Are You A JYP Nationalist?

I pity a fool who isn’t a JYP nationalist

If YG can call themselves a family and SM a town then JYP can be called a nation?

What seems to be more impacting? A nation of people or a dysfunctional family that likes to pillage through candy coded towns? A nations seems to leave a more lasting impression. Unless you think its total cheesy for a record label pet name.

Founder of JYP entertainment Park Jin Young doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous “JYP Nation” may sound. Which includes Wonder Girls, 2pm,2am, Miss A, Joo,San E and the JYP himself. On December 24th JYP will hold a special

JYP Nation Teamplay Concert

DateTime:December 24th @ 7:30pm

Where:Olympic Gymnastics Stadium Seoul, South Korea

Purchase: Yes24,Interpark,Clip Service,Auction, Lotte

Promoters:MNet Media, JYP entertainment, and God Concert

TICKETS HAVE NOT SOLD OUT…yet, get them while their still hot.

One thing that seems to be for sure 2am and Wonder Girls will not attend their nations concert. According to reports 2am is obligated to other engagements that cause interference. While Wonder girls will remain state side. Yes. wonderfuls Wonder Girls are staying in the good old U.S.A. Maybe as good-music ambassadors for JYP? Get it good-will ambassadors..I’ll stop. As JYP start planning for their first ever “Nation concert.” Might be epic and ironically close to YG Family concert.

Source:Concert information Kpoplive

JYP The Familia….?????(JYP Family Concert)

I guess SM and YG aren’t the only ones who are allowed to be a mafia. JYJ will also host a random “family” concert for super fans. This will include  Park Jin Young,San E, 2pm and Miss A. Note Wonder Girls and 2am will not be unable to attend their own family event. The reaction from fans is positive and disappointing but over all supportive. There isn’t mush details just that its suppose to happen 24th of December.

In the mean time fans can obsessed over San E MV “Lovesick.” A laid back hip hop track from a very dorky but charismatic MC.Some hot nurse and patient action…….just kidding get your mind out the gutter. But can you recognize the nurse????


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