Hyuna & Zico True Leaders of The New School?

Muh, I’m coining lines from the very own Teddy Park (1tym) from the “The Leaders.” That include G-Dragon (Big Bang) and CL (2ne1). I feel these 3 have challengers who is ready to wave their own flag.

Hyuna will end her Bubble Pop promotion with a hip hop number called “Just Follow”. The original creator and rapper Dok2(Gonzo) is MIA for the moment. So to take his place and make sure this song doesn’t fail to impress Zico of Block-B will do the male part.

I already Know Hyuna killed this track further proving she is one fierce smexy ladey. But Zico totally amp fans up with his tongue twister of  a rap. Although Zico is young, in a rookie group and is barely legal. He has already shown he can go against even the most experience rappers and beat the best of them.

Watching Hyuna and Zico on stage these two quickly become an unbeatable dynamic force for 3:26 seconds. Just watch for yourself

I will ship the hell out of these two ZiYuna you have my fan girl attention.

Hyuna Mini Album Vol.1 Bubble Pop

4minute sexy vixen Hyuna is back and she is causing quite a stir with her first mini album properly title Bubble Pop. Hyuna has redeem herself from the “Change” days, explore  rapping  and shares the spotlight with fellow Cube starlets.

Despite this being only  a mini album it certainly has a full album feel. The opener “Attention” already sets the mood. A little hip pop, dance and Hyuna sex appeal pretty sums up the whole album attitude. The primary track “Bubble Pop” is the most infectious of cutesy  Hyuna can exude. Making weird pop noises it can either excite you, annoy you or just totally turn you off.  Yet this track best shows off Hyuna feminine sexuality without being so vulgar.

Trust me only “Bubble Pop” has that dorky sex appeal. I found “Downtown” featuring Jiyoon to be a more better suited song for Koreans who worship the night life. While “Just Follow” kicks things up a notch. With Dok2(Gonzo) masculinity, mix-in with Hyuna’s confident sexiness you get one killah hip hop not pop track.  Hyuna shows off her more improved rapping skills and some serious HBIC (Head B!tch In Charge) swagger.

The hidden master piece on this track and one song that has fans confuse is “A Bitter Day” featuring G.NA and Junhyung of B2ST/Beast. Some people can’t get over how Hyuna isn’t singing but believe it or not it completes this album.

So I guess you can say Bubble Pop is a mixture of pop,ballad,dance and hip hop sounds that only Hyuna can get away with doing. Overall this album is *** 1/2- 3 and half  stars.

Bubble Pop  Full MV

Hyuna mini album Vol.1 Bubble Pop is available for pre-order on yesasia.com -drops July 8th Korea July 5th

Hyuna Bubble Pop


01. Attention  ***

02. Bubble Pop! ***

03. Downtown (feat. 전지윤(Jiyoon-4minute-) *** 1/2

04. A Bitter Day (feat. 용준형(Junhyung-B2ST/Beast-), G.NA) ****

05. Just Follow (feat.DOK2) ***1/2

Hyuna (4minute) Bubble Pop Teaser

Just after releasing a heart-felt pop ballad “A Bitter Day” featuring her fellow united Cube artists members G.NA and Junhyung (Beast/B2ST). She isn’t quite done yet wooing her fans yet. Just a 2o second teaser of her up in coming single “Bubble Pop” sounds just like its title. With Hyuna  oozing  feminine sex appeal this teasers is quite scandalous.

Hyuna(4minute) ft G.NA & Junhyung (Beast) A Bitter Day Audio

4minute Hyuna has been one busy lady, debuting on Korean version Dancing With The Stars and rumor to be working on a solo album. I wonder where did Hyuna find the time to squeeze in a ballad featuring her fellow Cube entertainment artists G.NA and Beast/B2ST Junhyung.

While the song may feature Hyuna she isn’t the lead singer. Instead G.NA takes the role of being the descriptive melodic narrative.  This seem to confuse listeners since they would suspect Hyuna to sing.  I don’t think Hyuna is afraid to share her spot light but this wasn’t to be so typical. If you pay attention the dynamics is between Hyuna and Junhyung, G.NA voice is not connected with them but expressing the mood.

Kudos to Hyuna for exploring her rapping talents, sad to read how fans are total confuse and didn’t grasp the song. Other than “A Bitter Day” is quite a sweet treat.

HyunA & Nassun “Outlaw in The Wild”

This is quite cute if not one odd MV to come out this year.

HyunA Up The Sexy

HyunA broke out with her hit “Change” a high energy in your face shake your bom bom K-pop style dance track.The fierce 4minute diva has another new solo track producer by E-Tribe.Who also produce hits like SNSD addictive “Gee”  and Lee Hyori “U Go Girl.” Although “황야의 무법자 (Outlaw in the Wild) ”  featuring Nassun is something totally different for E-Tribe and HyunA.Instead of the normal dance track E-tribe experiments with old western American sound.With HyunA angelic sexy voice to give a little more flavor this might be a super hit.

Lets not forget HyunA ultra sexy short shorts look.

