Do International Fans Support Asian Pop?


There is a heated debate among Asian pop fans who are non-native or international. In recent efforts SM Town hold their first ever concert in France. Featuring  Girls Generation (SNSD), Super Junior, TVXQ, Boa Kwon,SHINee and F(x). To connect with fans all over the world SM open a Facebook account and shared their performances via Youtube. The two biggest social networking catalyst sites that have catapulted K-pop to a much wider diverse audience. For years Japanese artist tour Europe and America to further expand beyond  Asia and enter neighboring music markets.

Everyone from Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, Dir En Grey,X-Japan, to former Kat-Tun member Akanishi Jin have toured or performed state side. Unlike their Korean cousins the ambitious spirit to place on America music charts whether via iTunes or on Billboards is becoming the primary focus for K-pop idols/soloist. From Se7en to Boa Kwon most recent Wonder Girls, K-pop is the most determine to usher in Asian pop wave to the west.

The admiration for Asian pop stars debuting state side is a mutual feeling for industry heads in America. Producer Teddy Riley team up with Raina for “Mr.Feel Good.” While Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am producing tracks for 2ne1 for a possible state side debut. Wonder Girls currently working with Claude Kelly on a new American single. A follow up to their mini tour back in 2010 for “Two Different Tears.” Even JYJ team up with Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins and Kanye West for their first English album The Beginning release last year.

Despite big name producers showing interest in Korean base artist native fans doubt international ones will support. Already available on iTunes anyone from Epik High to Big Bang have place top 10 on charts but not Billboard . Only Boa, Wonder Girls and former YG artists Stony Skunk have successful place on Billboards genre base charts and/or TOP100/200. Regardless if it was briefly or the TOP 100 of the year. The potential is their but will international fans make sure it happens?

V-blogger diskea disclosed the same excitement but concerns that maybe lingering over international fans on making K-pop successful on foreign soil.

Although K-pop has found success via Youtube outside it seem very concentrated. In America areas like Washington,New York, Los Angles and Seattle have warm up to the recent Asian pop wave. Other neighboring nations Valenzuela and Brazil have shown fan support and request for their favorite K-pop star to perform in their nation. On iTunes (America) the increase of K-pop is becoming more evident. Everyone from Beast(B2st), MBLAQ,2pm,etc… have released Korean singles via iTunes for state side fans to download.

The level of fandom differs for international fans verse native. While South Korea is the spic center of K-pop. Fan clubs of major K-pop idol groups have made it their goal to make sure their bias is #1 on something. Doesn’t matter if its on Melon,Bugs,Navar,Monkey3,Mnet,Gaon, Hanteo or music shows like Inkigayo,Music Core,M!Countdown to Music Bank. Making them a popular topic trend on Twitter and top view videos on Youtube. The level of commitment is far more important to Korean native fans verse international in some aspects.

For Koreans they have the option to view their favorite bias idol perform live on TV. Enabling them to be #1 creating this competing spirit among fan clubs. For international the only connection is through Youtbe and other social networking sites. The only other way international fans can show support is by buying music available  in their nation. Youtube has spark popularity with some K-pop MVs with 20 million hits but sale wise K-pop falls miserably flat.

Earning less then what normally a K-pop idol can create staying on native soil. Far less than on Japanese making the Americas and Europe risky business that may cost greatly. Only time will tell if international fans are ‘all in’ or just fascinated by a trend.  The only way K-pop will have any pedestal to stand on from international fans is by supporting them beyond the web. Radio request, downloads and free publicity has proven to be essential for an idol group/soloist success in Asia. Fans on the western side need to realize they must work harder to create some type of foundation and media notoriety for their favorite Asian idol or group.

At the end of the day if music is the universal language of the world, us international fans need to show it more greatly verse Asian native. I feel international fans are caught up on ‘who would have the most success‘ verse ‘wanting to support those who do debut.‘ Only time will tell if a group is destine or not but this power is created by the fans and not always determine by the media.


JYJ 3hree Voices Coming Soon !!!!!!

JYJ is making a documentary 2hree Voices that will also feature their new single title the same. JYJ tease their loyal Cassies with a photo college that feature the up in coming single.

Mostly Jaejonng handsome face and all three members in one bed.( girl fan-ness starting to go out of control *_*)

I can’t wait “3hree Voices” single schedule to drop April 13th. Bonus 30 lucky fans will get to preview it. Those fans are so freaking lucky.

