YG New Girl Group: Does This Means The End of 2ne1?


In spring of 2012 YG entertainment announce they were in the mist of creating a new female group. While members were not official named yet YG compare their new girl group being similar in sized to Girls’ Generation, T-ara and After School. YG also over emphasized that this new girl group would consist of natural beauty unlike some of their competitors who are suspicious of plastic surgery.Since that announcement only two potential members have been named, Jennie Kim and recently Kim Ji Soo. There is little information to be know about each girl. Only Jennie Kim has shared some spot light time after being feature as G-Dragon’s love interest in his solo song “That XX.”


A recent update on YG-Life features Jennie Kim doing a cover to Wale’s “Lotus Flower Love.” As well a  picture update of Jisoo. But despite the little news known about the group YG fans, particular Blackjacks, are not responding warmly to them. Blackjacks are genuinely worry that this new group will replace already preexisting  2ne1. Are the Blackjacks worries legit to think this newbie girl group will take the crown from queens 2ne1?  Well sorta.

The truth is that 2ne1 seems to be on top and most likely has reached their peak. Yet this doesn’t indicate that 2ne1 is falling from grace just need to expand onward in order to live up to their own hype. In the summer of 2012 2ne1 release their comeback single “I Love You.” A daring new image concept sense the group ditch their in-your-face attitude and settle down to be more sultry and sensational. 2ne1 did this after their stint in Japan  2011 that lead to a small mini tour. It was clear that 2ne1 has grown since their debut days and was trying to mature their image. The comeback was successful but short-lived as the group prepared themselves for their 9 city New Evolution World Tour. Making them the first female Korean group to embark on a world tour in the history of K-pop. The year 2012 was probably one of the best years, on a growth level, 2ne1 has ever endure. So why do Blackjacks still fear the end is near for their precious group?

The issue is not that 2ne1 has manage to create a name of themselves through the media and touring but the lack of a U.S debut. Since 2010 2ne1 and American electro-pop producer Will.I.Am, along with Teddy Park, are collaborating  an American single or mini album for 2ne1’s U.S debut. In 2012 2ne1’s “Take The World On” was not an official debuting single but was the first single produce by Will.I.Am. The track alone was less than the bombastic “I Am The Best” and a total generic sleeper.  Way to similar to 2ne1’s Japanese singles “Scream”and remix to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin which equally lack so much spark and charisma. Whatever happen to 2ne1’s more aggressive dance beats?

The decision to change not only 2ne1’s sound but to tone down their image was a bit drastic. Even though 2ne1 carved a niche market for themselves in Japan and South Korea it is very clear YG isn’t confident about their expansion westward. Other factors  may arouse Blackjacks suspension of 2ne1’s demising is the success of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”


PSY is no idol rapper or pretty boy but a pudgy man who can horse dance. His silly music video “Gangnam Style” which makes fun of Korea’s wealthy elite was infectious. His unique look of wearing a suit and humorous approach to rap help him stand out from today’s artists. Whether or not American K-pop fans agree to PSY popularity as a freak of nature and ever furthering the image of the Asian male as a joke. In matter of months PSY surpass any K-pop idol star or group could ever dream of and didn’t change a single thing about his music or image.

I don’t think 2ne1 is falling from grace but is reaching an obstacle in their careers. The lack of confidence in fans only shows that 2ne1 is missing something that will complete them as a whole. This new female group shouldn’t worry fans whether or not 2ne1 is coming back stronger but are they coming back more true to themselves than they were before. If anything the success and experiences that 2ne1 has endure on their world tour and meeting different artists from the west can only show through their music. You can suspect that YG is already in the works of creating a new single for 2ne1, so in the meantime all fans can do is patiently wait.

The arrival of the  new female group will only strengthen and expand YG’s brand power in K-pop. YG has to see success even after 2ne1 is long gone and still continue the tradition of making good music. YG fans forget that the first debut female group under this label was SWI.T and the second Big Mama. Both did not manage to be equally successful as 2ne1. But I doubt 2ne1 will be the last female group YG will ever produce nor are they ditching them any time soon. It is possible for a record label to have more than one female group be successful? Fans need to realize without this ability I feel its YG who will fall to the wayside not their idols.

Girl’s Generation Bad Girl Full MV

Girls Generation (Shoujo Jidia)  release their Japanese single “Bad Girls.” The sexy young girls wear biker and show off a more dangerous but sultry side. Do you really like this new image concept or are you so over it?


K-pop Battle For Japan: Who Will Win?

No secret K-pop is invading Japan aggressively for the past couple of years. Yet many have enter but only the elite stake claims to Oricon victory.

