Jay Chou The Era World Tour Live (DVD+2CD) (Deluxe Edition

Jay Chou who is also in the Green Hornet has release a CD+DVD combo. The Era World Live Tour taken place at Taipei Arena on June 1. This includes the extravagant 360 degree 3D computer imagery he used during the concert. Spark a trend among Asian artists to venture into 3D concert show casing.  In South Korea  pop artist used specialize theatrical release of major concert in 3D. While in Japan idols revamp previous concert DVDs in 3D. But Jay Chou took it up a notch and did it LIVE. Lucky Taiwanese fans so envious.The combo consist of Jay Chou classic from 2000-2010.Along with back stage footage/preparation of the Era World Tour 2010. Making it the must have for the ultimate fan .

Jay Chou The era World Tour DVD+CD is available for pre-order on yesasia.com(42.99)drops January 31st



02. 龍戰騎士

03. 跨時代

04. 蛇舞(with梁心頤 Lara)

05. 愛在西元前

06. 我不配

07. 嘻哈空姐

08. 威廉古堡

09. 魔術先生

10. 黑色幽默(with 袁詠琳)

11. 想你就寫信(浪花兄弟)

12. 你是我的OK繃(with浪花兄弟)

13. 稻香

14. 陽光宅男

15. 龍捲風

16. 說好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷(特別畫面 陳奕迅)

17. 免費教學錄影帶

18. 時光機

19. 爸 我回來了+心事誰人知

20. 雨下一整晚

21. 愛的飛行日記(with 楊瑞代)

22. 超人VCR

23. 以父之名

24. 開不了口

25. 給我一首歌的時間(特別來賓蔡依林)

26. 東風破

27. 雙截棍

28. 特別收錄-幕後花絮(約27min)

CD 1

01. 龍戰騎士

02. 跨時代

03. 蛇舞(with梁心頤 Lara)

04. 愛在西元前

05. 我不配

06. 嘻哈空姐

07. 威廉古堡

08. 魔術先生

09. 黑色幽默(with袁詠琳)

10. 想你就寫信(浪花兄弟)

11. 你是我的OK繃(with浪花兄弟)

12. 稻香

13. 陽光宅男

14. 龍捲風

15. 說好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷

CD 2

01. 免費教學錄影帶

02. 時光機

03. 爸 我回來了+心事誰人知

04. 雨下一整晚

05. 愛的飛行日記(with楊瑞代)

06. 以父之名

07. 開不了口

08. 東風破

09. 雙截棍


Jay Chou Only Wants To Stay Single

He's still single ladies

Say what! Hottie Taiwanese singer  Jay Chou confirms that he rather stay single verse dealing with a girlfriends. Promoting his new album Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei (Superman Can’t Fly) fans believe this album is about “break ups” with former ex’s. Jay quickly shoots down rumors….

“I’ve been single for a very long time!”

Big Boys don’t cry nor do super heroes neither does Jay

“I only cry when needed in movies but that isn’t real either. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, so even if I feel really touched I won’t cry either.”

Unlike so many other artist Jay dismiss any “ex” is getting their 3 minutes of glorious fame.

You don’t have to try and find clues about me from my songs because I don’t write about my own feelings. I write songs based on general feelings that everyone will have. I don’t write my own lyrics either to avoid misunderstandings.”

Hey don’t fans realize Jay isn’t the emotional basket case.He might be eternal bachelor for now…..which means I need to go to Taiwan.

Source:Read full translated article and quotes

Jay Chou The Green Hornet

Whats Taiwanese and sexy all over?Jay Chou,okay that was easy.Jay Chou returns to the big screen and state side along with funny man Seth Rogan and Cameron Diaz.The Green Hornet is base of an American comic book.Jay Chou plays a weapon tech specialist (no shocker there) Kato who is side kick to Seth Rogen.

Jay Chou New Album 2010 Pre Order

Jay 2010 New Album (3D Metal Case Limited Edition) (Taiwan Preorder Version) (With Badges)

This is what we’ve all been waiting for – a brand new album from Jay Chou! In the year and a half since his last Mando-pop masterpiece Capricorn, the Taiwanese superstar has kept himself busy with his movie engagements. He has even made his first idol drama, and taken the first step in his Hollywood venture. In 2010, his 10th year as a singer-songwriter, Jay returns to lead Chinese pop music into a brave new era. His highly anticipated 10th album will be released in May, which will be followed by a world tour beginning in June. The first single off the album is called “This Superhero Can’t Fly”, in which Jay sings about the downside of fame as he learned firsthand through an eventful decade in the show business.

This Limited Edition comes in a deluxe 3D metal case, which houses a CD, a DVD, and a lyrics booklet. Preorder Version also comes with a set of 9 commemorative badges, each representing one of Jay’s previous albums.

Jay 2010 New Album (Taiwan Version)

Get it while its hot!!!!

Jay Chou A Vamp?

Oh like Twilight was really enough even Taiwanese

fans are going nuts for vampires.Jay Chou is an international star know throughout Asia and making debut through west via movies like Curse of the Golden Flowers playing 2nd crown prince.Jay Chou is infamous for his single “Fearless” used in Jet Li’s movie FearLess about a famous wushu master prize fighter.

The single “Fireworks Cool Easily” is on his new album The Era.Why the vamp prince dark concept?

“I hope my music is like a vampire, never aging!” according to Jay Chou.

How strange making his comeback after a year being out due to movies.

In other good news Jay Chou made #2 on China’s Forbes list with Jakie Chan stealing #1.

Jay Chou New Album?

Jay Chou is a top Chinese/Taiwanese actor and musician on high demand.Showing off his suit of Armour and a 4D virtual special effects for a concert and no kids you can’t make this stuff up.

“I think it’s very cool, because I haven’t used 4D in my concerts yet, I never thought I’d get the chance this time to use this kind of surrounding feeling. This is a very innovative move, I’ve never been part of such a dazzling press conference.”

Even playing with  new instruments for concert goers.

“We will try using some instruments we’ve never learnt before, this time it’s not just my individual show, I hope my team has room to do their thing, it can make the whole performance so beautiful, it can add points to my concert, otherwise I would be very tired.”

Jay Chou has been working on the movie The Green Hornet(release date in the summer) playing  Kato.He also disclose other events he has line up this year.

“In May I am releasing my new album, in June I will be preparing to hold my concert, this year I don’t have any plans to do movies, I’ve only got plans for movies next year.”

Seems Jay is focus and ready to make big waves in 2020.


Note:Jay outfit has given me the case of fashion deje vu.

I don’t know the music industry was becoming so hardcore.

Jay Chou

I’ve seen this name every where and really didn’t know the face.I mistaken him for being Chinese but he is very famous in China.Jay Chou is Taiwanese and is popular through out the  southeastern regions of Asia.You might remember him from 2006 Curse of the Golden Flower as Prince Jai.He will make another debut in American cinemas in 2010 The Green Horent as kato.Jay Chou has a list of things he has done since his presence in mainstream Asian pop culture that  even I didn’t realize.He is an actor,director and has his own book called Granduer de D Major. The book is his personal insight into his life,journey as an artist in Asia and his opinions on the music industry.Also on romantic relationships and a little methodology.I’m mostly focus on Jay’s unique music then his credit as an actor.Jay Chou first debut in 200o with his first album called Jay and really hasn’t slow down until 08 to focus more on his movies and television.Jay Chou’s music is a mixture of r&b,hip hop,pop,piano,classical,just about anything that is music minus the bullocks.So here is some stuff I’ve found floating around on YouTube.

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