Big Bang &2NE1:Light The Torch for 2012

With this new world tour and album T.O.P isn't the only one who will be needing oxygen

I’m not the biggest Big Bang fan but when news broke out that YG and Live Nation was teaming up for a world tour. I almost crap my pants for a second. With Girls Generation on Late Night With Litterman and Live With Kelly in the U.S. Plus the Wonder Girls TeenNick movie Wonder Girls At The Apollo . K-pop in the west is no longer a hidden little secret but not necessarily a huge success. While other groups like Beast(B2ST) is on their own world tour this method seems to work best for groups who plan to expand.

Touring is the best way for an artist or group to promote their music. Giving them the ability to show case their talents and develop a theatrical performance of an epic size. Going beyond the music video and truly giving a song the artistic justice it needs. Those lucky fans get the full treatment from their favorite bias. Something K-pop lacks experience in but in recent years of expansion has the golden opportunity to capitalize.

Big Bang in 2011 started off the year so right but things turn for the worse. Despite a successful solo comeback for member Seungri and the group’s mini album Tonight. Half way through the year Daesung car accident and G-Dragon marijuana scandal end 2011 on a bad note. Due to the amount of controversy YG stock prices went down and fans began to wonder if Big Bang was coming to an end.  Although some fans and critics were being overly dramatic YG allow Big Bang to reflect and regroup.

Thus allowing for a new album and a resume of solo activities. But nobody suspect the group would return with a possible 24 countries 16 cities world-wide tour. Invading Asia; Europe; North and South America. Starting on March 2nd-4th at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic these shows are already sold out. Those awaiting shows on foreign soil have not yet been confirm with official dates,venues and purchasing.

Like YG promise Big Bang will be working with the best in order to put on a memorable show that usher them into global pop hood. Teaming up with Laurieann Gibson (director) who work with Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2011  and Leroy Bennett (stage/lighting)  who work with Eminem and Linkin Park. YG is living up to their name of ‘going big’ but will they maintain hype with this being a ‘world tour?’

The promotional hype wheel is already spinning as YG-Life blog release Big Bang new album. Disclosing a new title track “Fantastic Boys” compose by Teddy Park and G-Dragon. Also another featuring Daesung solo song “Wings.” Schedule drop February 29th but don’t hold your breath. yG is infamous for using delays build up anticipation.

All things put aside there is also another major idol machine in YG that is making a comeback 2ne1. According to YG in March 2ne1 will return back to Japan. This new album include original material. Details on the album haven’t been reveled but some fans began to wonder if 2ne1 truly has a chance. With their first official Japanese album Nolza selling 26,000 units wasn’t what fans suspect. Although it was solid enough for 2ne1 to create some sort of ground in Japan. Here is something YG should consider the possibility of 2ne1 being an opening act for Big Bang Alive 2012 World Tour.

This can help 2ne1 in their expansion into the west and continuous in Japan. Many major acts have collaborated together by touring not just always by a song. With 2ne1 still being the new gals on the block and Big Bang the veteran mega super stars. This will give 2ne1 the pedestal not only conquering Asia but developing a more hardcore fan base in the west. I feel 2ne1 should release a Japanese album with original material. After that release an English one (if desire) than travel with Big Bang on tour. This will not only give YG a stronger front for both band globally but also the ability for 2ne1 western debut left unnoticed of a higher possibility of a bigger turn out.

In the end this new world tour will open new doors for YG and also explore unfamiliar territory. This can strength Big Bang presence on a much larger scale and live up to the Best World Act. For 2ne1 this could possibly be the golden ticket to be the leaders or top runners for K-pop going to the west. YG can’t lose what hasn’t been measure. Both acts can only grow from this experience and overall this benefits both fans and K-pop genre as a whole. Like most  when the hype dies down, the speculation no longer the voice of reason and  popularity is put to the test we’ll know if Big Bang/2ne1 will be the ones to light the torch.

Source: YG-Life Photos: Soompi

GD &TOP Don’t Go Home MV

GD & TOP some 6 months plus after the release of their collaboration album drop their “Don’t Go Home” MV. It was delay do to censorship issues regarding to the lyrics within the song. The MV itself is pretty self -explanatory and classic. Boy likes girl, she plays hard to get and her tries to impress her. GD and TOP taking a stab at retro theme music videos without being so over the top.

G-Dragon Such A Beautiful Night Teaser Big Bang Comeback

G-Dragon used his me2day account to launch a very short teaser. There isn’t much to go by but with less then 5 days to go possible all five member will have separate teasers. Big Bang comeback mini album will drop the 25th and kick off 2011 Big Show for south Korean fans.

Seungri mini album V.V.I.P Vol.1

Since their two years absent Big Bang hasn’t slow down the continuing process to dominate. Seungri who is the group’s maknae and best impersonator. Finally releases his follow-up to  2008’s pop song “Strong Baby” -crack crack crack-. While his fellow Big Bang brothers either have release solo albums and numerous digital singles. Seungri only gives you a taste of his style of music.

