My Top 5 Club Hitters

I have the nasty case of club fever and finding jams to satisfied my craving. So here are my fave tracks to make sure night will keeping going  even if nobody understands the Hangul.

Jay Park “I love You” ft Dynamic Duo from New Breed Part 2

miss A “Lips” from Touch

Miryo “Party Rock” ft Lessang’s Gary & The KOXX from Miryo a.k.a Johoney

Wonder Girls “Me In” from Wonder World

T-ara “Lovey Dovey” from Funky Town [Repackage] -Zombie Version MV-




Miss A Good Bye Baby Teaser

If you know anything about me is that I’m a miss A fan. With their tease miss A “Good Bye Baby” with Min giving one serious slap I know this single is gonna……..epiclly…..AWESOME

Miss A Love Alone For Kim Yuna

Miss A loans their vocal pop appeal to ice skating queen Kim Yuna’s with “Love Alone.” This being the second completely English sung song from the group. JYP has decided to release an MV that features previous performances. There is no serious plans to promote this single on local Korean music shows. At the moment Miss A is working on a comeback. Rumor has it its gonna be freaking epic.

Love Alone Lyrics

I don`t wanna be in love alone
Wanna give you my heart
But you can`t be playin` cause
I don`t wanna be in love alone
See me falling, yeah but I can`t be the only one
Cause I don`t wanna be in love alone
So give it to me straight, know you feeling me baby
No I don`t wanna be in love alone
All on my body, and I just can`t take it

Heart racing, It`s amazing
The way you got me off on my game
No secret, Imma go head and say it
Ya lovin` got me feeling this way (yeah, yeah)

If It`s an illusion
I need you to tell me now
No room for confusion
I need you to let it out

Staring into space
Thinking about the way you
Be having me calling your name
Get distracted, Hard to focus
Boy you know you got me open
Wanna know

(Oh ooh Oh ooh Oh baby let me know)
Whatever you wanna do (yeah, yeah)
(I can make it yours
If you ready for it)
But you gotta be true
Cause I



lyrics by

via allkpop

Does miss A have potential U.S appeal?

At the moment Korean female group miss A is working on their Korean comeback. Follow-up to their 2010 release of Step Up featuring “Breath.” K-pop fans were surprise when miss A’s “Love alone.” Used for ice skater  Kim Yuna’s All That skate 2011 ending song. Features  miss A singing in perfect English.

Fans are beginning to wonder if miss A has hidden future plans to debut in America? Like their senior idol group Wonder Girls. Who debut back in 2010 with “Nobody” English version. Needless to say JYP hasn’t disclosed the possibility of miss A coming state side. But one can only hope miss a will take upon the opportunity.

Are you for miss A  crossover?

The Year Ends With JYP Nation On Top


This is awkward ...stole each others look

First the Wonder girls shock every on by appearing on Billboards Year-End Singles chart at #31….yes Wonderfuls have hard-core bragging rights. The fab 5 “Nobody” proves to be a monster that refuse to be left unheard.


"Nobody" #31


Who made a stinky?

While on South Korea GAON Charts reveals their top-selling Year-end singles for January-November 2010. JYP’s Miss A snags #1 spot but notice the alarming amount of other JYP starts and duets.

1. miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

2. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging”

3. MC Mong – “Because It Hurts to Death”

4. SNSD – “Oh!”

5. Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”

6. Homme by Hitman Bang – “Still Eating Well”

7. 2NE1 – “Go Away”

8. Hot Potato – “Confession”

9. Davichi – “Time Please Stop”

10. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Even If I Die”

Source: Billboard and AllKpop


Are You A JYP Nationalist?

I pity a fool who isn’t a JYP nationalist

If YG can call themselves a family and SM a town then JYP can be called a nation?

What seems to be more impacting? A nation of people or a dysfunctional family that likes to pillage through candy coded towns? A nations seems to leave a more lasting impression. Unless you think its total cheesy for a record label pet name.

Founder of JYP entertainment Park Jin Young doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous “JYP Nation” may sound. Which includes Wonder Girls, 2pm,2am, Miss A, Joo,San E and the JYP himself. On December 24th JYP will hold a special

JYP Nation Teamplay Concert

DateTime:December 24th @ 7:30pm

Where:Olympic Gymnastics Stadium Seoul, South Korea

Purchase: Yes24,Interpark,Clip Service,Auction, Lotte

Promoters:MNet Media, JYP entertainment, and God Concert

TICKETS HAVE NOT SOLD OUT…yet, get them while their still hot.

One thing that seems to be for sure 2am and Wonder Girls will not attend their nations concert. According to reports 2am is obligated to other engagements that cause interference. While Wonder girls will remain state side. Yes. wonderfuls Wonder Girls are staying in the good old U.S.A. Maybe as good-music ambassadors for JYP? Get it good-will ambassadors..I’ll stop. As JYP start planning for their first ever “Nation concert.” Might be epic and ironically close to YG Family concert.

Source:Concert information Kpoplive

Miss A vs Jamaica Dance Hall Queen

Miss A new single “Breathe” breaks Korean’s Top 10 charts on music portals all over the mainland. The inspiration behind the infectious hit is the mild influence of reggae.Jamaican and Rastafarian  culture is attractive to most outsiders do to its laid back vibe. With the nation itself the ideal of island paradise.”No worries, be happy” seems to be the motto when it comes to Jamaican lifestyle. The music is deeply  rooted within the culture and is the foundation of hip hop next to African.  You can throw in any dance hall track and suspect the party to start jumpin’. Doesn’t matter what language you speak dance hall music will guarantee a good time. No wonder why so many Koreans and Japanese artists experiment more with Jamaican style music than any other ethnic beat.

There is something that is key to dance hall…..its the dance. When ever the drums start or the DJ drops a reggae beat, its time to show off your best dance move . I have to give Miss A so much credit in their dance version of “Breathe.” The video is water down version of how dance hall queens can move. It was perfect for Miss A but small beans compare to the real thing. Every year in Jamaica and Jamaica Queen,New York Dance hall competitions are being held. Women from all over, different races and creeds compete to be title Queen of The Dance Hall. This isn’t for the faint of heart or wannabe show stoppers. Dance hall divas show case they’re best acrobatic and gymnastics along with some dancing skills. Having their own costume to match that  leaves little to the imaginations. The whole point is like any other dance competitions. Show off you best dance move,earn the title and win a cash money prize. Women from Poland, American to Japan are willing to go the extra mile and fight for glory. Miss A can’t really compare to what these ladies can pull off in a matter of minutes. Any thing from flying splits, hand stands into a spread eagle while shaking every part of their body.  It’s enough to make the Korean censors go blind.

Miss A “Breathe” Dance Version

Verse Jamaican dance hall queen competitors

Note: Japanese woman at 7:31

In the end Miss A has given dance hall some justice while still appealing to their target audience. You don’t see flying splits or spread eagles but you can tell Miss A was having fun. The only other video I can think of that showed off Jamaican style booty shaking is Stony Skunk’s “Boomdi Boomdi” from Ragga Muffin first MV version.

This had to make some Koreans and Japanese YG fans jaw drop in stare even though the dancing in this video is pretty weak. Jamaican culture is like Latino culture despite the conservative  government and laws it’s still sexual charge. Most people from the Caribbean don’t care for race majority of time because we are so heavily mixed. For Blacks/Latinos  who are from the Caribbean island know it’s  about good food, good alcohol and happy spirits for all. Maybe that is something people from the far east can learn and spread to other neighboring nations.


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