2ne1 I Am The Best Hidden Symbolic Meaning To Feminism and Self Expression

Okay, I miss the boat when YG finally release 2ne1’s MV for “I Am The Best.” Their current single has all-kills in South Korea on digital sales but hasn’t trend on iTunes. The current attitude for international Blackjacks is to trend the video but not the actual digital single. That alone I’m totally confuse by since its vital for foreign group to have some level of success on iTunes not just Youtube and Twitter.

I find the song okay and has a strong catchy dance beat. The primary focus is the hook as 2ne1 chants “I Am The Best” creating a foundation for the song. Although the delay of the single and MV this was still  highly anticipated. I found it to be whether average at first glance. The song is typical and extremely generic but when I look closer at the MV. The hidden message is becoming very clear.

The lyrics within this song isn’t strong but imagery in the MV tells the whole story without making it seem major. At first feels  like another generic K-pop MV with cool fashion, some dancing and 2ne1 changing their image again. But when you start to decipher  the symbolic meaning it has a much more deeper than the lyrics themselves

So here is my interpretation of 2ne1’s recent MV

CL 2ne1

The obvious, CL reference “Billion Dollar baby’ who was a real female boxer. CL’s belt reads “WW Champ or World Wide Champion.”

Park Bom

Park Bom walks with a puddle on a leash, meaning to her status quo. Touching ground to Minzy’s “Can’t Nobody” doberman. The dog breed doberman is a known attack dog while the puddle is a high fashion show case dog. This is symbolic to Park Bom image of being feminine but she has it on a leash. This could be a message of other female groups who are used for “show” how Bom isn’t like them.

CL 2ne1

CL is wearing a stray jacket and behaving wildly. This means CL is being contain and wants to break free. Overall how she is breaking free from the image of K-pop wants her to be. This could also mean to other females who do not relate and feel under control.


The symbolic meaning of triangle is one of controversy and depending on usage varies. The triangle is associated religiously to Satanism (Illuminati), Buddhism, and Christianity. With an eye on top “Eye of Providence” or “all-seeing eye” in Buddhism “Eye of the World.” The triangle was also used as prosecution against by the Nazis when labeling homosexuals and bisexual in WW2. When turn upside down and/or pinked color dubs as triangle feminism as well for homosexuality.

The triangle used in 2ne1’s video meaning to prosperity and rule “2ne1 is ruling K-pop”


The triangle illuminates colors of pink or red to white. 2ne1 is changing “pink” feminism, “red “war and/or passion” and “white” purity or death.

Blindfold drummers surrounding the triangle and 2ne1  are the Blackjacks who follow or worship them. The Blindfold means they only follow them musically with no discrimination.


2ne1 gun usage is of liberation the broken mirrors of them breaking free from K-pop, their former image and self. Destroying their former triangle.

New mirrored triangle emerge with the new 2ne1 reflecting light meaning they are to anyone and for everyone.

watch yourself

Pic of the Day: Taebin New Tat

I was on asianfanatic when i spot a new Taebin tattoo pic written “Emmanuel.” Its a uni-sex name that is quite Biblical. Which translate to “God is with Us’..why I know this it me 2nd eldest middle name.

Couldn’t find any info on this recent tat pic of Taebin (?)

Pic of the Day

My best K-pop poses ….I know its sucks but i got my bangs cut

pretty noona pose


Pic of the Day

Teddy Park oppa Part 2

hope you enjoy my sleepless humorous macros

Pic of the Day

Its a Teddy Park oppa Part 1

Pic of The Day

Next to dance its all about the muscle in YG.

Pic of the Day

I know YG like his artits and producer to possess his “workaholic nature” but damn. This is just over kill.

I want her outfit.^^lol

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