the full strings. Taking music back to its composing roots and showing the level a beauty even a pop song can possess.  Overall ***** 5 stars Beast is STILL the B2st and just keep getting better. This album is a must have and one of the best for 2011.

Fiction Full MV

Beast Fiction and Fact available on Normal Edition (CD Only)


01. The Fact***
02. Fiction (main title) ****
03. Back to You ***
04. You ****
05. Freeze  ***1/2
06. Virus ****
07. 불러보지만 (Thought I Call)****
08. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days) *****
09. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.) *****
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) *****


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