Who is Sunzoo?

Drunken Tiger leader Tiger Jk and his amazing wifey Tasha(Yoon Mirae) are back . This time collaborating on a hip hop project called Sunzoo. Teaming up with producer !llMind ( worked with  Eminem, LL Cool J, Kweli, and 50 Cent) for some bad ass hip hop but on a global scale. Sunzoo consist of DJ Jhig aka DT DJ, Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones. Including Tiger JK and Tasha at the helm.

Their MV ” Get Down” is receiving positive feed back.

Sunzoo is nothing like anything else in hip hop right now. As American hip hop becomes a hood rat’s paradise and Korean electronic waste land. Sunzoo keeps the street vibe alive with delivering original beats  with raw lyrical dominance.

Source: Drunken Tiger Youtube channel and  Drunkencamp

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HaHa/Tiger JK Liquor Bottle

HaHa is a very funny comedian known for being on variety shows.Tiger JK being the head of hip hop group Drunken Tiger.The two stars are doing a collaboration from HaHa’s Liquor Bottle술병 mini album.The song “Liquor Bottle’ is a ballad rock number.The album its self will be a mixture of hip hop,ballads, rock, and everything HaHa wants.Enjoy!

T Finally Gets Her Wedding Dress

Okay that seem so odd to say since T aka Yoon Mi Rae is married to Drunken Tiger leader Tiger JK.The couple said their “I Dos” back in 2007 but  Tiger wasn’t a man making lots of money.He couldn’t afford his blushing bride a proper white wedding dress.Tiger promise someday Yoon Mi Rae a wedding dress and lucky Project Runway Korea has offer him the opportunity.Tiger made it very clear what he wanted

Make Yoon Mi Rae a wedding dress.

Yoon Mi Rae was excited and couldn’t believe Tiger made such a request.

I always wanted to wear a wedding dress so I’m extremely happy. The feeling of having my own wedding dress made on a show viewed by so many is indescribable.

Tiger said

I felt really sorry for not being able to have her wear a wedding dress at our wedding, so this opportunity makes me really happy.

Seems this dynamic hip hop duo was made perfect for each other.There is also a story on how Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae got engage.According to rumors Tiger was so broke and short for cash he bought Yoon Mi Rae a plastic engagement ring.Smitten Tiger wanted to prove his devotion to Rae and make it official.Sadly as a young hip hop MC starting out he wasn’t making made money.Tiger was determine to wed Rae even without the shiny diamonds.So he went out to a local market near by and bought a plastic ring.When he came back while Rae was home got on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.Joyful Rae said yes and been together for poorer or for worse.Tiger later on bought Rae that diamond wedding ring he promise and now the perfect white wedding dress.Also lets not forget he bless her with little Jordan, Tiger pride and joy.Ah, don’t you just love stories specially when its real.

The show Project Runway Korea featuring Tiger JK airs 20th of March.

Tiger JK vs the Korean Netizens

I don’t know a group of people who are just straight P.O.S (Pieces of Shit) besides the netizens.South Korea is constantly going through changes politically,economically and  socially. Hip hop is quickly becoming a favorite genre in Asia that is a Black/African/Hispanic American dominated but a few netizens just needed to spit some social ignorance.Tiger JK who is the fierce hip hop leader of Drunken Tiger, hubby to Tasha(Yoon Mi Rae) and a proud father to 21 month year old Jordan.After making a guess appearance on Korea’s Yu Hui  Yeol’s Sketchbook with Jordan at hand.Anti  netizens fans quickly posted racist comments which fuel Tiger to a Twitter rant.

“can’t be liked by everybody i know, there’s an article about Jordan, and some of them relpys make me sick,,,,talkin about race,”

“talki bout his hair being nappy and he looks black, they prolly like 12, prolly yong kidz but hopefully they learn”

“Comments are always like that but there are actually kids who say things like half black half black. Racism won’t disappear forever.”

“racism, im sure they dont know no better,it’s ma fault for xposing ma son like that tho when they call ma son up to the stage i had a feelin”

“cant believe the are going as far as using the N word, they need to get the ass whooped by they pops, ignorant ass younginz”

“I know that half of the comments are written by kids who want attention but people still use the expression black.”

“ha im used to bein hated / called all kinds of name it comes wit territory / but in the states i was called a chink ,N now the N word here”

“they could hate all they could, im here for that im used to bein hated, chewed on, jk wack this and that, but can dey just C wat dey C,Love”

“callin ma wife and me kid, nappy headed N***R , i wish they would see me in the street”

“^^ I’m a father so I went crazy over hate comments. I’m sorry.”

