B1A4 Vol. 1 Let’s Fly

Finding B1A4 music right now is becoming a race. Tracks are getting pull left and right for copy rights violations  on Youtube. I still had the opportunity to find their songs feature on their first mini album Let’s Play. B1A4 is diffidently playing in the K-pop boyfriend type image. The album consists of light, bubbly, romanticized dance rock ,pop and mildly r&b music. While B1A4 takes the safe route there is two songs in particular I question the authenticity. “못된 것만 배워서( Just learn Bad)” sounds like a pop friendly version to Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind.” The melody hints possible “borrowing” for composer inspiration. It’s a very mature r&b song for such a rookie group.  For some reason when I listen to “Bing Girl” this Beast  and mild Big Bang vibe comes over me. ( I love Beast with a passion)

While “Remember” sounds like a typical K-pop song. I would suspect this to be the second single  release by the group. I must say the hidden master piece of this mini album is “Only Me.” While being the closes thing to a pop ballad on this album. I find it crucial for a K-pop band to show the ability of vocal harmonization. I feel vocally B1a4 isn’t the strongest but  do leave a favorable impression. The main title track “OK” with its spunk,very catchy, and possess this  light-hearted pop rock feel. Compare to other tracks its the most unique. Yet it does fit the image of B1A4 and this mini album perfectly. Overall *** stars. There is a lot of potential with this group. I wanna see how far they can go and how quickly they can adapt.

OK Full Music Video

B1A4 let’s Play available for pre-order on yesasia.com (CD Only)-drops April 27th


01. O.K ***

02. Remember **

03. 못된 것만 배워서 **1/2

04. Bling Girl ***

05. Only One ***

06. O.K (Inst.)

OK Full MV

B1A4 Let’s Play available for pre-order on yesasia.com (CD Only)-drops April 27th


01. O.K ***

02. Remember **1/2

03. 못된 것만 배워서 ** *

04. Bling Girl **1/2

05. Only One ***

06. O.K (Inst.)

B1A4 vs X-5: Which Rookie Boy Band Sparks Interest?

Ah, rookie groups don’t you love them? Okay maybe by this point your feeling very annoyed with rookie groups.  This year alone K-pop once again is being flooded by female rookie groups. The estrogen level is just becoming so unbearable. Every month a new female group is coming out less impressive than the one before. But don’t fret, B1A4 and X-5 are here to save the day or the month…..at least.

B1A4 is already stealing fan girls’ hearts left and right. Unlike other male idol groups in the past B1A4 is using Youtube to the fullest. By already launching their Youtube channel FLIGHTB1A4 with only 304 subscribers but over 2,000+ reviews. This allow B1A4 feature themselves a web toon comic. How very odd? Either way they’re getting some attention. Their teaser “Ok” shows a dorky, spunky, and “boyfriend” like concept for their image.

On the other hand X-5 is a little but more dramatic. The primary focus of this group is vocals and outstanding choreography. Unlike B1A4, X-5 is a little bit more mature in their concept image.  Their “쇼하지마” Don’t Put On An Act” teaser  focus on the deterioration between two lovers. X-5 has launch their official website and  OpenWorld entertainment Youtube channel.Has  already rank up 312,616 views with 3,000+ subscribers.

Both bands’ concept isn’t anything new. Just two different common images being used at once. So who will prevail B1A4’s boyfriend eye candy or X-5’s anguish dramatic love ?

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