G-Dragon Still Single

I’ve been following reports on G-Dragon possibly dating a Vivi model name Mizuhara Kiko.The beauty queen was link to GD via report from Sankei Sports.YG went into damage control immediately quashing the rumor. YG rep mad this official statement on the issue…..

“Big Bang’s G-Dragon due to his schedule flies to Japan and South Korea often, and when he is in Japan often meets with models, and he hangs out with models” referring to the reports that G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko are lovers.

“The two are not dating” Showing a strong stand about the false rumors.

Sankei Sports replay……

Sankei Sports a local media in Japan has reported that Mizuhara Kiko and G-dragon has been dating since Big Bang debuted in Japan, and they have been keeping a long distance relationship.

Will I guess its YG verse Sankei Sports but I think YG just face palm with their official statement. Really does GD have time for, ah, “courtship?”


Seungri Silly Beans

Big Bang memebers Seungri and Taeyang were on a recent episode of Strong Heart.Seungri was ask to imitate his fellow band members live on stage.Fans got a kick on just how “accurate”  Seungri was he then explain.

on imitating G-Dragon

“It’s very easy to copy the other members. If you want to be G-Dragon, just fold your hand, stick out your thumb and kind of put the rest of your four fingers together like this while doing every gesture.”

on imitating TOP

“Since T.O.P appeared as a professional killer for the drama Iris, he makes his shooting pose with three fingers. Pretend to hold a gun while rapping, get on your knees and then go forward.”

on imitating Taeyang

“If you want to be Taeyang, just move your fingers a lot and point once in a while.”

on imitating Daesung

“Because Daesung has a powerful voice all you have to do is wave your hand according to the volume of his voice.”

Very funny Mr.Seungri

Taeyang Real Sound Part 2

No English subs

This one mainly focusing on the style for Taeyang’s SOLAR comeback performances.Tayenag disclose he wasn’t fully satisfied with some of his comeback stage performances.Either way album was a success still manage to win 4 music channel awards.

G-Dragon is YG’s #1 Gangsta

G-Dragon Shine A Light Concert DVD finally snags #1 on Oricon Music Charts(Japan). I read na article that just mad eme laugh in such disbelief.

Most V.I.P’s know that G-Dragon is very strict towards his fellow Big Bang members, obviously because he is the leader and wants them to work extremely hard.

But it seems like he took this “attitude” from a past role model and sunbae.

Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment stated, “Big Bang and 2NE1 are very fearful of Se7en. He was strict towards them when they were trainees, and adding to that, he was one of the hottest stars with loads of charisma. I myself, am scared of G-Dragon the most, but the most scariest person to him is Se7en.”

Se7en being the boss was shown to the public in the past on Big Bang’s documentary prior to their debut (you can find it on Youtube).

Se7en had held his comeback party at a club, and expressed his thoughts on why Big Bang and 2NE1 succeeded. He stated, “Each member for both groups fill in their individual parts very well. They have great teamwork, a musical style that is different, and extraordinary fashion sense. As a sunbae, I am very proud.”

He then continued, “A few years ago, I was looking up to everyone, but now there are a lot of people looking up to me. The new building for our company also gives off a fresh feeling. It has everything you need from your trainee days to your singing career. Even in America, there is no company like this. I can totally say that building-wise, YG is the best entertainment company in the world.”

He ended by saying, “YGE has truly evolved compared to the past.”

Funny I guess the G in G-Dragon really does stand for “gangsta.”


Jay Chou Only Wants To Stay Single

He's still single ladies

Say what! Hottie Taiwanese singer  Jay Chou confirms that he rather stay single verse dealing with a girlfriends. Promoting his new album Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei (Superman Can’t Fly) fans believe this album is about “break ups” with former ex’s. Jay quickly shoots down rumors….

“I’ve been single for a very long time!”

Big Boys don’t cry nor do super heroes neither does Jay

“I only cry when needed in movies but that isn’t real either. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, so even if I feel really touched I won’t cry either.”

Unlike so many other artist Jay dismiss any “ex” is getting their 3 minutes of glorious fame.

You don’t have to try and find clues about me from my songs because I don’t write about my own feelings. I write songs based on general feelings that everyone will have. I don’t write my own lyrics either to avoid misunderstandings.”

Hey don’t fans realize Jay isn’t the emotional basket case.He might be eternal bachelor for now…..which means I need to go to Taiwan.

Source:Read full translated article and quotes

G-Dragon o_O

G-Dragon is the flamboyant fashionista  leader of Big Bang.Charismatic and yes sometimes controversial G-Dragon is paving his own way to K-pop victory.Despite being part of one of the largest groups in K-pop history he still quite humanoid.So here are some old clips of Mr.GD himself acting cute, odd and a victim to accidents.

G-Dragon is suffering a bad case of the “giggles during “Last farewell” performance.Instead of paying attention to the other members he misses his ques and continue to laughs.

Bored G-Dragon plays with the balloons…really big scary ass balloons.

During a CF G-Dragon gets the you know what smacked right out of him by TOP.Something tells me TOP is the last member you ever want to mess with in case of a fight.

The infamous nipple grabs in attempt to give Taeyang a purple nurple.

In the end he’s BB lovable dork that wears to much Chanel.

Real Sound Taeyang

OnStyle presents Taeyang documentary Real Sound to show more behind the scenes look on MV and production.Following the release of title song and first MV “I Need A Girl.” This includes appearances from Dara,choreographer Shaun Evaristo,Se7en,Yang Hyun Suk, and many more people from YG.

The original documentary is split up into chapters.Chapter 1. Passion for music, Chapter 2. Friends of music, Chapter 3. Love of Style, and Chapter 4. Charisma on floor.No English subs hope you enjoy,kinda long.

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