2pm Comeback Teaser

Its out

2pm actually doesn’t comeback until April, so why not tease fan girls in March? Yeah JYP, what a great way to troll my emotions. Either way judging by that short teaser two things are possible for 2pm’s comeback

1) Its epic and will most likely be a break up song or something on those grounds

2) 2pm will be wet…again

and its not until April


2pm Making A Comeback

All this time my love for k-pop was diminishing severly into non-existent. Than JYP announce 2pm is making a comeback and the date is set for March 25th.

my body is ready


2pm vs 2ne1 Who Will Claim Summer 2011

The hottest time of the day and the new evolution will do battle this summer are you ready?

JYP entertainment bringing back the fab 6 boys of 2pm with a teaser that has fans buzzing title “Hands Up.” The group is hyped off their Japanese success with “Take Off.” Which ranked in Oricon Top 10 upon its release. Continuing to unleash hallyu wave in Japan. There is more to in store with 2pm’s comeback. SBS E!TV disclosed that the group will have their own variety show ‘2pm Show‘. A concept not new but becoming a popular option for idols to develop a closer connection with fans. SBS E!TV PD Kim Yong Kyu revealed 2pm wanting to connect with their 30-40 something year old audience. The show will be theme orientated like a normal variety show but specifically towards 2pm to improve their image beyond idol. Advancing them from their sexy ‘beastly’ image. Date hasn’t been set for this show debut.

In the mist of this 2pm comeback madness JYP successfully pulled of their New York auditions with contestant of all ethnicity auditioning to join the company. Opening the doors for future idols Asian and non-Asian alike.  While JYP is busy with that the ringtone/bell version of “Hands up” is available for fans and compose by members Junsu and Junho on the 16th of June. Not much details have  leak about 2pm’s 2nd album or their comeback schedule.

Hands Up Teaser

JYP isn’t the only one gearing for K-pop domination. 2ne1 is schedule to release a new single “I’m The Best” on the 24th of June.With The MV to drop same day at 12:00pm. Since the release of Park Bom’s second solo single “Don’t Cray” and 2ne1’s “Lonely” YG stated this promotion period will usher a new song every 3 weeks. Do to Daesung resent car accident YG has delayed 2ne1’s comeback by a few weeks. The group is suspected to release another mini album July 21st but this might be subject to change. According to YG, Teddy Park, 2ne1’s main producer has already created 6 tracks. The new single “I’m The Best” is considered to be a ‘club-anthem.’

YG also disclose to follow the release of their mini album 27th-28th of August 2ne1 will have their first solo group concert. At Olympic Hall in Olympic Park Seoul,South Korea. Details of the concert are still unknown as YG finish preparations for their mini comeback album. Rumors spark of 2ne1 TV Season 3 is in the works. MNet networks have yet to confirm a date.In the meantime 2ne1 for YG on Air episode #6 perform a 3rd version of ‘Lonely” this time orchestrated.

YG on Air #6 Lonely orchestrated

Kim Tae Woo ft. JYP & Rain Brothers & Me

Kim Tae Woo is preparing for a comeback album title T-School. Just release the MV “Brother & Me” featuring JYP (Park Jin Young) himself and Rain. It’s a light r&b pop song.



Jay Park Makes His Finally Peace

Jay Park is no stranger to controversy since his departure from being the fierce leader of 2pm. The controversy all started when an anonymous tipster leak unfavorable Myspace comments( during Jay trainee days) to the Korean press. Fans were outrage by his immature comments which force Mr. Jay to leave the nation. Only surrounding himself with close friends and family.

This left a huge whole in most Hottest hearts and wondering will Jay return back to his group. In the months follow Jay was terminated from his JYP contract and will no longer front 2pm. After Jay confess something to JYP which immediately ended all contract negations and a possible comeback under the label.

Fans were outrage by JYP brash decision to allow Jay Park to go. This lead to a press conference that did little to minimize the damage. While JYP wouldn’t discuss the issue neither would Jay Park himself remain silent towards the press. Despite the dark cloud Jay Park’s future seems very bright. Staring in a movie called Hype Nation theatrical release sometime this year. Signing up to mega Korean entertainment firm Sidus HQ and launching his on Youtube channel. Collaborating with the brightest Asian american artist and other fellow K-pop musicians.Jay Park is on the eve of a productive comeback.

In the mist of all the controversy and solo activities  Jay did apologizes for his Myspace comments. But Jay recently release a web post extending his apologies addressing his fans,family, JYP, and former band mates of 2pm.

Hello, this is Park Jaebum.

Is everyone healthy and doing well?

Now that the weather is getting warmer day by day, I feel that the year has only finally started now.

As I’ve been so preoccupied with preparing new albums, these days I think I’ve been indifferent to the weather, date, and time.

It feels like it was the new year just the other day, but we’re already reaching the last days of February.