While K-pop is on the path to globalization thanks to the greatest universal promoting tool of the world music. The whole year of 2011 is a mix blend of dynamic Korean comebacks with Japanese ambition.

While summer Japanese comebacks is coming to an end with TVXQ,2pm, MBLAQ and Big Bang  on the cool down. Winter will keep the coils burning as more K-pop idols bump heads,put on some glitter and try to sing in their best listenable Nihongo.

Girls Generation (SNSD/Shoujo Jidai)

Consider them the leaders of the pack next to Kara. These 9 fierce  ladies dominated Japan without fail. By unleashing  the Japanese versions of “Gee” and “Genie.”  Which usher in the new era of Hallyu wave performers. Within this year alone  their first self title Japanese album is certified platinum by RIAJ in physical sales exceeding over  500,000 + plus units sold. Charted Oricon Daily and Weekly at #1. Ending on Oricon Monthly  at #2 and also snagging #1 on Billboards Japan. Raising the bar even higher for other K-pop groups who wish to enter. To continue with their Japanese promotion SNSD has  release a teaser for “Bad Girl.” Which shows off a more sexier bolder side of  SNSD.

Bad Girls Full Audio -Japanese-


Bad Girl MV Teaser

Super Junior-M

Beaming from their success with ‘Perfection” ranking #1 for 60 consecutive weeks in Taiwan. The Chinese division of Super Junior will try their luck with a collective album schedule to debut in Japan August 24th. The album will contain the Japanese versions of “Perfection” and “Destiny.” Along with the Chinese versions and Korean version of “Perfection.” Also other known songs from the mini album. The Japanese version of Perfection will have Type A ( CD and extra bonus CD) and Type B (CD +DVD). Both version are currently available for pre-order on yesasia.com

Perfection Audio Teaser -Japanese Version-

Destiny Audio Teaser -Japanese Version-

B2st (Beast)

Please don’t consider them a rookie group no longer as B2st(Beast) tackles expansion. Last year during November B2st shock their Korean critics when 20,000 plus fans showed up for their Japanese showcase. In May B2st drop the Japanese version of “Shock”  ranking #2 on Oricon Weekly. But could not follow up with promotions do to 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. Despite the set back B2st  surpassed their senior male group Big Bang upon their first Japanese debut. Now on the eve of their So Beast Japanese album there is only hope for major success. The album includes the Japanese version of “Mystery,” “Fiction” (also orchestrated), and “Bad Girl.”  Along with known Korean favorites “Soom,” “On Rainy Days” “Beautiful” etc.. This albums has 3 types Type A  (CD+DVD), Type B (CD+DVD+32 page Photobook) and Type C (CD Only) available on yesasia.com

Fiction Full Audio -Japanese Version-


Certified bad ass in their own right 2ne1 reenter Japan  still under YG flag. In an  attempt to maintain artistic colors YG created a sub-label with Avex Entertainment called YGEX. This new sub-label will debut all YG base artists that includes Gummy, PSY,Se7en and Big Bang. 2ne1 will be the first to debut under this new joint label. Earlier this year 2ne1 debut back in May (against B2st) but do to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake promotions were called off. It was suspected that 2ne1 would debut with the Japanese version of “Go Away” on Music Station but it was canceled. Two weeks later 2ne1 release a collective Korean album through Avex that did not contain previous planned promoted songs “Go Away” Japanese Version and “Can’t Nobody” English version. The album sold 9,000 copies upon its release. YG consider the whole situation a “disappointment” and instead focus on a Korean mini comeback. A stream of 6 songs plus MVs that were certified all-kills on digital charts in Korea.This comeback also will showcase the group’s first  concert on August 27th  at Chamsil Olympic Park in Seoul,South Korea. Tickets for the event sold out in minutes.

2ne1 plans to tackle Japan in September with the release of “I Am The Best” and “Hate You” already in rotation. There is no information leading whether or not 2ne1 will drop a mini album for their revamp Japanese debut.

I Am The Best Full MV -Japanese Version-

Hate You Full MV -Japanese Version-


Some people would say SHINee is the next big thing and others stress THEY ARE. SHINee release their first Korean to Japanese single “Replay” in May of this year. Which turn certified gold by RIAJ with 100,000 copies sold by June. The group is on the verge of releasing Juliette Japanese album. With “Kiss Kiss Kiss and their smash hit “Juliette” set for Oricon conquest. SHINee Juliette will have 3 types Normal Edition (CD+ DVD+ 40 page Photobook +postcards)  Type A Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Playbutton) Type B Limited Edition (CD+DVD) available for on yesasia.com drops August 29th.

