GP Basic Jelly Pop Teaser

Young female group GP Basic is making their comeback and so is the controversy. The average age range in this group is 13.5 and its youngest member Janey being only 12 years-old. Some feel these young ladies should be “in school” verse pursing a professional entertainment career. The irony majority of mainstream idols known today started at GP Basic age.

Famous K-pop stars like Boa Kwon who was just 14 years-old when she debut. As a high energy youthful singer and dancer under SM entertainment. Before G-Dragon was known as the fashionista leader of Big Bang he was under SM entertainment at 5 years old. Appearing on minor Korean variety shows and participating in local plays. Later in his pre-teen years he debut under YG entertainment at age 12 with future Big Bang member YB aka Taeyang.  Both boys made their first cameo on Jinusean “A-yo” MV as the younger version of the duo.  G-Dragon also featured on Perry’s “Storm” and YG  Family’s”YG Gentlemen” follow by a MV cameo.

I don’t understand why some K-poppers would respond so negative towards this young female idol group. Despite the doubt, anti-fan clubs and people dismissing them because of their age. GP Basic continues to thrive not just in South Korea but now debuting in Japan. Their up in coming single “Jelly Pop” is a kid friendly hip pop song. That will have duel promotions as the group tries their luck in Japan.

Their new concept image isn’t quite impressive but on a performance level. These young ladies are beyond kiddie games which they show off in their latest teaser. So will people be more respectful and finally recognize them as a group or will their young ages be an obstacle to difficult to over come?

D-day for GP Basic July 11th

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