Super Junior Vol. 5 Mr. Simple

Super Junior is back more sexier,bolder, and colorful than ever.

The 13 man band had their fair shares of up and downs lately. With Kibum not present and Kangin completing madatory military service. Many fans worried if the core of  Super Junior has been broken. Although these promotional/performance set backs manifest back in 2010 prior to the release of  Bonamana. The group still manage to be the top-selling album in South Korea and stayed #1 in Taiwan for 61 weeks in a row in 2010. Suspect a repeat with their newest album Mr.Simple.

The full length album is a risk of its own since most groups still settle for mini. Instead Super Junior wanted to give fans the full experience of their music. The main title “Mr.Simple” is classic SuJu style. Easy to follow yet catchy course with addictive melodies and a beat that commands. This continues with “Opera,’ “Be My Girl,” “Walkin’,”  and “Feels Good.” Needless to say you will hear a western influence on the lines of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Is this SuJu attempt to have global appeal? Most likely but to only consider that would be  musical blasphemy to Elfs.

Majority of K-pop is searching to obtain international fandom through media, SuJu more through music. “Good Friends” is a soulful r&b track straight from 70’s and this albums hidden master piece. While “White Christmas” is a pop rock ballad that only Japanese idols are known to pull off. The pop R&B style of “Y” and “My Love,My Kiss My Heat” has modren U.S appeal. SuJu hasn’t forgotten the importance of ballad lovers. “Storm” and  “Memories” are for Chinese fans who can’t get enough of broken-hearted romance. The up beat tempo of “Sunflower” kindly refreshes the album with Korea’s infamous charm to romance and completes its multi feel appeal.

After listening to Mr.Simple you get a feel that Super Junior is ‘well traveled’ on a musical stand point. To incorporate different music styles into their album seem crucial to the over all affect. There isn’t a primary focus  but to title this album “Mr.Simple” to something that seems more complex is a play on words. I think K-poppers will enjoy this album and the many different sounds created. Whether it feels western, Japanese, Chinese or truly Korean SuJu successful has touch grounds on what makes Asian pop so attractive to listeners all over the world. Consider this a regional album that will dominate the other half of 2011 **** 4 stars

Super Junior Vol.5 Mr.Simple available on Type A (CD Only) – Drops August 8th

*Note: Purchasing this album on yesasia  DOES NOT rank points on GDA, to purchase and rank Mr.Simple visit the following sites.Understand not all Korean sites will allow foreign purchase  downloads and require registration with addtional information. *

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01. Mr. Simple ***
02. 오페라 (Opera) ***
03. 라라라라 (Be My Girl)  ***
04. Walkin’ ***
05. 폭풍 (Storm) ****
06. 어느새 우린 (Good Friends) *****
07. 결투 (Feels Good) *** 1/2
08. 기억을 따라 (Memories) ****
09. 해바라기 (Sunflower) ***
10. 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)  *****
11.  ****
12. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart  ****
[Bonus Track] 태완미(太完美_Perfection) (Sung by Super Junior-M)

Additional album information 

This edition comes in 30cm x 30cm sized packaging with 10 LP-sized member photos.

Note: This product is available with 10 different covers. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available covers selected for them at random.

Miss A Vol.1 A Class

Miss A returns more sexier and badder then ever. With their new single “Good Bye Baby” these ladies are on fire. My fan girlness, on a scale between 1-10 reach  a million. 😀

The first full album?…. Consider this a collection of old and some  brand spanky new tracks.  With classics like “Love Again;” “Breathe;” “Good Girl Bad Girl;” “Step Up;”Blankly;” and “Love Alone” are all feature on previous single albums. Don’t fret  Miss A doesn’t fail to impress fans with their new material.

The attitude of this album is feminine yet strong complimented with very straight forward pop. This is miss A charm to be a sexy,elegant, natural but not so  gender neutral style of feminine K-pop.  With sex appeal that isn’t so vulgar their new single “Good Bye Baby” takes things up a notch. Embodying their catchy dance style but strong empowering charm. While “One to Ten” is a bubbly pop number that will never leave your head. As “Help Me” is a sultry r&b pop  love song. But the most different track is “Mr. Johnny.” Its electronic dance meets disco and this genre union couldn’t be more perfect. EVERY TRACK is just amazing feel good pop music for all to enjoy. Overall **** 4 stars.  Miss A  made their stamp with this album, good job ladies.

Good-Bye Baby Full MV

Miss A Vol.1 A Class available for pre-order yesasia.comdrops July 22nd Korea July 18th

Miss A

1. “하나부터 열까지” (One To Ten)” ***

2. “Goodbye Baby” -Main Title- ****1/2

3. “Help Me” ****

4. “Break It” ***

5. “Mr. Johnny” ****

6. “그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ” (Play The Music DJ)

7. “Step Up” ***

8. “Breathe” ****

9. “멍하니” (Blankly) ****

10. “다시 사랑” (Love Again) ***1/2

11. “Love Alone” ****

12. “Bad Girl Good Girl” **** 1/2

13. “Goodbye Baby” (Silver Mix) ***

MBLAQ Mini Album Vol. 3 – Mona Lisa

MBLAQ returns with a new mini album that is full of euro pop and 80’s inspired dance  that will blow yo mind….or your ears…..and that’s a good thing.