KISS KISS KISS Audio Preview  


Still fresh from their Korean promotions of Starlight Moonlight and Jieun solo debut single “Going Crazy” these ladies still have fire for Japan. Secret debut with their female empowered funkadelic tune “Madonna”  which Japanese fans respond positive with 13,000 units sold upon release. Secret will continue promoting in Japan well into August.

Madonna Full MV -Japanese Version-


Once group member Hyuna is done promoting her solo mini album Bubble Pop, 4minute will return back to Japan. The group plans to promote Japanese version of “Heart to Heart”  schedule to drop September 7th. Along with their DVD Emerald of 4minute. In the meantime 4minute duet with Japanese pop princess Thelma Aoyama in “Without You.”

Without You -Japanese Version-

2pm vs 2ne1 Who Will Claim Summer 2011

The hottest time of the day and the new evolution will do battle this summer are you ready?

JYP entertainment bringing back the fab 6 boys of 2pm with a teaser that has fans buzzing title “Hands Up.” The group is hyped off their Japanese success with “Take Off.” Which ranked in Oricon Top 10 upon its release. Continuing to unleash hallyu wave in Japan. There is more to in store with 2pm’s comeback. SBS E!TV disclosed that the group will have their own variety show ‘2pm Show‘. A concept not new but becoming a popular option for idols to develop a closer connection with fans. SBS E!TV PD Kim Yong Kyu revealed 2pm wanting to connect with their 30-40 something year old audience. The show will be theme orientated like a normal variety show but specifically towards 2pm to improve their image beyond idol. Advancing them from their sexy ‘beastly’ image. Date hasn’t been set for this show debut.

In the mist of this 2pm comeback madness JYP successfully pulled of their New York auditions with contestant of all ethnicity auditioning to join the company. Opening the doors for future idols Asian and non-Asian alike.  While JYP is busy with that the ringtone/bell version of “Hands up” is available for fans and compose by members Junsu and Junho on the 16th of June. Not much details have  leak about 2pm’s 2nd album or their comeback schedule.

Hands Up Teaser

JYP isn’t the only one gearing for K-pop domination. 2ne1 is schedule to release a new single “I’m The Best” on the 24th of June.With The MV to drop same day at 12:00pm. Since the release of Park Bom’s second solo single “Don’t Cray” and 2ne1’s “Lonely” YG stated this promotion period will usher a new song every 3 weeks. Do to Daesung resent car accident YG has delayed 2ne1’s comeback by a few weeks. The group is suspected to release another mini album July 21st but this might be subject to change. According to YG, Teddy Park, 2ne1’s main producer has already created 6 tracks. The new single “I’m The Best” is considered to be a ‘club-anthem.’

YG also disclose to follow the release of their mini album 27th-28th of August 2ne1 will have their first solo group concert. At Olympic Hall in Olympic Park Seoul,South Korea. Details of the concert are still unknown as YG finish preparations for their mini comeback album. Rumors spark of 2ne1 TV Season 3 is in the works. MNet networks have yet to confirm a date.In the meantime 2ne1 for YG on Air episode #6 perform a 3rd version of ‘Lonely” this time orchestrated.

YG on Air #6 Lonely orchestrated

Should Park Bom Do A Solo Album?

Kicking off 2ne1’s lengthy comeback  Park Bom’s unleash her second digital solo song “Don’t Cry.” While YG follow this formula for total promotion domination by releasing a new track every 3 weeks. Bom’s “Don’t Cry” pumps fans with excitement. Promising that this comeback might be more successful than the last.

On the eve of Bom’s solo single YG disclosed she wouldn’t be able to promote. The same excuse YG pulled back in 2009 when Taeyang release “Where U At.”  The day of “Don’t Cry” release it shockingly snag #1 spots from various online portal sites. Ranging from iCharts,Navar,Monkey3,Daum cafe,etc… The over whelming respond encourage YG to allow Bom perform “Don’t Cry” on some music shows.

To keep fans on their toes YG also launch YG On Air live. The first to usher in this new wave Bom’s “Don’t Cry.” Instead of the original version she perform a special strip-down acoustic.

Don’t Cry Acoustic from YG On Air Live

Original MV and Version

Fans are impressed by both version of the song.Debating whether or not Bom can pull of a solo album. While Bom in her early training years might have been more ambitious on being a soloist. Her duty  if not musician’s responsibility  is with 2ne1 now. In 2009 Bom’s first solo single “You and I” won 2010 MNet’s Asian Music Award for best l digital single. Both “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” are compose by Teddy Park. An artist and producer himself who has been head music director in 2ne1’s musical process and soloist development. Instinctively Teddy Park can have a sense of connection with his fellow female juniors. Although Teddy is an excellent producer sometimes he can over emphasize the importance  a beat. Teddy musical back round is non traditional but heavily influence by hip hop. In both “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” the beat takes a life of its own. Carrying the song more dominantly yet Bom’s voice still shines through. In the acoustic version Bom’s voice is more expressive and creates the mood. Allowing her to show off the natural ability a vocalist can possess with story telling.

