2011 JYP U.S.A. Audition Tour

Its that time, JYP auditions tours for North America.

JYJ entertainment is a top leader in K-pop. Home to great idol groups and soloist like Wonder Girls,2pm, San E, Joo and Park Jin Young himself. In partnership with Big-Hit entertainment home to 2am and *eight. Also J.Tune entertainment home to MBLaQ and Miss A.

JYP is coming North America for future K-pop stars.

To learn more visit JYP Official Site.

*Audition Categories: Singer, Actor, VJ, MC, Model

Qualifications for Audition: Any resident in the US or Canada may participate regardless of nationality or gender. Candidates should be born from 1983 to 2001.

Audition Schedule Stops: (Locations for the auditions will be announced at a later date)

May 21st, 2011: Los Angeles

May 28th, 2011: Vancouver

June 11th, 2011: New York

June 18th, 2011: Toronto

How to apply:

1. Log onto http://audition.jype.com/2011usaaudition

2. Register as a member (a non-member application procedure is also available)

3. Input your name and email address

4. Receive the audition code via email (it will be sent immediately)

5. Fill out and complete the audition form

*Things to prepare for at the audition:

A. Vocal Part – One minute of singing (without MR)

B. Dancing Part – One minute of dancing, and Music CD

C. Acting / VJ / MC Part – One minute of impromptu or memorized acting (no designated script)

D. Model – Posing and Cat Walking


A. A list of those who have passed will be individually notified by July 10th.

B. JYPE reserves the right to keep copies of audition footage it has filmed and received.

C. The selected finalists will have an opportunity to be trained by the JYPE Training Program.

Registrations will be accepted the day of the audition.

Good Luck to those who audition.

REMEBER: Please following instructions given by JYP websites of audition requirements and request.

Be Prepared, ready and stay optimistic  

Do your best and don’t give up hope

Dark Side of Asian Auditions

(Left) Contract (right) Young female Trainee

When it comes to audition it’s always wise to know some industry tip.Regardless if your ambitious to become a model,dancer,producer,idol etc.. in a recent AKP article KBS VJ Special Forces expose the dark underbelly of K-pop. A young women walk into an agency to auditions. She pass the audition with flying colors. Then the agent informs her she has to pay  2,700 USD fee. She was also asked to call the director of the agency without any recording device. When the young female trainee ask about contract agreement. The agent informs her that no other agency will financial support her 100%. Their agency will support her 100% as long she does sexual favors without objecting and never to leave the company.

When reporters went back to question the agencies have no problems giving out other celebrities info under their firm. On top of that when reporters review the trainees contract agreement if required her to pay 4,000 USD. Revealing a clear cause that prohibited the young female trainee to request a refund.

Another young female trainee wanted to be an actress remissness of her recent audition experience.

The agency said they were looking for a small role and wanted to meet me in person. They instead dragged me to their home and force fed me various drinks, claiming that they needed to check my limit. After a while, they taped my mouth shut so that I couldn’t scream, and further claimed that in order to become a celebrity, I needed to have sex with him.”

She is only in her 3rd year of high school, making her very much underage.

In all truths when comes to audition usually an agency doesn’t request a fee. Nor do they allow you to sign a contract on the spot. If its for a small cameo role or as an extra usually get paid on the spot. Just because these auditions take place in Asia doesn’t mean  business is conducted any different. Be wise when going to an audition and ask the right question. If an agent claims you must pay a fee ask for what. If an agent wants to sign a contract request for a lawyer (your lawyer) review it before signing. If an agent is in disagreement, stumbles to answer  or informs you there is no “refund” then its a scam. Don’t think because an agency is legit doesn’t prey on the less inform.Especially if they require sexual favors that is not accepted nor necessary .

These agencies prey on the naive nature and instant gratification of youth. An agent is manipulating you if he/she say “no agency will support you 100% but we will if……” The request are something of prostitution don’t do it. Be business savvy once you start contract negotiations with entertainment firms. Listen to what an agent is requesting and requiring specific of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you feel uncomfortable. If it doesn’t seem right or you sense it’s a scam then back away. Don’t allow you desperation to get the best of you.


SM Global Auditon 2011

Okay, SM is kicking off their Global Audition 2011 starting February 12,2011 through February 27th,2011.  All nationalities, age and  gender are accepted please go to website for more details on requirements,location and specific field.

SM 2011 Auditions Note:information requirements are available in English.

