2ne1 Hate You MV

2ne1 drop  “Hate You” originally title “Fuck You” change do to Minzy underage. The girls play as heroines going against an enemy who wants to destroy the world. It’s up to them to stop this villain from succeeding their plans. The anime art work is constructed by Mari Kim. Who also did the promotional poster for “I Am The Best” which is the cover art for their 2nd mini album.

I find the song to be quite laid back. Something that fans aren’t quite used to with 2ne1.  Maybe touching grounds with Daft Punk, who used animation in their music videos and also Britney Spears “Break the Ice.” So the conept of the music video isn’t new but 2ne1’s own version.

Overall “Hate You” is a favorite among fans. Either way Blackjacks world wide are on a campaign to trend this video on Youtube with the highest views of the day. Don’t forget, best way to support is by buying, “Hate You” is also available on iTunes for purchase download.

2ne1 has already started production work for their next MV “Ugly.” Seems the young ladies are touching ground from their “Fire” street days but a more updated version. Working with director Han Sa Min this MV will drop the day of the album released. Teddy Park describe the song a mess up of fast tempo dance with electronic rock guitar experience through the whole song. As CL takes the lead on the vocals.

2ne1 mini album Vol.2  is available for pre-order on yesasia.com drops July 29th Korea July 28th

01. 내가 제일 잘 나가
02. UGLY
03. Lonely
04. Hate You
05. Don’t Cry
06. Don’t Stop The Music

I Am The Best, Hate You, Lonely and Park Bom’s Don’t Cry are available on iTunes now.


2ne1 Hate You teaser

2ne1 is gearing up for their 4th single release “Hate You” originally title “Fuck You.” YG decide to change the title do to Minzy minor age but stress the overall context of the song hasn’t been change. Maybe YG should admit “Fuck You” would seem more childish without the right lyrics. YG also stress this new single “Hate You” will have an English course line for global appeal. Now that makes perfect sense if 2ne1 plans to make “Hate You” global. They wouldn’t want their single compare to Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You.”

Although the genres maybe completely different but it is very crucial for 2ne1 to make their stamp and not suffer mistaken identical song titles. To add more craze YG stream line fist episode of 2ne1 TV Season 3. Than shortly after release the teaser “Hate You” as the follow. The MV features animation art constructed by Mari Kim.

2ne1 domination in Korea will continue  into August with their first group concert already sold out.

Hate You teaser

In the mist of their Korean promotion 2ne1 will head off to Japan in September with “I Am The Best.” The ring tone of this song will be available on Recochoku July20th.

Note: YG decide to keep the course in Korean, very testy move on their part.

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