The group recently celebrated their success with Your Luv in Japan. Ranking on Oricon Daily Charts with 40,000 units sold within a week and “Your Luv” ring tone claiming  Recochoku charts for 4 days straight.

But Music Boys Live Absolute Quality  couldn’t forget their home base with a 3rd mini album Mona Lisa for Korean fans. With their senior and boss Rain (Bi) getting ready for mandatory military enlistments. Many fans fear what will happen to the group’s music direction? Lets just say this,if you suspect something like “Y” or “Cry” than you are sadly mistaken but will be pleasantly impress.

The main title track “Mona Lisa” a Latin euro pop inspired danceaholic number touch ground from their fist single “Oh Yeah.” Consider “Mona Lisa” the much better version that is composed for absolute dance perfection. Embodying MBLAQ’s  natural sex appeal but is still ear candy yet fiercely unique to any other K-pop song  on the radio. Only MBLAQ could pull off euro pop and still be Korean appropriate.

Some K-pop groups are still stuck on club electronic house music MBLAQ has musically mature.  Their intro track “Ojos Frios” isn’t bad and fits the title of this album Mona Lisa. The euro theme continues with the main title and ” 모르겠어요(I Don’t Care).”  But then something happens and the mood goes complete retro r&b with “알면서 그래 (You Knew).” A genre style that many K-pop groups avoid and rather stick to r&b pop from 2000’s. MBALQ goes super old school and K-poppers are loving it.

There was one track that caught my attention and maybe my heart. “One” is nothing what I suspect MBLAQ to sing. Their know for being super sexy but this up beat tempo 80’s pop synth track is just timeless. I wouldn’t think they could pull off such a  pop driven song that is way before their time. MBALQ revamp something old and unknown to the K-pop scene.Without relying on auto-tune to make it relevant. A rue testament on the level of pop diversity MBLAQ has develop in their very short existence.

Just as Mona Lisa opens with a euro inspired orchestrated number it quietly ends with a pop ballad “말하지 말걸.. (I Shouldn’t Speak).” Completing this romantic journey with MBLAQ. This is one of the few mini albums that felt completed with no hick ups along the way. Most mini albums fail to end or create an experience MBALQ did that with just 6 tracks. I think for fans they will be delighted and for non-listeners might fall for MBLAQ sexy  masculine charms. ***** 5 stars Best summer comeback album for 2011.

Mona Lisa Full MV

MBLAQ Mini Album Vol.3 Mona Lisa available pre-order -drops July 18th  Korea July 15th


01. Ojos Frios (Bandoneon by.고상지) ****
02. 모나리자 (Mona Lisa) (타이틀곡) -Main Title-****
03. 모르겠어요  *****
04. 알면서 그래  ****
05. ONE *****
06. 말하지 말걸..  *****

Hyuna Mini Album Vol.1 Bubble Pop

4minute sexy vixen Hyuna is back and she is causing quite a stir with her first mini album properly title Bubble Pop. Hyuna has redeem herself from the “Change” days, explore  rapping  and shares the spotlight with fellow Cube starlets.

Despite this being only  a mini album it certainly has a full album feel. The opener “Attention” already sets the mood. A little hip pop, dance and Hyuna sex appeal pretty sums up the whole album attitude. The primary track “Bubble Pop” is the most infectious of cutesy  Hyuna can exude. Making weird pop noises it can either excite you, annoy you or just totally turn you off.  Yet this track best shows off Hyuna feminine sexuality without being so vulgar.

Trust me only “Bubble Pop” has that dorky sex appeal. I found “Downtown” featuring Jiyoon to be a more better suited song for Koreans who worship the night life. While “Just Follow” kicks things up a notch. With Dok2(Gonzo) masculinity, mix-in with Hyuna’s confident sexiness you get one killah hip hop not pop track.  Hyuna shows off her more improved rapping skills and some serious HBIC (Head B!tch In Charge) swagger.

The hidden master piece on this track and one song that has fans confuse is “A Bitter Day” featuring G.NA and Junhyung of B2ST/Beast. Some people can’t get over how Hyuna isn’t singing but believe it or not it completes this album.

So I guess you can say Bubble Pop is a mixture of pop,ballad,dance and hip hop sounds that only Hyuna can get away with doing. Overall this album is *** 1/2- 3 and half  stars.

