Song of the Day: Sistar “So Cool” ~Korean~


You gotta love thus plucking song  ^_^

Song Of The Day: The Arcade Fire Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

I have this song stuck in my head but audio for this video is quite poor. i don’t know why maybe to discourage people from stealing?

Song of the Day: Winsin y Yandel Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas

Notice Japanese inspired harajuku girls in Winsin y Yandel MV “Zun Zun Pompiendo Caderas” (Zun Zun Breaking Hips).

I can’t but listen to this song. The musicians are Puerto Rican (like me) and hip hop style is know as reggaeton.

Song of the Day:Lady Gaga Born This Way

I’m sorry this is just so epic, magnificent and ….lost for words if video fails

Lady Gaga Born This Way

Song of the Day: Kat Deluna “Party O’ Clock”

I feel festive and very Latina. Kat Deluna my favorite Dominican princess bringing forth dance Bachata pop musica. This little Puerto Rican diva loves it. enjoy 🙂

I don’t know why but I feel 2ne1 should do I cover to this song. It kinda fits them don’t you think?

Song of the Day: Dir en Grey “Amber”

One of my most favorite songs of all time.

Song of the Day: Brain Joo(Fly To The Sky) My Girl(내 여자) Ft. Supreme Team

Happy passing B-day to Brain Joo (Fly To The Sky). “My Girl” song of the day.

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