Either this outfit is turning heads and or making haters going green eyed with envoy.HyunA being barely out of her teenage years has no problem showing off a little skin even if some people may find it controversial.

April/May on Fire!!!!!

In the wonderful world of K-pop is obvious everyone is over due for a comeback. April usually is sport season for golf and soccer fans.Just because sports maybe on some people minds doesn’t mean K-pop has to be silence.April/May is like 2009 October and November except the competition is way more fierce.Things are heating up as spring comes along already setting the tone for summer comebacks.So here is the line up of K-pop stars ready to dominate the next two months.

Already noted Lee Hyori  4th album H-Logic with “Swing” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” being the two leading singles. Rain mini (EP) Back To Basic with “Love Song” and “Hit Song” already made  rounds on the music channels.These two being the biggest comeback since both artists have been absent for at least 2 years.

More mini album news SM SHINee will release their 2nd album.Last year the boys dominated K-pop airwaves with Year of Us with”Ring Ding Dong” being its top single.Son Dambi will also release another album yet no word on the single.Her biggest hit last years was “Type B (Saturday Night)” produce by Brave Sound(Brave Brothers).While newbie female K-pop group Rainbow debut late last year with “Gossip Girl”  and Davichi who song “8282” back in 2009.

Single wise 2pm is to make a comeback but also to open for Wonder Girls.Schedule to release their  first mini U.S album on the 16th of April is also to headline a mini Wonder World Tour.With JYP support 2pm and 2am will open for the leading ladies.Thus giving 2pm the opportunity to drop a new single a settle follow up to 1:59 album.

Also sexy vixen actress/singer Uhm Jung Hwa will release a new single.She dazzle fans in 2008 under YG label with mini release of “D.I.S.C.O” produce by Kush (Stony Skunk).Also going against another raven beauty Baek Ji Young.

The old saying is that spring comes in like a lamb and leaves out like a lion.The best of K-pop groups are coming back to make sure May stays hot while April cools down.

Secret hast already made their comeback with ‘Magic” and a new funky sexy look.Along with the return of ss501 back in 2009 made their comeback solid with Rebirth with “Love Like This” as the top single.

Cube entertainment 4minute is also to make a comeback in South Korea but expand their horizons much further than their rivals.4minute was with the wave of female newbie groups back in 2009 but have establish a loyal following.The girls popularity has grown farther than any one suspect thanks to For Muzik with hits like “Hot issue”,”Muzik” and “What a Girl Wants.” HyunA who release “Change” being her first solo song and is schedule to release another solo single in April with producers E-Tribe.4minute is releasing a special Japanese version of their album For Muzik and with rumors of an Asian tour.Nations like Thailand,Philippines,Hong Kong,Singapore,Malaysia, and Indonesia  have develop a small promising following for the group.Also solo activity from Jiyoon and Gayoon but details on that are still vague.

The highest anticipation is YG top female group 2NE1 who made their debut back in march 2009.2NE1 was introduce thanks to he help of a clever dance track produce by Teddy(1tym) and attention grabbing mega boy band Big Bang.Although “Lollipop was a promotional CF song for LG Cyon this catapult 2NE1 success quicker.In July 2Ne1 release their first self title EP and swept the K-charts with “Fire” and “I Don’t Care” ending their promotion with ‘In the Club.” In September member Dara had success with “Kiss” that was used for Cass Beer CF and also as a personal solo.YG hinted a possibility of a new album from 2NE1 in November but back down.Instead release a series of solo hits Park Bom being the natural r&b songstress with “You and I” and leader CL duet with Minzy for “Please don’t Go.” All solo songs were successful and to keep fans on their toes release “Try To Follow Me (Try to Copy Me) earlier this year for a CF.May will be 2NE1 chance to emulate 2009 mind-blowing chart topping sales if not higher.

2NE1 isn’t the only YG artist due for a serious comeback.K-pop prince very own Se7en is returning from two years being state side.Since his departure from South Korea Se7en focus hard for a potential music career in U.S.In 2009 Se7en release the single “Girls” featuring Lil Kim it was up for votes on BET 106 & Park but didn’t make the cut.Disagreements and poor promotion also has some what sabotage but not weaken the young singers ambition.Se7en return back to Seoul for some needed rest and to prepare for the biggest comeback this year.Although Se7en perform as an opener last year at G-Dragon’s Shine a Light concert in December.YG hasn’t leak out too much info on his long-awaited return to K-pop.YG did confirm that June is Se7en comeback.

Big Bang and Tae Yang solo to release sometime around the summer.Still not much on TOP potential solo single and Daesung mini album.

The music trend in K-pop has gone quite funky.Dance tracks will have some minimum guarantee with the over use of auto tune.The comeback thus far are starting to stare aware since 80% of K-pop groups who debut or made comebacks last year over abuse the use of auto tune.I feel ballads will become more of the norm since at this point would be a breathe of fresh air into the scene.I think more groups will be visually interested in changing their looks up.The dark sexy concept is becoming increasingly popular for both male and female groups.Along with eccentric hip hop fashion styles from the 80’s.So more bright neon color,high top wearing, and enough fake bling to make you go blind.

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