Hyuna & Zico True Leaders of The New School?

Muh, I’m coining lines from the very own Teddy Park (1tym) from the “The Leaders.” That include G-Dragon (Big Bang) and CL (2ne1). I feel these 3 have challengers who is ready to wave their own flag.

Hyuna will end her Bubble Pop promotion with a hip hop number called “Just Follow”. The original creator and rapper Dok2(Gonzo) is MIA for the moment. So to take his place and make sure this song doesn’t fail to impress Zico of Block-B will do the male part.

I already Know Hyuna killed this track further proving she is one fierce smexy ladey. But Zico totally amp fans up with his tongue twister of  a rap. Although Zico is young, in a rookie group and is barely legal. He has already shown he can go against even the most experience rappers and beat the best of them.

Watching Hyuna and Zico on stage these two quickly become an unbeatable dynamic force for 3:26 seconds. Just watch for yourself

I will ship the hell out of these two ZiYuna you have my fan girl attention.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Happy
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 03:15:38

    Loves it. But I wonder what kind of music is behind this image, better not be no pop techno trash or i’m through.


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