Secret Album Vol. 2 -Starlight Moonlight-

Secret returns with a new retro concept..ok its not new but these ladies wanna doo-wop. While everyone is coming off the fast tempo,house, electronic, hip-pop and auto-tune high. Secret continues to dazzle fans with their superior vocal harmonization by bringing back a genre of music  once popular in 5o’s-60’s era.

Musically this album is classic doo-wop so nothing to out of the ordinary. But if you’re looking for an easy summer listen with an upbeat melody not of the dance pop kind than Secret second single album is perfect for you. My favorite on this album is the main title track  “별빛달빛 (Starlight/Moonlight).” So intriguing to hear a Korean base female group pull of such a simple but difficult vocal style of music. Hangul itself is full of syllabus that may seem unfavorable or tongue tied but Secret has master this genre of music. So it doesn’t sound to nasally or high pitch. Overall the album isn’t bad *** 3 stars great listen for the summer with your special love one.

-별빛달빛-Starlight/Moonlight Full MV

Secret Single Album Vol.2 available for pre-order (CD Only)-June 9th


01. 오! 허니 (Oh Honey)

02. 별빛달빛 (Starlight/Moonlight) -title-

03. 멜로영화 (melodrama)


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