2ne1 Ugly

2ne1’s release their MV and single title “Ugly.” The MV goes back to their “Fire” day look (upgraded) but not sound. The girls’ head bang to a straight forward acid pop rock  song produce by Teddy Park. I feel like the 80’s are back and alive in K-pop just missing amazing guitar solos.

The main course is sung in English so a treat for international fans. The lyrics express the insecurities of fitting into society image of beauty. I’m pretty happy that 2ne1 release a song like this instead of a typical club song to enforce some sense of empowerment. Anyone can relate to this song without a doubt. Consider this the master piece track to 2ne1’s comeback album. **** 4 stars More further proof this group is ready to take on Japan in September. As YG has created a sub-label under Aven entertainment YGEX. This label will debut not just 2ne1 but also Big Bang and Gummy is also preparing for a Japanese debut.

On the other hand this also allows groups to genre mix in K-pop. It’s unfortunate that Korean pop culture unlike Japanese pop culture doesn’t allow many music genre options. Do to K-pop being so image driven its difficult for groups to explore. This past year many big name groups have been mixing it up. To this date I still feel TVXQ “Why?Keep Your Head Down” is still on of the strongest debuting songs this year. It single handily usher in rock with pop complimented by strong vocals.  Ever since then groups like Big Bang, MBLAQ to miss  A have incorporate rock guitar parts/samples into their music. In American music pop rock ballads are making a comeback along with 80 synths and electric guitars. So I guess the world is starting to dance to the beat of one drum.

Reminder: You can purchase 2ne1 album and singles in iTunes also yesasia.com

Ugly Full MV


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