Miss A Vol.1 A Class

Miss A returns more sexier and badder then ever. With their new single “Good Bye Baby” these ladies are on fire. My fan girlness, on a scale between 1-10 reach  a million. 😀

The first full album?…. Consider this a collection of old and some  brand spanky new tracks.  With classics like “Love Again;” “Breathe;” “Good Girl Bad Girl;” “Step Up;”Blankly;” and “Love Alone” are all feature on previous single albums. Don’t fret  Miss A doesn’t fail to impress fans with their new material.

The attitude of this album is feminine yet strong complimented with very straight forward pop. This is miss A charm to be a sexy,elegant, natural but not so  gender neutral style of feminine K-pop.  With sex appeal that isn’t so vulgar their new single “Good Bye Baby” takes things up a notch. Embodying their catchy dance style but strong empowering charm. While “One to Ten” is a bubbly pop number that will never leave your head. As “Help Me” is a sultry r&b pop  love song. But the most different track is “Mr. Johnny.” Its electronic dance meets disco and this genre union couldn’t be more perfect. EVERY TRACK is just amazing feel good pop music for all to enjoy. Overall **** 4 stars.  Miss A  made their stamp with this album, good job ladies.

Good-Bye Baby Full MV

Miss A Vol.1 A Class available for pre-order yesasia.comdrops July 22nd Korea July 18th

Miss A

1. “하나부터 열까지” (One To Ten)” ***

2. “Goodbye Baby” -Main Title- ****1/2

3. “Help Me” ****

4. “Break It” ***

5. “Mr. Johnny” ****

6. “꡸ 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ” (Play The Music DJ)

7. “Step Up” ***

8. “Breathe” ****

9. “멍하니” (Blankly) ****

10. “다시 사랑” (Love Again) ***1/2

11. “Love Alone” ****

12. “Bad Girl Good Girl” **** 1/2

13. “Goodbye Baby” (Silver Mix) ***

Miss A Good Bye Baby Teaser

If you know anything about me is that I’m a miss A fan. With their tease miss A “Good Bye Baby” with Min giving one serious slap I know this single is gonna…..so…..epiclly…..AWESOME

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