“peops are so lonely like me da would say anytihing behind the walls of matrix to say things that would get em attention,i pray for they soul”

I don’t blame Tiger who  quickly came to his son defense.Tiger’s wife Yoon Mi Rae is half Korean and African-American would do the same.I don’t get the attitude of some people or why race is still an issue.You pick on an innocent child to showcase some type of racially cruelty.Drunken Tiger is one of the best hip hop groups in South Korea that are breaking new grounds.Race should never be an issue when it comes to music but its something that plagues all societies.I honestly don’t get people’s attitude look at Dynamic Duo, every YG artists and Korean group out there is influence by what is consider Black music or artists.Once again over zealous morons who really don’t know a damn thing about music making idiotic drama.


GDA Winners and Speeches

Gold Disk Wards 24th cermony made a few K-pop stars cry tears of joy.So here is the list and a  few acceptance speeches I found via YouTube.

Disk DaeSang Award

Winner:Super Junior

Digital DaeSang Award


Disk BonSang Award (similar to best album)

Winner: SUPER JUNIOR – Sorry, Sorry

Winner: Drunken Tiger – Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
Winner: 2PM – 1집정규앨범 – Hottest Time of the Day
Winner: Lee Seung Chul – Mutopia
Winner: Baek Ji Young

Digital BonSang Award(similar to best digital single/song)

Winner: DAVICHI – Davichi In Wonderland
Winner: Son Dambi – Type B
Winner: SNSD – Gee (The First Mini Album)
Winner: Baek Ji Young – My Ear’s Candy
Winner: Lee Seung Gi

Rap/Hip Hop Award

Winner:Epik High

Samsung YEPP Popularity Award


Winner:Super Junior

Rock Award

Winner:Jang Gi Ha and Faces

NewComer Award



MAMA Winners!!!!!

MNet Asian Music Awards just past this is the Winners list and some performances.

The “Best” of the best switch into categories for easy reading.

Group/Solo Artist

Best New Male Artist:Supremes

Best New Female Artist:2NE1

Best Female Group:Brown Eyed Girls

Best Male Group:2pm

Best Male Solo Artist:Drunken Tiger/Tiger JK

Best Female Solo Artist:Beak Ji Young

Best Mixed Gender Group:8eight


Best Trot Award:Hong Jin Yong “Love Battery

Best Dance:Kara’s “Honey”

Best Hip Hop:LeeSSang

BestRock:BooHwal “Remembering”

Best House & Electronic:Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”

Best R&B/Balled:Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain”


Album:G-Dragon’s HeartBreaker

Best Song: 2NE1 “I Don’t Care”

Best OST Award:SS501 “Because I’m Stupid” Boys Over Flowers

High Honors

Artist of The Year:2pm

Best Representative for Asia: Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)

Best Asian Composer:JYP

2009 Mnet Asian Music Award Recommended:AKB48

Music Video

Director of Music Video Award:Hong Won Ki

Best Music Video:2NE1 “Fire” (ah,which version?)


CGV Popularity Award:SuperJunior

Overseas Viewer Award:Super Junior

Mobile Popularity:Super Junior

Music Portal MNet Award: 2NE1

Era of Tiger

TigerJKDrunkenTigerIn Asian history there are a few emperors that can define a decade of style,class,and have a political significance that will define a nation of people generations to come.Rewriting the pages of history and become the stuff of legends.Power hungry ancient Asian emperors were once feared not so much beloved.Unlike this Korean hip hop group who is respected by many and only hated by a few.Drunken Tiger is most likely one of the best hip hop Korean acts ever.I do mean ever compare to others who die out or remain underground.The group’s leader or best rising star Tiger JK is the main focus point.There is no doubt he has become larger than his own name.Aspiring new generation of hip hop listeners living in nation still somewhat being oppressed by their government. Korean government officials almost put this group of misfits to silence.If its wasn’t for Drunken Tiger many hip hop groups wouldn’t have the opportunity to rap rhymes that wasn’t so kid friendly but the truth.Korean hip hop most likely wouldn’t even exist anymore or have any meaningful substance.okay that was an over statement but they are the hizay.


youngDrunkenTigerDrunken Tiger started out back in the U.S in the early 90’s in Los Angles,California.Back then the group only consist of three over zealous wannabe MCs Tiger JK and his friend Micki Eyes along with another friend Sacrum.The boys would  face harsh challenges breaking in L.A’s rap scene since racial tension was evident due to the L.A Riots.African and Asian Americans were just not getting along when news broke out that a Korean convenient store owner shot and killed a young Black girl.Musically Tiger JK goal was to inspired all kids from different nations and races but this is way before his time.Tiger JK and Micki stayed focus on their dream of becoming rap stars but hold back debuting in the states.They set their eyes on the mother land South Korea and decide to start their rap careers there.Note that  Tiger JK wasn’t born in U.S like some his family immigrated.Drunken Tiger  release  first album in 92 called Call Me Tiger that had a buzz worthy single “Hide and Seek.” This didn’t spark instant success for two boys but it got them notice.The boys didn’t grow up in South Korea and wasn’t aware of the strict censorship.The album was pull from air waves by government officials who deem the album’s content inappropriate.

