Dark Side of Asian Auditions

(Left) Contract (right) Young female Trainee

When it comes to audition it’s always wise to know some industry tip.Regardless if your ambitious to become a model,dancer,producer,idol etc.. in a recent AKP article KBS VJ Special Forces expose the dark underbelly of K-pop. A young women walk into an agency to auditions. She pass the audition with flying colors. Then the agent informs her she has to pay  2,700 USD fee. She was also asked to call the director of the agency without any recording device. When the young female trainee ask about contract agreement. The agent informs her that no other agency will financial support her 100%. Their agency will support her 100% as long she does sexual favors without objecting and never to leave the company.

When reporters went back to question the agencies have no problems giving out other celebrities info under their firm. On top of that when reporters review the trainees contract agreement if required her to pay 4,000 USD. Revealing a clear cause that prohibited the young female trainee to request a refund.

Another young female trainee wanted to be an actress remissness of her recent audition experience.

The agency said they were looking for a small role and wanted to meet me in person. They instead dragged me to their home and force fed me various drinks, claiming that they needed to check my limit. After a while, they taped my mouth shut so that I couldn’t scream, and further claimed that in order to become a celebrity, I needed to have sex with him.”

She is only in her 3rd year of high school, making her very much underage.

In all truths when comes to audition usually an agency doesn’t request a fee. Nor do they allow you to sign a contract on the spot. If its for a small cameo role or as an extra usually get paid on the spot. Just because these auditions take place in Asia doesn’t mean  business is conducted any different. Be wise when going to an audition and ask the right question. If an agent claims you must pay a fee ask for what. If an agent wants to sign a contract request for a lawyer (your lawyer) review it before signing. If an agent is in disagreement, stumbles to answer  or informs you there is no “refund” then its a scam. Don’t think because an agency is legit doesn’t prey on the less inform.Especially if they require sexual favors that is not accepted nor necessary .

These agencies prey on the naive nature and instant gratification of youth. An agent is manipulating you if he/she say “no agency will support you 100% but we will if……” The request are something of prostitution don’t do it. Be business savvy once you start contract negotiations with entertainment firms. Listen to what an agent is requesting and requiring specific of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you feel uncomfortable. If it doesn’t seem right or you sense it’s a scam then back away. Don’t allow you desperation to get the best of you.


South Korea Uses “HuH” For Border Propaganada

President Lee Myung Bak of South Korea address his nation about the Cheonan incident.When North Korean torpedo hit the naval ship killing 43 people.President Lee Myung Bak claims “retaliation” agaisnt North Korea and wavers the possibility of war.The U.S and Japan are allies to South Korea is war does break out.According to China who are allies with North Korea stress for “investigation” and urges South Korea to stay “cool-headed.”

All sides should “exercise restraint,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in Beijing yesterday.

Point taken but one can understand South Korea’s pain and reasoning to attack.The U.S also suffer a major tragedy lets not forget about 9/11 and our invasion in Iraq.Many liberalist and conservative political parties believe this was fuel for economic gain.Doesn’t matter what you think it happen and South Korea is in a similar situation.

To add more fuel to the fire FM radio station have been using 4minute new single “HuH’ lyrics to be “the of freedom” against North Korea.

The propaganda broadcast made on FM radio began at 6 p.m. local time yesterday when a woman anchor announced what she called the “voice of freedom.” North Korean listeners were regaled with a song by a South Korean girl band, Four Minute.

In the tune, “Huh,” the band sings: “When I say I want to appear on TV, when I say I want to become prettier, everybody says I can’t do it. Baby, you’re kidding me? I do as I please.”

This also includes other forms if propaganda in the broadcast.

Food Propaganda

The broadcast then explained how South Koreans no longer experience hunger, and are more worried about getting fat.

“Always remember, we want to share our prosperity with you,” the anchor said, accusing North Korean officials of enriching themselves while the people go hungry.

This broadcast beckons that South Korean economically is becoming more dominant and efficient than North Korea.U.N stress for both nations to practice restrain from possible talk of  war fare. Until all doubts and accusation are made clear about Cheonan sinking.I don’t know if Cube entertainment allow the song “HuH’ and lyrics to be political involve in this issue.

Source:QuotesBloomberg and Allkpop

Cultrual Stupidity Part 2:Racial Hatred/Isolation,Us VS Them

I mention a few blogs back title Cultural Stupidity when my mother mistaken Thai and Japanese food/people as being one of the same.Only to inform her that these are two different Asian nation with distinguish food,customs,and languages. I’ve always been a political person regardless if the issue is sensitive or not favor among most.When it comes to race this usually has people turning the other cheek. Only resiting “Why can’t we all just be equals ?” The truth is in this world specially in the U.S nation there is no such thing as “equals.” As long ignorance and stereotypes are still publicity accepted the word “equal” when pertaining to race will continue to be an “ideal” verse actual action.