Overall the album as a whole is pretty impressive. The main title tracks “V.V.I.P ” and “어쩌라고 (What Do You Want)” is what you suspect Mr.Victory to sound like. A sexy pop star with addictive dance beats. Hold the phone as Seungri takes you back to old school style with “창문을 열어(Open The Window)” feature the funk master himself G-Dragon. “Magic” is cute little ditty with vocals are just on point. While “I KNOW” featuring IU is a lovely duet.  Although “White Love” is  a  pop number with light rock melodies to accent. Making it the most fun-loving and slightly genre bending. The outstanding master piece has to the Outro(In My World). Stands out like a sore thumb but is way to short. You find yourself going “huh” but overall for a mini album Seungri made a home run. I give it *** 3 stars…I wanted more. 🙂


어쩌라고 (What Do You Want) MV

Seungri mini album Vol.1V.V.I.P is available for pre-order on (13.99) -drops January 21st

01. V.V.I.P -Title track-**
02. 어쩌라고 -Titel track-**1/2
03. 창문을 열어 (FEAT. G-DRAGON) ***
04. MAGIC ***1/2
05. I KNOW (WITH. 아이유) ***
06. WHITE LOVE ***1/2


SeungRi wrote “VVIP”, “So What/What Do You Want Me To Do”, “I Know”, “White Love”, & “Outro (In My World)”.

SeungRi co-composed/produced “VVIP”, “So What/What Do You Want Me To Do”, “Magic”, “I Know”, “White Love”, & “Outro (In My World)”

01 “VVIP” (title )Lyrics by: Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choi PilKang, DEE.P./ Arranged by Choi PilKang, DEE.P

02 “(어쩌라고)What Do You Want Me To Do” (title):Lyrics by Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choi PilKang, BIG TONE/ Arranged by Choi PilKang

03 “(창문을 열어)Open Window” feat. G-Dragon:Lyrics by Choi PilKang/ Composed by Choi PilKang/ Arranged by Choi PilKang/ Rap Lyrics by G-Dragon

04 “Magic”: Lyrics by Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choice37/ Arranged by Choice37

05 “I Know feat. IU(아이유)“: Lyrics by Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choi PilKang, DEE.P., Go MyeongJae/ Arranged by Choi PilKang, DEE.P.

06 “White Love” :Lyrics by Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choi PilKang/ Arranged by Choi PilKang

07 “OUTRO (In My World)”:Lyrics by Seungri/ Composed by Seungri, Choi PilKang/ Arranged by Choi PilKang

Source:Youtube: LadyParisnia and Big Bang (MVs) Track List:Yesasia AlbumCover:Yesasia Translated production credits: Soompi Seungri mini album forum post by omgshinshin Korean production web poster credits: YGLife

Quote of the Day: G-Dragon (Big Bang)

G-Dragon with GDTOP changing the perception of Korean idols.

“We are different from the so called idols. Although we are called ‘idols’, we think that the idols nowadays also perform professionally”

-G-Dragon (read translated interview)


Its not release yet but 3 tracks have been reveal. The first is for coming of GDTOP “High HIgh” and full audio of “Oh Yeah” featuring ParK Bom (2NE1) . Those two ain’t worth snizzle compare to  “뻑이가요/Knock Out.” Which is feature on YG new Youttube Channel ygconcert.

To add better news SBS Inkigayo took a chill pill, got off their high horse and GDTOP are schedule  to make a comeback performance December 19th.

Knock Out Live from YG Family Concert 2010

GD & TOP Vol.1 is available for pre-order on Drops December 24th




03. OH YEAH (FEAT.박봄)

04. 집에 가지마


06. 뻑이가요

07. OH MOM (T.O.P)

08. 악몽 (G.D)

09. 오늘따라 (T.O.P)

10. 어쩌란 말이냐? (G.D)


11. TURN IT UP (T.O.P)


G-Dragon and TOP Gives Inkigayo K.O via Youtube?

TOP (L) G-Dragon (R) "Why you hatin" SBS?

Once again its clash of the media titans, this time  YG entertainment vs SBS Inkigayo.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP are just days away from their comeback and SBS Inkigayo drops a monster. An executive for SBS has blacklist those who attend at this years MNet Asian Music Awards. The executive stated….

In my opinion, singers who attended Mnet’s ceremony should be unconditionally suspended [from appearing/performing]

In the words of lil Jon WHAT

This isn’t some “haha gurl you so crazy”… SBS is serious and G-Dragon and TOP (GDTOP) comeback is in crisis. Why the sudden threat? YG and SBS Inkigayo had a perfect media relationship(?) SBS was the first to kick off 2NE1’s To Anyone comeback with an aggressive 3 single comeback stage performance. Featuring “Go Away;” “Clap Your Hand;” and “It Hurts.” Even though SBS and YG were criticized for allowing 11 minutes of air time focus on one group.  SBS stood by their grounds and 2NE1 briefly took over Inkigayo without fight.

YG entertainment and CEO Yang Hyun Suk decide  the same 3 single comeback concept will be use for GDTOP. Once again SBS Inkigayo to be the first to kick off this highly anticipated collaboration and comeback special performance. During MNet MAMA which aired around SBS Inkigayo created heat between the two battling networks. SBS accuse  MNet for having “bad business edict.” Idol stars who were performing on Inkigayo could not make it in time to attend MNet’s MAMA. Thus forcing idol groups and starletS to choose between the two networks. Inkigayo is still scorn by MNet’s sneaky deposition.

To add injury to insult YG’s G-Dragon, TOP and Taeyang did a joint performance. Including 2NE1 who also perform at this year’s MNet. Along with Miss A, 2pm, Wonder Girls, Gummy, and  many more. SBS in anger bans those who attend at MAMA. A foolish business move but one SBS for some reason refuse to retract.

This place GDTOP comeback and first collaboration album in jeopardy. Also creating conflict between YG entertainment and SBS Networks.

Don’t stress YG is taking a different route. Instead of crying over SBS recent power trip YG will air a World Premiere via Youtube.

On December 15th via Big Bang Youtube Channel @ 4th at 5PM (KST) first comeback performance from GDTOP

Allowing fans from all over the world to watch. I guess SBS Inkigayo needs to rebuttal their statement and stop feeling so butthurt over MNet.

Source: AsianFanatics and AllKpop and Nate News


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