It’s not long until I get to meet everyone again either.

That’s why I’ve suddenly had a lot of different thoughts.

I really want to focus on everything with a new mind, and I want to show a new Park Jaebum to the family and fans I love, and to the people who have helped me a lot.

Also, in order for me to fly higher, I also felt that I needed to become a stronger and more mature self regarding past days, which is what I wanted to talk about today.

While I was still active as a 2PM member, there was a time when I disappointed a lot of Korean citizens with my mistakes.

Also, even now I still feel apologetic for disappointing JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young PD, who helped raise me both physically and spiritually.

My other mistake was that when I withdrew from 2PM, the members I suffered with together, lived and had fun with together, received undeserved distress from the huge aftermath. I am so sorry to the point where there is nothing I could say to them.

In order to succeed over my past mistakes and faults, I have been working hard with a new agency, and I am doing my best in my activities with new resolutions.

I hope for a lot of your support, and I will meet you all once again with a new album and newer image. Thank you.

I hope this gives some 2pm and Jay fans some closer. Even though Jay Park his heavily involve in solo activities and 2pm remain as a six. Fans are optimistic that 2pm will become a 7 but its obvious both Jay,2pm and JYP have move on, maybe fans should to.


MBLAQ Comeback Teaser

MBLAQ is schedule to make a comeback on January 10, 2011. Launch J.Tune entertainment  official Youtube channel and dazzle fans with a dramatic watery teaser.

This being MBLAQ first full album. In 2009 the group release mini album Just BLAQ features “Oh Yeah” and “G.O.O.D Love” and 2010 mini album Y that features “Y” and “One Better Day.” In recent albums also feature on the Fugitive OST with “Running Running”  and “Bang Bang Bang” along with Cube entertainment 4 minute.

On a  positive business note  JYP and J.Tune entertainment has join forces. The founder of JYP Park Jin Young is helping his former protegé Rain. In this past year Rain had his fair share of questionable financial problems. With alleged gamble debt, clothing line failing and J.Tune going broke. Rain explains why he decide to join forces with JYP.

“It was simply a strategic alliance with the intention that both companies could work together to bring about the greatest synergetic effect – it does not mean I am becoming a part of JYP Entertainment. I would also like to say once again that I am just a celebrity in J.Tunes Entertainment; I have no shares with the company, nor do I have the power to make any changes.”

“The reason why I joined forced forces with Jin Young-hyung was because after the many discussions we had together, we decided that I should show a variety of sides to myself before my enlistment. Also, since I met with Jin Young-hyung 10 years ago and began my career as ‘Rain’, I thought it would hold a deep meaning to wrap up my activities alongside Jin Young-hyung before my enlistment.”

It’s obvious Rain wants to continue J.Tune and MBLAQ but make sure they’re in good hands. By the start of 2011 heart-throb singer Rain will be enlisted in the army. A requirement for all native-born Korean males must do by law.


JYP Diamond Tears

JYP inlease an epic CF spot for Diamond Tears…..its headphones

The Year Ends With JYP Nation On Top


This is awkward ...stole each others look

First the Wonder girls shock every on by appearing on Billboards Year-End Singles chart at #31….yes Wonderfuls have hard-core bragging rights. The fab 5 “Nobody” proves to be a monster that refuse to be left unheard.


"Nobody" #31


Who made a stinky?

While on South Korea GAON Charts reveals their top-selling Year-end singles for January-November 2010. JYP’s Miss A snags #1 spot but notice the alarming amount of other JYP starts and duets.

1. miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

2. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging”

3. MC Mong – “Because It Hurts to Death”

4. SNSD – “Oh!”

5. Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”

6. Homme by Hitman Bang – “Still Eating Well”

7. 2NE1 – “Go Away”

8. Hot Potato – “Confession”

9. Davichi – “Time Please Stop”

10. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Even If I Die”

Source: Billboard and AllKpop


JYP Nation

JYP fans in South Korea will have a very marry X-mas this year. JYP promotes their concert JYP Nation Team Play. The line is officially Wonder Girls, 2pm, Miss A, San E, Joo, etc… including Mr.JYP himself All artists under JYP sent their greetings.

JYP The Familia….?????(JYP Family Concert)

I guess SM and YG aren’t the only ones who are allowed to be a mafia. JYJ will also host a random “family” concert for super fans. This will include  Park Jin Young,San E, 2pm and Miss A. Note Wonder Girls and 2am will not be unable to attend their own family event. The reaction from fans is positive and disappointing but over all supportive. There isn’t mush details just that its suppose to happen 24th of December.

In the mean time fans can obsessed over San E MV “Lovesick.” A laid back hip hop track from a very dorky but charismatic MC.Some hot nurse and patient action…….just kidding get your mind out the gutter. But can you recognize the nurse????


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