Happy Valentines Day

here is some eye candy for us ladies

Jay park ft Dok2 Know Your Name for club worshipers

Taeyang “prayer” double hit of sexy with a  shirtless YB and an ovary busting suit wearing Teddy Park

Rain “In My Bed” the original Korean god of everything sexy in K-pop

oh yeah for the guys

Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”  their’s goes your heart these ladies are fierce

Girls Generation “Genie”  if your a sucker for super cute gals in suits

Lee Hyori “Get Ya” is one sexy goddess in k-pop

for my fellow brown/dark skin sexy  divas a vid that will leave you speechless for the wrong and right reasons

Stony Skunk “Boom di Boom di”

SNSD or Idol Girls?

So K-pop idol groups are really loved in China so badly they are copy.The third pop group to copycat is China’s Idol Girl which is the evil Asian twin to South Korean Girl’s Generation aka SNSD.What the bleep is going on in the far east?The industry so desperate, money hungry, and deprive they would start coping off each other? Yeah why not I mean if you can sample then you can get way with copycatting.SNSD is under the evil SM entertainment maybe Idol Girls are getting better treatment.(laughing)

Wow,really damn SNSD just got copycat but I did try to find out Idol Girls music.

I believe the title of this song is called “Age of Innocence” or that could be the name of their EP.Either way I can not read Chinese  characters to save my life.I kinda think Idol Girls is  cute and have the ability to handle their own if they would just stop ripping off SNSD.

My memory tells me that 2Ne1,Big Bang and SNSD aren’t the first to have an evil Asian twin.Chinese Singer Xiao Ming copy Bi aka rain forth album cover.Huang Xiao Ming can pretty much hold his own as a singer.So eventually these copycats are gonna have to find their own image and voice before fans get fed up with the rip off.

Ninja Assassin Gets Attention

The month of November for most Americans is time for turkey and the gaining of 10 pounds from stuffing our faces.While most Americans this Thanksgiving season stress about holiday fixings,I’m more interested in whats hitting the theaters.The forecast is predicting a stormy weather with some hot Korean manly ness. Bi aka Rain debuts in a blockbuster size action pack movie called Ninja Assassin on 24th of November.The day of thanks will also be the day of hard-core gore movie action that would even make Quentin Tarantino blush.I’m excited this Thanksgiving holiday and sorry to all you Twilight fanatics. Rain is more worthy of my $10 along with my hour and half of undivided attention.

The plot of the movie is quite simple and not really Oscar worthy.Rain character name is Raizo, maybe his name has relevance to his skillful technique with sword fighting(obvious).He was kidnapped as a young child from his biological parents by the Ozunu Clan.From childhood into manhood Raizo is raised to be the world’s deadliest assassin. Then something happens that has Raizo fleeing the clan and abandoning his old life style placing him as a target.The clan’s betrayal in rages Raizo who is seeking out vengeance. He escapes to Europe where a young Europol agent name Mika Corettie(Naomie Harris) who is investigating the Ozunu clan for money laundering.Piss off the Ozunu clan  places a hit on the agent  and wants her dead ASAP.That’s were Rain character takes the liberty to team up with her in order to protect her,himself, and take down the once illusive ninja clan.Seeking out his revenge with some deadly ninja moves that would make Bruce Lee proud.

What a tic,Rain is a Korean singer not a martial arts expert.True,he went through some extreme but extensive amount of training to buff up his bod.He started this a year ago and took a break from being on stage.Rain went on a healthy diet of high protein in rich foods to bulk up for the role.In real life “ninja” martial art training requires decades of hard work and dedication.This form of martial arts was master by Japan’s lower class people(mostly farmers).Way back in the day people of Japan were not authorized to learn how to fight or  have any weaponry.This allow villages to be easily over run by bandits,warlords,and over zealous emperors.The ninja martial art style was the counter to the traditional martial art and code of the Samurai.Using Every day farming tools as potential weapons in order to protect villages along with sneaky interventions to wound their enemies.Rain took on the difficult task of learning basic fighting styles in order to make his character believable.In the movie its shows Rain’s character Raizo as child to a young man going under harsh but important training.The flashback clips of a young Raizo is played by Joon of MBLAQ I don’t think he went through the same extensive amount of training.Ninja  heightens ones other senses and teaches self discipline.One thing I am certain Rain is going to have one banging killer body making him total eye candy for the American audience.

I’m happy to see Rain finally make his debut in the U.S but sadly it’s not for his music.Although he is a talented singer,dancer,and now business wise C.E.O for J.Tune.It seems Rain may surpass the rest of his k-pop stars and simple leave them in the dust.Ninja Assassin becomes a break out hit then Rain’s popularity will grow ten times full.He did made appearances in Speed Racer but the role was minor and extremely disappointing.Who knows next year Rain may debut as a singer and finally rule the world.The first Asian male singer to drop the Billboard’s Top 10.Rain’s future is very bright and by the success of this movie it can also open doors for other Asian actors.Along with singers not native to U.S and give a new lease for Asian entertainers.That seems so cheesy to say but honestly it only takes one person to make a movement and one voice to spark curiosity.Rain is schedule to make his premier at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and special movie release party at Club Kress in LA. I hope this movie will spark an interest not only in Rain but also Korean pop music and culture.Good Luck to Mr.Rain on his quest to conquer the world.He surly has this chica on his side and my full support.

Lego My Ego

Korean pop singer Rain in recent year has been learning English to prepare him for his role in Ninja Assassin. With all the buzz a YouTube film creator has made a lego parody of the movie and yes it has the same hype. This to cute to pass up on.


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