Bubble Pop  Full MV

Hyuna mini album Vol.1 Bubble Pop is available for pre-order on -drops July 8th Korea July 5th

Hyuna Bubble Pop


01. Attention  ***

02. Bubble Pop! ***

03. Downtown (feat. 전지윤(Jiyoon-4minute-) *** 1/2

04. A Bitter Day (feat. 용준형(Junhyung-B2ST/Beast-), G.NA) ****

05. Just Follow (feat.DOK2) ***1/2

T-ara John Travolta Wanna Be

Consider this a minor comeback with T-ara as their new album John Travolta Wannabe consist of two new singles “Roly Poly/I Really Like You” and remixes of previous hits. T-ara again going with a retro theme their previous album was 80’s synth electronic guitar pop. This time its more 70’s Saturday night fever K-pop style. Hint the title of this mini album and T-ara  disco theme comeback MV.

Find their new single “Roly Poly” to be super catchy,easy to follow and emulates a good time feel. While “I Really Like You” plays in favor to T-ara cutesy bubbly pop charm. Their remixes are proven hard to be found. Since T-ara is a favorite to revamp and revamp again among K-poppers. There is even a third version to the infamous TTL (Time To Love) title “Ma Boo.” I recommend this mini album to anyone who needs to seriously up date their “bootylicious” playlist.  Overalls 3***

Roly Poly Full MV ~Story Version~

T-ara John Travolta Wannabe available pre-order on yesasia (CD Only) -Drops July 4th South Korea June 29th



01. Roly-Poly
02. 진짜 진짜 좋아해 (I Really Like You)
03. yayaya [Remix ver.]
04. 왜 이러니 (Why Are You Being Like This) [Remix ver.]
05. Ma boo [Remix ver.] 
06. 몰라요 [Remix ver.]
07. 괜찮아요 [Remix ver.]

2pm Hands Up

The beastly boys are back and ready to claim the night?

As the summer of 2011 promises big name comebacks with Beast(B2st),Brown Eyed Girls to 2ne1 the fab 6 squeeze their way in and dominate K-charts.

Their latest installment 2pm 2nd Album Hands Up is a dance pack but also r&b inspired collective album. With members Junho and Junsu taking a stab at producing their own tracks for their band.

The main title track “Hands Up” is the club anthem for K-poppers who favor the night life. Although I find the remix to be more club appropriate. While “Electricity” original version falls flat compare to its remix also. No doubt the most clublicious track is Junsu’s “Hot” which the song describes it self. Who knew Junsu had an eye for creating such good dance music.  This has got to be one of the strongest tracks on this album and hopefully will get promoted. Junsu truly capture the essence of his group in “Hot.” Resonating 2pm’s sexy charisma, strong masculinity and will make you hit the dance floor immediately.

Leave it to JYP to have an old school inspired r&b track ripped from its decade and rebirth by 2pm. The old school track “모르니(Notice)” is a r&b pop classic from early 2000’s late 90’s. While “Give It To Me” composed by Junho captures the charm of 2pm. With a light heated but catchy pop track. Easy  for fans and non alike to enjoy.

The hidden master piece on this album is “영화처럼(Like In The Movies) hands down completes this album. 2pm strong points is their ability to create pop friendly tracks for male groups that DO NOT mask or misinterpret their masculinity. 2pm weakest points has always been pop ballad songs. The group bravely challenge themselves with “영화처럼(Like In The Movies)” and do not fail. Silencing doubters who felt 2pm didn’t have the chords to do a pop ballad. Overall this album didn’t stray away from 2pm’s known musical styles but strengthen them. **** 4 stars This album is great for the summer and a strong comeback for the group.

Hands Up Full MV

2pm 2nd Album Hands Up available for pre-order on Normal edition (CD Only) and Special Limited Edition (CD+Photobook). drop June 27th Korean June 21st


1. Hands Up  (Main Title)***

2. Electricity ***

3.Give It To Me  (Composed by Junho) *** 1/2

4. 영화처럼 (Like In The Movies)****

5. 모르니 (Notice)***

6. Hot ( Composed by Junsu)****

7.Without U

8.I’ll Be Back

9. I Can’t

10.Hands Up (East4A Mix) ***1/2

11. Electricity (220v Mix) ****

12. Thank You

13. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop


Kara Go Go Summer

Kara has release their fourth Japanese single “Go Go Summer.” The MV captures Kara care free, positive feminine spirit that J-poppers respond warmly and support. I find “Go Go Summer’ to be a classic Kara song that would also fit for Korea but is it a chart topper…hhhmmm fans will decide.

Go Go Summer Full MV

Kara Go Go Summer available for pre-roder on yesasia Limited Press edition A (CD+DVD) Limited Edition B (CD+Photobook) and Limited Edition C (CD Only)-drops June 29th  All DVD Reginal Code 2


01 GO GO サマー!
02 ガールズ ビー アンビシャス!
03 GO GO サマー!(Instrumental)
04 ガールズ ビーアンビシャス!(Instrumental)

01 GO GO サマー!Music Clip
02 GO GO サマー!Dance Shot Ver.
03 GO GO サマー!Music Clipオフショット

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