DrunkenTigerIn 99 Tiger JK would return back to Korea for a second try of being hip hop stars.By this time hip hop has become more popular thanks to some idol made boy band groups like 1tym and hip hop duo Jinusean from YG Entertainment.He team up with DJ shine and produce Year of Tiger that feature “I Want You” and “Do You Know Hip Hop.'” The album suffer the same faith as Call Me Tiger.Black ball from the Korean airwaves due to sexual overtones and anti-establishments lyrics or content. Compare to mainstream acts Drunken Tiger was getting notice for being to controversial then being a hip hp act ready to conquer.In 2000 Drunken Tiger drop The Great Rebirth that feature “Great Rebirth.”The album quickly became shrouded in controversy when news broke out that Tiger JK and crew was under investigation for drug trafficking.If sentence guilty he couldn’t perform for 2 years and most likely kiss his freedom plus career good bye.Obvious he won that legal battle with South Korea and reclaims his innocence.The group by then had grown and became part of a new hip hop super size group The Movement.That houses some of Korea’s biggest and slightly underrated stars like Dynamic Duo,female rap queen Tasha,Epik High and several others.

TheMovementIn 2001 Drunken Tiger release The Legend of…..that feature the groups break out song “Good Life” and “Is Ack Hizag.” Compare to mainstream acts Drunken Tiger on a lyrical level was willing to push a few buttons and talk taboos many fear about.The Legend of…. gave Drunken Tiger the success they needed and was pick up by music shows quickly.The group release Foundation in 2003 that feature “Because I Am” and Thumb.” In 04 they release One Is Not a Lonely Word featured “Convenient Store” and “Liquor Shots.” In 05 release 1945 Liberation that featured “Isolated One,Left Foot Forward” that was theme song for Hite Beer and Reebok along with “Love Song Won’t Get Banned”.Tiger JK was also suffering from a diseases called  myelitis which is a neurological disease. Extremely rare this cause weight gain,joint pains and can paralyzed a person.There is no cure it is only control by treatment.This didn’t’ stop him from releasing 07’s Sky is the Limit that feature a song  called “8:45 Heaven” paying is respect to his grandmother that pass away at the time.He also release “I Hate Myself” that feature his wifey Tasha (T).

TigerJKandSonBy the end of the year Drunken Tiger had rank up countless music awards and dominated the Korean air waves. Drunken Tiger expand but lost member DJ Shine.During this period Tiger Jk married his love Tasha(T) in between 08 and 09 was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.Happy with his new lease on life of being a devoted father and husband his myelitis grew worse.He started to isolate himself from fellow friends and family.He was battling a diseases he wasn’t quite sure about.During his break period he gain weight and became over stress with the condition his body was in.He began to look for others who was suffering this rare disease and found knowledge plus the support he needed.In 2009 debut the comeback of Korea’s greatest hip hop act.He worked on production of Feel ghood Muzik:The 8th Wonder.Unlike his fellow k-pop stars he was brave enough and highly confident to release a double disc.All 27 tracks were dominating the Korean charts.The 2 disc special sold some 50,000 copies in its first 3 weeks.The album break out song “Monster” was Tiger JK comeback calling.The English version feature the America hip hop rap legend Rakim.


TigerJKandfamilyDrunken Tiger 8 albums later,won countless music awards,and has perform concerts all over the world proves they have become more than just another rap group in Korea.They have broken down barriers and inspired the new generation verse just selling them garbage.From the start nobody would think Drunken Tiger had a chance to become the mega success they are today.You can honestly say Drunken Tiger are like the godfathers to Korean hip hop.Place them among with greatest like 2pac and Notorious BIG.Their generation of listener would receive the proper introduction of real hip hop music compare to the commercial sound that has poison the air waves.There is more to hip hop then bling,sex,drugs, and violence.There is substance and movement that shouldn’t be over shadow by those who are willing to sell their souls.Drunken Tiger is one of the few to bring back that raw energy and political smartness mix in with real world experience.Both Tiger Jk and his wife Tasha (T) has become Korea’s hip hop royalty.Drunken Tiger are truly kings among kings the 8th wonder.The emperors innovating a new era that will mark big changes in Korea’s new hip hop nation of people.

Drunken Tiger Site


“Welcome To World: Lil Homie Jordan Suh” (Tiger JK son)



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