So why the sudden deep if not serious issue on an Asian music blog?If you’ve been following the news there has been a string of attacks against elderly Chinese people cause by young African-American youth(mostly males).Reading reports about these events article stress this isn’t a race “related issue” not Asians vs Blacks.This is suppose to clam the nerves of Chinese immigrants and Americans who live in areas like Oakland and China Town,San Fransisco.You can’t help but understand why some Chinese people feel victimize because they are of a different race.The irony its the month of May  Asian Pacific Heritage Month.I keep thinking to myself what can I do this month to make a difference?What can I say or show my appreciation to my fellow Asian and Asian Americans?I’m constantly doing research on the dynamics of Asian cultural influencing others especially other minorities.In the mainlands I talk about the increase of Black/Africa-American music title Black Asia.

I also explain how hip hop,rap,and r&b can breathe the wrong impression.When one cultural of people takes on the characteristic of another or show acts of appreciation that may seem racist to other or to that ethnic cultural.The recent muggins in Oakland and San Fransisco  only prove just how much to little progress is being made in the U.S.I can’t say these muggers purposely target Chinese immigrants but for decades Chinese plus other Asian immigrants have always isolated themselves from other minorities.Political activist and civil rights leaders claim these muggins is out of “jealousy” agaisnt thriving Asians living in poor communities.Who happen to be dominantly Black/African-American base with a dense population of Asian.Like New York’s Little Italy which was partly taken over by what is know today as China Town.When Chinese immigrants from 50’s started to moving in unexpectedly with minor retaliations.

The tension between Blacks and Asians is quite clear to me and sad.There is a total lack of understand and appreciation towards each other cultures.While Asian-Americans (not recognizing sub-cultures)  only make up some 4.3% or less than 5% of U.S population.Before consider being called Asian they were just the “others” immigrants dwelling in this nation.Asians and those alike have been part of this country since the gold rush and railroad transportation bloom.Large sum of Asians population live in more metropolitan cities or have more concentrated communities on the west coast of U.S. Where I live in the southern regions of  United States the Asian population is quite low but increasing.Growing up as a child in a multicultural minority home offspring from other foreigners I don’t remember having ONE Asian friend. I didn’t meet someone “Asian” until my middle school years never during my pre-school or elementary.For the record I went to mostly Caucasian dominated school.Were less then 10% of the students attending class where of “minority” meaning African and Latino American.You figure my only view of Asian people was via media outlets and Kung Fu movies imported from China.Anime wasn’t my forte at that age only until my high school years.

For the most part I was that “minority” in my class room with a few others.I consider myself Puerto Rican to even specified myself more and heritage.Because of this I was tease by other minorities or seem “white-wash” in refusal to denounce my Spanish heritage.The only view of Spanish/Latino/Hispanic was those from Mexico totally ignoring the other 20 nations.I can understand how an Asian immigrant or  Asian kid would feel so racially isolated from others.Growing up most Black and Latino kids would not accept me so I hung out with mostly White kids or Caucasian groups.Every once in a while one of my Caucasian friends would ask “Hey,Can you act “ghetto” for me?” The same if an Asian kid at school was ask “Do You know Kung Fu?” Stereotypes is known through all races and cultures of people but minorities in U.S take the worse criticism.

With that being state you think us minorities would stick together instead of going agaisnt one another.This isn’t impossible its just not the mentality of  immigrants nor of the U.S.Someone must be on top and another on the bottom.For years Black/African-American fought to have a voice.Being more “militant” and willing to speak up agaisnt injustice agaisnt other minorities.Chinese and other immigrants  were also part of this movement and once stood next to those Black civil rights activist.This isn’t something you learn in American history books more like you have to investigate yourself.One point Asian and Black Americans view each other the same what happen?What made these two groups of people start going agaisnt each other?

Many blame the media and negative image of today’s African-American.Seem no more as ghettoize,loud mouth thugs who commit petty crimes.The image of an Asian American is nothing more but a mink,nerd who barely speaks the English language.Only keeping to themselves and their own kind for shelter and acceptance.The LA riots  show just how “different” Asian are form Blacks.When a young girl was shot and killed by a Korean store owner claiming she was hostel and stealing. Ever since then the tension grew between Blacks and Asian Americans as a US vs Them.How many times have I read articles,blogs,and comments about Asians siding with those who are White /Caucasian because they are more accepting and understanding. Thinking in the back of my mind “Where in the hell do these people live so I can slap them?”