Safe to say the strip-down version has not only enhance “Don’t Cry” beautiful melody but Bom’s voice. If Bom every decided to do a solo album I hope she will experiment more. The success of “You and I” and the respond to “Don’t Cry” has been lucrative  for YG. Yet this also defines Bom’s possibility as being a top female soloist. It’ll be a few years from now before fans have the luxury of hearing a solo album from Bom. In the meantime 2ne1 is preparing for a third comeback. One that will be on an international level.  As the group continues to work with Wil.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) and their primary producer Teddy Park. YG has been very tight lip about the fellow quartet comeback. Their new material can only be an improvement from To Anyone. Even though I’m not a huge fan of this group I keep an open mind and ear to their music. I can cross my fingers for a Park Bom solo album after 2ne1’s comeback but I’m not holding my breath.

Does miss A have potential U.S appeal?

At the moment Korean female group miss A is working on their Korean comeback. Follow-up to their 2010 release of Step Up featuring “Breath.” K-pop fans were surprise when miss A’s “Love alone.” Used for ice skater  Kim Yuna’s All That skate 2011 ending song. Features  miss A singing in perfect English.

Fans are beginning to wonder if miss A has hidden future plans to debut in America? Like their senior idol group Wonder Girls. Who debut back in 2010 with “Nobody” English version. Needless to say JYP hasn’t disclosed the possibility of miss A coming state side. But one can only hope miss a will take upon the opportunity.

Are you for miss A  crossover?

B1A4 vs X-5: Which Rookie Boy Band Sparks Interest?

Ah, rookie groups don’t you love them? Okay maybe by this point your feeling very annoyed with rookie groups.  This year alone K-pop once again is being flooded by female rookie groups. The estrogen level is just becoming so unbearable. Every month a new female group is coming out less impressive than the one before. But don’t fret, B1A4 and X-5 are here to save the day or the month…..at least.

B1A4 is already stealing fan girls’ hearts left and right. Unlike other male idol groups in the past B1A4 is using Youtube to the fullest. By already launching their Youtube channel FLIGHTB1A4 with only 304 subscribers but over 2,000+ reviews. This allow B1A4 feature themselves a web toon comic. How very odd? Either way they’re getting some attention. Their teaser “Ok” shows a dorky, spunky, and “boyfriend” like concept for their image.

On the other hand X-5 is a little but more dramatic. The primary focus of this group is vocals and outstanding choreography. Unlike B1A4, X-5 is a little bit more mature in their concept image.  Their “쇼하지마” Don’t Put On An Act” teaser  focus on the deterioration between two lovers. X-5 has launch their official website and  OpenWorld entertainment Youtube channel.Has  already rank up 312,616 views with 3,000+ subscribers.

Both bands’ concept isn’t anything new. Just two different common images being used at once. So who will prevail B1A4’s boyfriend eye candy or X-5’s anguish dramatic love ?

Is A-Peace next Big Thing For K-pop?

There is something I notice about Korean record labels verse Japanese lack of franchise. Japanese is infamous for making large number idol groups that franchise. AKB48, Morning Musume, Exile, etc.. have develop the ability to franchise sun-unit groups.Expanding their groups to double in numbers. Increasing their sell revenue with the ability to tender hundreds to millions of units on one single or album verse a few several thousand.

The only two labels that franchise groups with massive success in Korea are SM and YG entertainment. Only SM can successful franchise a group on foreign soil.

Example: Super Junior being the main Korean group and Super Junior-M Mandarin or Chinese sub group.

YG has success with soloist and GDTOP duo. But on foreign soil not so much.

A-Peace is a 22 person  male idol group. Think of it like a super pretty boy army with catchy hooks and addictive dance beats thrown in. Going against other mega size idol groups like SNSD (Girls’ Generation), Nine muses, Super Junior,CoEd etc… I don’t know if Korean fans will like such a mega size group  feeling its believable. But I do diffidently smell a franchise is are ready in play if A-Peace becomes successful.

A-Peace Lover Boy teaser

Lover Boy perform live on BBS Music Station


F(x),4minute, and 2ne1 Will Their Comeback Battle?

So K-pop has become an estrogen play ground. So many young, talented and fresh new female faces dominating the scene.  I wonder how groups like F(x), 4minute and 2ne1 will manage?

guess who's back.....