Go to allkpop see pics

JYJ World Tour 2011 Coming Near

CJSE entertainment and JYJ is preparing with a world tour that will hit 9 major cities. First event is for Thailand April 2nd-3rd at Impact Arena where tickets are sold. Keep fans posted JYJ fas launch an official JYJ World Tour 2011 facebook page. There is a date for Indonesia (April 9th) and Singapore (April 23) but ticket purchasing sites have not be finalized yet.


Japan Donate Aid Information

Earlier Japan was hit with an 8.4 mega earth quake which cause a tsunami. K-pop groups and artists like 2ne1, Kara, The Boss, JYJ’s Junsu, Shin Min Ah, Han Hyo Joo, and Kim Jung Hoon are fine. But PLEASE help out our Japanese friends with your donation.

At the moment there isn’t much information of help relief in Japan. People have been evacuated at major hot zones and disaster areas. So many have become lost in this time of panic, confusion and desperation. Here are the two sites I trust that are at immediate respond to this tragedy. or or text REDCROSS to 90999 donate $10

Locate love ones oversea that are from U.S living in Japan contact the U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizens Services, at 1-888-407-4747 or (202) 647-5225 or 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

At the moment Japanese red cross main website has shut down.

In Hawaii there are minor earthquakes being reported but believe they will not suffer a major. People are being carious since quakes are reading 3.5.

JYJ vs Oricon Charts

It's okay Japan we still luv you

Well it seems once again JYJ is getting dog by one of their former record labels Avex Entertainment(Japan). Oricon Japanese music/entertainment charts can no longer rank JYJ’s DVD Memories 2010 and Thanksgiving Live In Dome CD. According to a Oricon rep it has to do with Avex distribution conflict with JYJ. Since the trio is in lawsuit with SM entertainment and all Japanese activities and promotions have been halt. Avex and JYJ agree under when releasing these albums they couldn’t advertise nor promote. With any material produce by JYJ being ranked on Oricaon charts its consider promoting that product. They’re for it must be pulled.Disgruntled fans have comment….

“It’s ridiculous that JYJ is being excluded from Oricon just because that in itself is advertising and promoting the album,” “Oricon is killing the reliability of their chart,” and “Is JYJ nothing more than a tool to make money for Avex?”

At this point you can’t disagree with Cassies since JYJ is getting screwed left and right.  Might have earn the right to be active and perform in South Korea but in Japan still risk the scrutiny of their former label. Until their primary lawsuit is settle with SM, JYJ well face more difficult obstacles.


JYJ International Cassies Take Charge

Cassie have got to be the most dedicated fans K-pop has ever seen. Even JYJ who daily shows their gratitude for those who are keeping the faith. I never in the 3 years of listening to K-pop seen fans go to the extreme not only voice themselves but protect their favorite idol group. It’s beyond fandom, curiosity, or obsession but deep respect and love that hasn’t been waver despite the uncertain future. Just read for yourself…..

Translated Source Allkpop

JYJ’s international fans are rolling up their sleeves to help their idols. Nearly two weeks ago, we wrote about JYJ’s overseas fans undertaking a large campaign with a petition.

Approximately 86,418 international JYJ fans submitted a petition in regards to the lack of JYJ’s appearances on broadcasts.

According to a press release on February 28th, “from February 2nd to the 25th,” JYJ international fans have “voluntarily hosted a petition in 10 different languages advocating for JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights and a formal complaint about JYJ’s invalid restrictions in their music promotions and television appearances.”

About the petition, a representative from the JYJ international fans stated, “We are TVXQ and JYJ members’ fans as well as consumers of a cultural phenomenon known as the Korean Wave (Hallyu). We like to put an end to companies like SM Entertainment and KMP from violating JYJ’s rights protected under the South Korean law.”

International fans argued points based on personal rights, labor rights and income rights. They explained “this violates JYJ’s rights as South Korean citizens to freely act as celebrities. They must be protected with beneficial labor rights that include sufficient break time. ”

The Seoul Central Court had ordered the SM to pay for the damages done by the company’s blockade in JYJ’s activities.

Cassies fans are fighting for JYJ and their presence in K-pop while SM still tries to control. You guys are freaking amazing keep it up, make JYJ stronger but above everything Keep The Faith.

JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011

I guess JYJ is preparing for another major tour. Like The Beginning JYJ will tour Asia(Indonesia, Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia )  North America cities (New York, LA, Washington D.C, San Fransisco) and this will include Canada. CJSE entertainment disclose that Jaejoong will be directing the Asian proportion of the tour.

Dates, time, vendors location,ticket purchase has yet to be determine.


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