For someone like me who went to mostly all White schools I didn’t view them as specially no offense.They to use to tease me and make fun of me constantly for being multicultural person.I was called “chink-eyed”(small eyes),mut,half-breed, a mongrel or worse a nigger. This didn’t make me look at them and say “white devil.” I just knew and was taught at a very young age there is good and bad people in every culture regardless of skin color and/or language.Maybe it was my mother’s own “openness” to other people outside her race help me view others different from me as people first then heritage next.Judging by what I read form other Asian American youth their parents aren’t quite the same.I can’t say all but most Asian Americans feel that “White” is far more superior and more racially appealing when it comes to companionship(love and friendship).I’ll save that BS for another day when it comes to love. You can also say that most Asian American youth also went to diverse schools.

I’ve heard the excuse before “My parents will only except me with other Asian or my friends are mostly white.” Really because you and I are in the same boat my friend.Also with other Blacks who feel they can only relate to others like them or be with people of the same race.Amazing how similar people think but how they feel so “different.” What I’m getting at in this extremely long post is Blacks vs Asians should never exist.Asian and Black people need to expand their horizon.Stop seeing each other as being “so different” and realize we are one of the same.There is one thing for American media to use stereotypes and categorize us but another to pin agaisnt one another.Sure there are Asians who pray upon Asians,Blacks who pray upon Blacks,this goes on.You can’t allow a few bad seeds to spoil your whole ideal.You can’t allow “stereotyping” to be your only informative about another cultural or race.

Margaret Cho on Racism in Hollywood/Childhood Tyra Banks show

Like I mention before where I live there is little to no Asian culture.Yet I’ve been influence by it since I was a little kid and now as an adult grasping a deeper appreciation and understanding.Only to come to realize they share the same custom and beliefs I was raise with growing up in a Latino/Black family setting.Respect your elders,honor my parents,family name BUT treat everyone as equals.View them as how you want to be view a person not a race or an “other.” These muggins only show just how the American youth has decline in a few areas.The economics are making us desperate if not bringing out that fear deep rooted decades before.To my fellow Asian and Asian Americans I appreciated you (specially the men),religions,life style,idealism,music etc..Please walk beside me not behind me,not in front but were I need you the most next to me.I don’t want hatred among minorities or any American in fact I hate using minorities.Trying to be politically correct is just a nice snow job of being bluntly racist. Don’t view “us” as different but of one(culture) achieving the same goal.Dream the day when a nation of people can no longer hate because of skin color or culture just embrace.I feel my generation can make it happen once we let go of the dead weight brought by our parents and grandparents.

I hope you like this little article,I’m calling that since it’s so long.This is my tribute to Asian Pacific Heritage Month I hope this inspires you to learn more or become more open.

Source:Articles about Chinese Muggins Hypen Asian American population Wicki New American Media Asian Pacific Heritage Month

No Lip-Synching In China

BEIJING — Two Chinese singers have become the first people in the country to fall foul of new rules banning lip-synching nearly two years after widespread criticism of miming at the Beijing Olympics’ opening ceremony.

The two young female singers were spotted lip-synching during a concert in southwestern China’s Chengdu city last year, the official Xinhua news agency said on its website.

“No signals were received from their microphones while the show was on,” it quoted an official with the local government’s cultural affairs office as saying.

The two have been fined 50,000 yuan ($7,329) each, Xinhua added.

China’s feisty internet users frequently blame famous singers of short-selling their fans by lip-synching on stage.

But some have also wondered why these first fines were levelled against two almost unknown singers rather than more famous stars.

“Why do they choose to keep their eyes closed when it’s a famous singer miming?” one commentator wrote on the website of the Beijing Daily.

Lip-synching, known as “fake singing” in Chinese, burst into the open during 2008’s Beijing Olympics.

China’s Olympic organisers were lambasted by Internet users and in the media after they admitted a nine-year-old girl lip-synched during the opening ceremony, in place of the real singer who was rejected because of her appearance.

The Culture Ministry then issued an edict formally banning lip-synching and threatened to revoke the performance licences of repeat offenders.

Oh,snap imagine this rule in the US?Ever artist would have to pay this fine.Even Korean artist lip-sync during so-called like performances.I have to agree with this a liver performance isn’t live if artist never sings.


Bullying In Japan

Bullying is an international problem among youth of the world.Those who are different are ridicule by those who lack or want to understand.Bullying once was for the playground has gone cyber.This new age of technology has develop a new age of cruelty.Cyber bullying can ruin ones reputation and simply destroy self esteem.Networks like MTV who is cater to youth and young Americans started a campaign against cyber bullying and awareness.AThinLine.org is to educate young people about cyber bullying and sexting.

This Vlog(old) intro2the1 is a female school teacher who was living in Japan at the time.She witness a few Japanese students picking on another student and stops them.She then discuss about the role of a teacher and discipline.Also giving words of encouragement to others who have been bullied.Since she was a victim of bullying herself. This Vlog in my opinion is not meant to depict the difference between American school children verse Japanese.This video is about doing the right thing and standing up against something you know that is wrong.Regardless if it has anything to do with you and  fearing judgment.

