T-ara John Travolta Wanna Be

Consider this a minor comeback with T-ara as their new album John Travolta Wannabe consist of two new singles “Roly Poly/I Really Like You” and remixes of previous hits. T-ara again going with a retro theme their previous album was 80’s synth electronic guitar pop. This time its more 70’s Saturday night fever K-pop style. Hint the title of this mini album and T-ara  disco theme comeback MV.

Find their new single “Roly Poly” to be super catchy,easy to follow and emulates a good time feel. While “I Really Like You” plays in favor to T-ara cutesy bubbly pop charm. Their remixes are proven hard to be found. Since T-ara is a favorite to revamp and revamp again among K-poppers. There is even a third version to the infamous TTL (Time To Love) title “Ma Boo.” I recommend this mini album to anyone who needs to seriously up date their “bootylicious” playlist.  Overalls 3***

Roly Poly Full MV ~Story Version~

T-ara John Travolta Wannabe available pre-order on yesasia (CD Only) -Drops July 4th South Korea June 29th



01. Roly-Poly
02. 진짜 진짜 좋아해 (I Really Like You)
03. yayaya [Remix ver.]
04. 왜 이러니 (Why Are You Being Like This) [Remix ver.]
05. Ma boo [Remix ver.] 
06. 몰라요 [Remix ver.]
07. 괜찮아요 [Remix ver.]


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