Why I’ve Been Absent

I haven’t blog in a while mostly because my life has gone quite hectic. Between getting my registration for college completed I had an unexpected family emergency. My mother is currently home ill. The past couple of weeks my mother has been suffering server leg muscle spasms and nerve damage in her right leg.

She could not walk,sit or use the bathroom properly. We went to the emergency room twice. Unfortunately  it didn’t do much to help her. Although the emergency room doctor proscribe low dose antibiotics and muscle relaxers twice. Her condition continue to worsen as the days gone by.

Then,I notice some odd bruising forming on her leg. She believe it was from the stress of the leg being in constant pain. That following morning she had red bumps, reddish skin tone and the veins in her leg were showing (irritation). My mother is diagnosed with chronic back pain and suffers sciatic nerve damage. Her symptoms seem to fit the bill of a leg injury. Possibly obtain at work while unloading a truck. She also had a rash that started to develop more aggressively around her buttocks but only the right side. For the past four years my mother would get this rash but it would go away in a few weeks. The pain she endure is described as the “tail bone is one fire.”

Lucky this week we were able to contact one of her original back doctors. He specialize in back pain management.  When she told him about her condition he figure it out right away. She had the Shingles in the right leg. A Herpes Zoster bacterial virus that attacks the nerves and muscle. Affecting the skin with blisters or a rash were infection is active. She is currently place on heavy antibiotics  and will undergo continuing treatment for the next 3 months. Despite the lengthy follow up my mother should be back to work in a week or at least more able to perform her duties.

The irony my uncle last year suffer the shingles in his chest and face area. My mother teased him but a year later she suffered the same illness but in her right leg. The shingles are extremely painfully and never leave your body. There is no cure just treatment to maintain control. There is a vaccination to avoid catching the shingles. Since this can be caught like the common cold how people become infected is beyond me. My uncle caught the shingles after he broke his ankle. My mother four years-ago went under major back surgery that failed and left her with Bacterial  Meningitis of the spine. So shingles are most likely to infect you after your body has been place under trauma (like surgery, broken bone) and/or when your immune system is the weakest. Shingles are activated by high level of stress that also weakens the body’s immune system.

The moral of this story is be careful of karma, take very good care of body and also when comes to doctors ALWAYS get a second opinion.


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