Me personally I can related to this video I was bully a lot growing up.I had glasses,over weight, and multicultural.Many kids tease me for being Puerto Rican and didn’t understand why I identify myself as Latin.Their idea of Latin was Mexican culture.Fail to realize there are 20 other Latin nations who are diverse and multicultural.I hope this video will brighten your spirits like it did for me.

Shallow Han

Lets just admit it the real world is quite superficial.Its present in music and all types of media down to the work force.We live in a society where beauty can be bought,molded and redefine by a scapula.In the US 1/3 of Americans citizens  consider in the “over weight” bracket.Because of this there is an increase of growing health concern that can be market to general public.Whole sale foods,diets,and abrasive weight loss surgery has become the fashionable norm. This also includes a massive increase among men and women who are turning to plastic surgery to fix their ugliness. To tummy tucks,botox, and double eye lid surgery (popular among Asians) to make their eyes seem bigger if not western.

No doubt what you look on the outside determines how people will judge you prior to any conversation.The same goes for relationships and friendships.Althogh we live in a modern time with more open and political correct ways.This doesn’t stop us from being shallow and down right crude towards each other base on looks.Browsing through YouTube I caught a glimpse of Shimmycocopuffsss (besides having an awesome YouTube name) of his theory of superficial behavior.How this affects us approaching or taking any interest in people every day.

I’ll confess this bares so much truth and for so many others.I don’t consider myself extremely shallow but there is some superficial things I have done which influence  false judgment.Your sorta raise to look out for certain people who look a certain way.A homeless guy is the most extreme to lests say that dude dress in all black with a pentagram around his neck.In the end you don’t know somebody until you talk to them.Just because someone looks”‘good enough” on the outside could be Hitler’s reincarnation on the in side.This type of superficial behavior can leave a life of meaningless things,false friendships and loveless relationships.This also  breeds more harsh and destructive behaviors like racism.

My best advice is to really take a gamble and talk to the homeless guy.Talk to that less attractive person you might find something interesting or more truthful about yourself in end.

Note:Is it me or is Shimmycocopuffsss could possibly be a boy band member?Just saying he’s quite stylish and reminds me of K-pop male stars.

Project CSTT

Make peace not war,spread love not hate and that is exactly  what other Asian blogs are saying.This was created by aatheory.com top blogger Ellie who is often opinionated as I am when it comes to more bigger issue.Concerning issue like racism,stereotypes,prejudice and discrimination still plague all minority base ethnicity and cultures.Despite the fact the social awareness and speech of equality taught to children today. In order to help the next generation wipe out the racial cruelty and ignorance of the pass we must be seen as equals The whole point of Project CSTT is to allow ALL people of different background express equality and examples when they felt racial discrimination.

This is where Project CSTT comes in. You the readers and viewers are the core of this project and without you, Project CSTT cannot be successful. I’ll let the following video explain it all:

The goal of this project is share our experiences and spread awareness. If one person changes their ways because of another person’s story, then we have just climbed a step into reaching equality and putting an end to racial discrimination. Every week a headline of various letters, post-it notes, pictures, etc., will be put up on this site.

Remember, if it’s a negative experience, please don’t forget to write “Change The Theory/CTT” at the end of the experience. If it’s a positive one, please write “Spread The Theory/STT.”

Our stories can make a difference. Help spread the movement.

Spread The Theory/STT.
P.O. Box 75
Closter, NJ 07624

Both J.Lo and I have Puerto Rican parents and Latin background

All my life I’ve been racially discriminated and always ask  “What are you.” I’ve been ask this at least a hundred times by all different types of people.When I answer I’m Puerto Rican people find that hard to believe.I have to go into great detail about my family’s history as if I have clarified the authenticity of my own ethnicity.I do not fit the stereotypical look or role of the Latin/Hispanic American.My skin is brown but to brown and other Latinos have discriminated against me.My hair is black and long but it has a kink to it along with being naturally curly.Its difficult enough to find your place in this world but to be an outsider because of your race is extremely cruel.I spent a large percentage of my life explaining myself when someone ask me “What are you.” When someone ask me that I feel like I’m an “it”,a “thing” or a “racial mistake.” For a period time I hated my own complexion and develop a shelf prejudice.My mother always remind me that your race isn’t define by your skin color but the heritage your proud to be.My mother raise me to be a proud Puerto Rican and many others fail to understand that.Your race is what society wants to group you Black,White,Yellow or other but that isn’t who you are.I learn my racial identity doesn’t come from what others may perceive me to be but how I see myself.When someone ask me “what re you” I say I’m a human and a very proud  Puerto Rican,I’m not ashamed to display my Latin pride. That is who I am either you can accept it or get out of my way and let me live my life.

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