2pm Hands Up

The beastly boys are back and ready to claim the night?

As the summer of 2011 promises big name comebacks with Beast(B2st),Brown Eyed Girls to 2ne1 the fab 6 squeeze their way in and dominate K-charts.

Their latest installment 2pm 2nd Album Hands Up is a dance pack but also r&b inspired collective album. With members Junho and Junsu taking a stab at producing their own tracks for their band.

The main title track “Hands Up” is the club anthem for K-poppers who favor the night life. Although I find the remix to be more club appropriate. While “Electricity” original version falls flat compare to its remix also. No doubt the most clublicious track is Junsu’s “Hot” which the song describes it self. Who knew Junsu had an eye for creating such good dance music.  This has got to be one of the strongest tracks on this album and hopefully will get promoted. Junsu truly capture the essence of his group in “Hot.” Resonating 2pm’s sexy charisma, strong masculinity and will make you hit the dance floor immediately.

Leave it to JYP to have an old school inspired r&b track ripped from its decade and rebirth by 2pm. The old school track “모르니(Notice)” is a r&b pop classic from early 2000’s late 90’s. While “Give It To Me” composed by Junho captures the charm of 2pm. With a light heated but catchy pop track. Easy  for fans and non alike to enjoy.

The hidden master piece on this album is “영화처럼(Like In The Movies) hands down completes this album. 2pm strong points is their ability to create pop friendly tracks for male groups that DO NOT mask or misinterpret their masculinity. 2pm weakest points has always been pop ballad songs. The group bravely challenge themselves with “영화처럼(Like In The Movies)” and do not fail. Silencing doubters who felt 2pm didn’t have the chords to do a pop ballad. Overall this album didn’t stray away from 2pm’s known musical styles but strengthen them. **** 4 stars This album is great for the summer and a strong comeback for the group.

Hands Up Full MV

2pm 2nd Album Hands Up available for pre-order on yesasia.com Normal edition (CD Only) and Special Limited Edition (CD+Photobook). drop June 27th Korean June 21st


1. Hands Up  (Main Title)***

2. Electricity ***

3.Give It To Me  (Composed by Junho) *** 1/2

4. 영화처럼 (Like In The Movies)****

5. 모르니 (Notice)***

6. Hot ( Composed by Junsu)****

7.Without U

8.I’ll Be Back

9. I Can’t

10.Hands Up (East4A Mix) ***1/2

11. Electricity (220v Mix) ****

12. Thank You

13. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop



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