Are You A JYP Nationalist?

I pity a fool who isn’t a JYP nationalist

If YG can call themselves a family and SM a town then JYP can be called a nation?

What seems to be more impacting? A nation of people or a dysfunctional family that likes to pillage through candy coded towns? A nations seems to leave a more lasting impression. Unless you think its total cheesy for a record label pet name.

Founder of JYP entertainment Park Jin Young doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous “JYP Nation” may sound. Which includes Wonder Girls, 2pm,2am, Miss A, Joo,San E and the JYP himself. On December 24th JYP will hold a special

JYP Nation Teamplay Concert

DateTime:December 24th @ 7:30pm

Where:Olympic Gymnastics Stadium Seoul, South Korea

Purchase: Yes24,Interpark,Clip Service,Auction, Lotte

Promoters:MNet Media, JYP entertainment, and God Concert

TICKETS HAVE NOT SOLD OUT…yet, get them while their still hot.

One thing that seems to be for sure 2am and Wonder Girls will not attend their nations concert. According to reports 2am is obligated to other engagements that cause interference. While Wonder girls will remain state side. Yes. wonderfuls Wonder Girls are staying in the good old U.S.A. Maybe as good-music ambassadors for JYP? Get it good-will ambassadors..I’ll stop. As JYP start planning for their first ever “Nation concert.” Might be epic and ironically close to YG Family concert.

Source:Concert information Kpoplive

MNet and Bahnus Vacuum Lawsuit?

Tick,Tick, BOOM seems MNet media and Bahnus Vacuum are not making nice.Lee Hyori release her H.Logic back in April and was plague by rumors of plagiarisms. Six songs were pointed out

  1. Cookie Couture “Boy Bring It Back” verse lee Hyori “Bring It Back” FEAT.Beka (After School) and Ji Yoon(4minute)
  2. Mikis Teodorakis “Train Leaves At Eight” verse Lee Hyori “Sway
  3. Annie Lennox “No More,I Love You’s’” verse Jason Durelo “How did We Get” verse Lee Hyori “How Did We Get” FEAT.Daesung (Big Bang)
  4. Lil Precious “So Insane” verse Lee Hyori “Bring It Back
  5. Melanie Durrant”Feel the Same” verse Lee Hyori “Feel the Same
  6. Second Person “Alphabet Song” verse Lee Hyori “Memory“  FEAT.Bizzy

Lee Hyori after promoting her single “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on music channels and performing at this years Dream Concert 2010 decline any further follow-up to H.Logic.Posting an apology letter to fans who felt they have been wrong.

It looks like it’s been a while since I wrote an entry here.
After the release of my 4th album, many interrogations rose,
it was frustrating for me and you must have been worrying about them at some point.
I’ve been thinking to myself whether I should tell you all of it or not.
There were things to take into consideration.
Time has passed… it took me some time to talk to you.
It must have been frustrating for you as well, I’m truly sorry about that…

When I was making the album, in the beginning, I received songs
from Bahnus. When we released it, plagiarism issues were raised, there was something wrong.
I, too, believed everything he told me, there was no way we could know.
The company first received the songs from him, under his name, and
we didn’t suspect anything.
But we kept moving forward, and suspicion rose again; artists saying that he wasn’t the original composer of the songs, that he stole them and claimed they were theirs.
Finding the original writers of the songs was hard and it took time to make sure what we heard was the truth. We investigated more about him and we found out that the songs were not his.
We know for sure that 2 songs out of the 6 songs that we recorded are not his, we already contacted the original composers.
Regarding the remaining songs, we couldn’t find the original creators but the company is still looking into it and will take care of the matter.
We will do what we have to to put that behind us. We will take moral responsibility.

I wanted to release the album as soon as possible but it took me a long time to make it.
I wanted to promote it for a long time, but until these issues are solved, I won’t be able to keep promoting.
The problems will need a long time to be solved.
These matters take time to be put behind.
It’s unfortunate but it appears that it will be impossible for me
to continue on with album activities.
I’m truly sorry for you who expected more from me and waited (for the comeback).

I’ve always been passionate when recording songs for my albums, although I went through a lot and experienced headaches.
My heart aches because I couldn’t present to you something perfect. I’ve been constantly blaming myself.
But instead of being helpless, I feel that it is my responsibility to step up and take care of this. It’s my responsibility to handle all of this.

For putting you through this hard time with me, I apologize once again to all of you.
I want to always show the best of me.
I’ll be working even harder to show the best of me.
I will show you more, the best.

Source: Lee Hyori Official Cafe
Translations: Hyoleesubs (Yoojin @Hyoleesubs)

Lee Hyori felt that she was a victim to Bahnus Vacuum which is a group of producer/song writers.During the first wave of accusation Bahnus Vacuum claim that the songs being accuse of plagiarisms were illegally leaked out via YouTube.That these songs were just demos and some like “Sway” verse Mikis Taeodorakis “Train leaves At Eight” had no original copy rights.Artist like Cookie Couture  “Bring It Back Boy” and Lil Precious “So Insane” were original produce and written by them.Threatening a lawsuit against MNet Media for illegally using their music without permission.The issue remain under wraps until news broke out that MNet Media is fling a lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum.Mnet claim that Bahnus Vacuum had lied about their copy right agreements which cause this controversy.

In all truths this was Mnet Media responsibility to make sure that all producers who participate on this album music was an original composition.Lee Hyori was given 150 tracks to choose from it seem strange that 6 of them were plagiarized but still used on the album.MNet Media should have taken the extra time to make sure all copyrights were legal and cover instead of a hasty development of H.Logic.Last year YG was under the same amount of stress when newbie group 2NE1 “I Don’t Care” verse Linoel Richie “Just Go” FEAT.Akon.Also G-Dragon “HeartBreaker” verse Flo Rida “Right Around” a remix to Dead or Alive” You Spin Me Right Around Like a Record.” Sony ATV who had small amount of copyright share to Linoel Richie and Flo Rida song threaten to sue YG entertainment.Founder and executive producer Yang Hyun Suk quickly release a lengthy statement discrediting Sony accusation and deep remorse to YG fans.No suit was ever file and both Singles were a massive success.

News about the lawsuit remains fresh and unclear whether or not MNet is ready to sue Bahnus Vacuum.You get a sense that Lee Hyori herself has written of this album as a total “bust” and most likely may not renewal her contract with Mnet Media unless this issue is resolve without further damaging the creditability of  her career.

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