MBLAQ Mini Album Vol. 3 – Mona Lisa

MBLAQ returns with a new mini album that is full of euro pop and 80’s inspired dance  that will blow yo mind….or your ears…..and that’s a good thing.

The group recently celebrated their success with Your Luv in Japan. Ranking on Oricon Daily Charts with 40,000 units sold within a week and “Your Luv” ring tone claiming  Recochoku charts for 4 days straight.

But Music Boys Live Absolute Quality  couldn’t forget their home base with a 3rd mini album Mona Lisa for Korean fans. With their senior and boss Rain (Bi) getting ready for mandatory military enlistments. Many fans fear what will happen to the group’s music direction? Lets just say this,if you suspect something like “Y” or “Cry” than you are sadly mistaken but will be pleasantly impress.

The main title track “Mona Lisa” a Latin euro pop inspired danceaholic number touch ground from their fist single “Oh Yeah.” Consider “Mona Lisa” the much better version that is composed for absolute dance perfection. Embodying MBLAQ’s  natural sex appeal but is still ear candy yet fiercely unique to any other K-pop song  on the radio. Only MBLAQ could pull off euro pop and still be Korean appropriate.

Some K-pop groups are still stuck on club electronic house music MBLAQ has musically mature.  Their intro track “Ojos Frios” isn’t bad and fits the title of this album Mona Lisa. The euro theme continues with the main title and ” 모르겠어요(I Don’t Care).”  But then something happens and the mood goes complete retro r&b with “알면서 그래 (You Knew).” A genre style that many K-pop groups avoid and rather stick to r&b pop from 2000’s. MBALQ goes super old school and K-poppers are loving it.

There was one track that caught my attention and maybe my heart. “One” is nothing what I suspect MBLAQ to sing. Their know for being super sexy but this up beat tempo 80’s pop synth track is just timeless. I wouldn’t think they could pull off such a  pop driven song that is way before their time. MBALQ revamp something old and unknown to the K-pop scene.Without relying on auto-tune to make it relevant. A rue testament on the level of pop diversity MBLAQ has develop in their very short existence.

Just as Mona Lisa opens with a euro inspired orchestrated number it quietly ends with a pop ballad “말하지 말걸.. (I Shouldn’t Speak).” Completing this romantic journey with MBLAQ. This is one of the few mini albums that felt completed with no hick ups along the way. Most mini albums fail to end or create an experience MBALQ did that with just 6 tracks. I think for fans they will be delighted and for non-listeners might fall for MBLAQ sexy  masculine charms. ***** 5 stars Best summer comeback album for 2011.

Mona Lisa Full MV

MBLAQ Mini Album Vol.3 Mona Lisa available pre-order yesasia.com -drops July 18th  Korea July 15th


01. Ojos Frios (Bandoneon by.고상지) ****
02. 모나리자 (Mona Lisa) (타이틀곡) -Main Title-****
03. 모르겠어요  *****
04. 알면서 그래  ****
05. ONE *****
06. 말하지 말걸..  *****


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