Yeah okay that was a stupid question. But the fan poop is already flying around on the internet. Over who will have the biggest comeback for girl groups. SM entertainment group F(x) has been on hiatus for several months. Group member Amber injured her leg during a show. She went into rehab and even practice state side to strengthen her dancing skills. In the meantime fellow members Victoria,Luna,Krystal and Sulli keep busy by appearing on variety shows,OSTs and endorsement ads. Their first mini album Nu ABO that feature “Nu ABO” which strangely means “New Blood type A,B, and O.” Help spark massive fandom for the rookie group. The single “Nu ABO” dominated Korean online music portals peaking #1 on  Monkey3,Dosirak and Bugs. Ranking at #2 on Melon and place #20 on MYK International Charts in the Philippines. F(x) ended their promotion with “Mr.Boogie” July of 2010 without Amber presence do to injury. Fans are hype to hear not only will F(x) do a comeback but with fellow Amber by their side. Rumors were sparking that Amber was possibly “kicked out” but I guess now all has been proven false.

even Hyuna gone crazy over comeback

4minute debuted back in 2009 along side with 2ne1. Despite the constant comparison manage to create a fan base all on their own. Their last Korean mini album HUH (Hit Your Heart) feature “Who’s Next” showing unity with fellow Cube entertainment group artists Beast(B2st). The girls peaked at #3 with “I My Me Mine” on KBS Music Core, MBC Music Bank, and KBS Inkigayo. 4minute ended their promotions with “HUH.”  Rank up awards in 2010 for MNet 20’s Choice Awards Most Influential Group  and best style,body and dance. Since then 4minute has gone overseas creating a fan base in Japan. Release their official first Japanese album called Diamond.  That feature Japanese version of  ” Muzik,” “I My Me Mine” and “Hot Issue.” This also include Japanese single “First.”  This year alone 4minute release another Japanese single “Why” and receive an award. At 2nd Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2010: Korea Billboard Special Award and Japan New K-pop Artist of The Year Award. Also receive 20th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award  for “HUH.” According to reports 4minute music is ready as they focus on dance choreography. On their official Korean website 4minute release 30 second teaser called “Steal 20.” Marking their transformation into women hood. The digital release of their album is around March 29th.

banners should say "I Love to EAT YG" CL is hungry

2ne1 needs no introduction of explaining. Since their debut in 2009 2ne1 has become the epic center of all K-pop female groups. Last year 2ne1 drop their sophomore album To Anyone that feature “Clap Your Hands,” “Can’t Nobody” and “Go Away.” With an aggressive 3 single campaign that cause some controversy between YG and KBS networks. Still manage to rank up numerous awards on music program shows and annual music award shows. That vary from album of the year to artist of the year. In the end 2ne1 dominated digital sales and came 7th place year-ending album sales for 2010. The center focus was around 2ne1 debuting in Japan. To introduce their cross over YG entertainment  release English MV version of “Can’t Nobody” available for purchase download under Avex entertainment (Japan). Also teaming up with mega American produce Wil.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas. Since the recent tragedy in Japan 2ne1 has postpone their overseas debut. No word yet on their producer collaboration song with Wil.I.Am on an official release date. YG has decided for 2ne1 to do another Korean comeback with new music material. No date has been officially set but music production is in progress. YG focus is for April with the possibility of a 2ne1 comeback.

But the big question is who will come out on top? Will it be pop addictive F(x), the independent 4minute or fierce fashion savvy 2ne1?

*yes I know I mention SNSD and miss A in poll but not article. I know you’re thinking of it*

Lady Gaga vs SNSD

Oh you thought 2011 was gonna be quiet, filed with big idol comebacks. More infectious Hallyu in Japan and plagiarism accusations dead. No, no it wouldn’t be K-pop and yes I used double negatives. This time its Queen Monster Lady Gaga verse the bubble up beat Girls’ Generation aka SNSD.

Lady Gaga’s new track “Born This Way” has already raised suspicion. Most people feel the track has rip off Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Now it seems SNSD’s “Be Happy” may also have fallen victim(?)

E-Tribe who produce SNSD’s “Be Happy” has already made statements to Newsen on March 1st, quote…..

“Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady Gaga plagiarizing SNSD’s ‘Be Happy.’ I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. I am currently working to get in contact with Lady Gaga’s publishing label to find further information.”

Ah, maybe he is wrong taking a page from YG entertainment Teddy Park. Simply could be another case of similar melodies. You know when two people look a like but live on different parts of the hemisphere. Just because they look the same but aren’t…….oh forget was a horrible analogy.

Do you think E-Tribe might have gotten ripped off?



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