Five Korean cities have been announce Seoul 2/12,20,27  ,Daeju 2/12 ,Busan 2/13,Daejeon 2/19, Jeonju 2/26 and Gwangju 2/27

Good luck

YG Audition 2011 and Ups The Cheese Factor

YG entertainment is one of the top leading record labels in South Korea. So I guess this super cheesy cheap CF spot for their auditions is excusable?

Go to http://www.yg-audition.com for submission forms,process, requirements,locations and sudden cancellations.

YG will kick off the auditions in early 2011 in the following Asian nations South Korea,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Good Luck!!!!! 🙂


YG Auditions

YG has open their doors and launch their audition website in order to expand their vast growing family.YG was found by former member Seo Taiji and Boys Yang Hyun Suk in 1996.Since then has sign major artist like Jinusean,1tym,Big Bang,2NE1,YMGA and Stony Skunk etc..

YG has also show case top producers like Teddy,Kush,Perry,Skull(Sku1),etc..

Being a top leading entertainment firm for actors alike List includes Uhm Jung-hwa,Heo Ji-jae (Girlfriends) , and also allowing fellow YG artist to cross over (TOP,Deasung,Seungri(Big Bang),Sandara Park(2NE1).

Good Luck on your admission and PLEASE follow the list of requirements for what ever field you audition for.

Note:No Audition requires any admission fee but require general information if requested.



Sites and Dates

May 18th -June 22nd

*Please Visit site for more details,admission requirements,locations details and/or cancellations*


Hotlanta holding K-pop Auditions!

In the American music world Atlanta,Georgia is the new mecca city in the industry.Thanks to hip hop artist and r&b stars who made it their home base.Now even K-pop has made Atlanta  home base and is holding audtion for the next K-pop star.



Korean Times Atlanta



SM Entertainment

YG Entertainment

Jungle Entertainment

Eden Entertaiment

DSP Media

Nega Network


Singers:Provide Two songs (raw) no music

Dancers:Must provide your own track

CF Models

*All participants must be at least 15-25 years of age and speak English and Korean language fluently*

Send Applications to: auditions@allkpop.com

Include this in your Email:

Your Name


Category:(singer,dancer,CF model)

Location Address Date/Time of Event:

Date : March 13-14, 2010

Time : 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Place :


2174 Pleasant Hill Rd.

Suite 201

Duluth, GA 30096
More Info Visit: Eden Music Entertainment

Good Luck!

More on SM,JYP,and YG Auditions

Up dated additional information on all three companies for audition or employment.For better address contact each company by email or phone.Note:Websites are mostly in Korean some  web service browsers providers have translation.You can often find contact or companie’s Korean address at the bottom of official websites.Where copy rights are listed and stated including additional contact info such as email.

SM Entertainment

*holding weekly auditions*


Address in Korean and translated English

Korean: 서울시 강남구 압구정2동 521
English: 521 Apkujung 2-dong Kangnam-ku, Seoul

JYP Entertainment

*may cause your web browser to run slow*


JYP Center
120-50 Cheongdam-Dong,Gangnam-Gu Seoul,Korea

YG Entertainment

*not holding audition but accepts mailing ones*

http://ygaudition.co.kr/ *Still under construction*

http://www.ygfamily.com/main/main.html *English,Japanese,Chinese*

http://www.ygfamily.com/com/intro.html*Korean,additional Info about company*

Unofficial YG Family MySpace Page *helpful tips on Auditioning*


*difficult to find updated YG address information best to ask by email first*

YG entertainment (SE7EN, BIG BANG)
Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, 361-10 YG entertainment
Seoul, 121838
(PHONE) +82-2-3143-1105

(FAX) +82-2-544-1546

YG Entertainment
Hosung Building, 349-10, Sangsu-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul
109-819 (South Korea)

Name : YG Entertainment
Email :
Address : 3F Duk-Yang B/D 371-26 Hapchong-dong Mapo-gu Seoul, Korea
Zipcode : 121884
Nation : KR
Tel : 02-3142-1104
Fax : 02-3142-9640

Other Companies

J.Tune Entertainement

http://www.jtune.co.kr *Korean*

제이튠엔터테인먼트 (J.Tune Entertainment)
Management company
Created in 2004/10
3rd Fl.
89-8 Cheongdam 2-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-954)
South Korea

Tel : +82-2-3446-9040
Fax : +82-2-511-8567

E-mail : business_english@jtune.co.k

Cube Entertainment

http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=316030*translated English”

“Can Not find translated English address*

Pledis Entertaiment


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