Girl’s Generation Bad Girl Full MV

Girls Generation (Shoujo Jidia)  release their Japanese single “Bad Girls.” The sexy young girls wear biker and show off a more dangerous but sultry side. Do you really like this new image concept or are you so over it?


K-pop Battle For Japan: Who Will Win?

No secret K-pop is invading Japan aggressively for the past couple of years. Yet many have enter but only the elite stake claims to Oricon victory.

While K-pop is on the path to globalization thanks to the greatest universal promoting tool of the world music. The whole year of 2011 is a mix blend of dynamic Korean comebacks with Japanese ambition.

While summer Japanese comebacks is coming to an end with TVXQ,2pm, MBLAQ and Big Bang  on the cool down. Winter will keep the coils burning as more K-pop idols bump heads,put on some glitter and try to sing in their best listenable Nihongo.

Girls Generation (SNSD/Shoujo Jidai)

Consider them the leaders of the pack next to Kara. These 9 fierce  ladies dominated Japan without fail. By unleashing  the Japanese versions of “Gee” and “Genie.”  Which usher in the new era of Hallyu wave performers. Within this year alone  their first self title Japanese album is certified platinum by RIAJ in physical sales exceeding over  500,000 + plus units sold. Charted Oricon Daily and Weekly at #1. Ending on Oricon Monthly  at #2 and also snagging #1 on Billboards Japan. Raising the bar even higher for other K-pop groups who wish to enter. To continue with their Japanese promotion SNSD has  release a teaser for “Bad Girl.” Which shows off a more sexier bolder side of  SNSD.

Bad Girls Full Audio -Japanese-

Bad Girl MV Teaser

Super Junior-M

Beaming from their success with ‘Perfection” ranking #1 for 60 consecutive weeks in Taiwan. The Chinese division of Super Junior will try their luck with a collective album schedule to debut in Japan August 24th. The album will contain the Japanese versions of “Perfection” and “Destiny.” Along with the Chinese versions and Korean version of “Perfection.” Also other known songs from the mini album. The Japanese version of Perfection will have Type A ( CD and extra bonus CD) and Type B (CD +DVD). Both version are currently available for pre-order on

Perfection Audio Teaser -Japanese Version-

Destiny Audio Teaser -Japanese Version-

B2st (Beast)

Please don’t consider them a rookie group no longer as B2st(Beast) tackles expansion. Last year during November B2st shock their Korean critics when 20,000 plus fans showed up for their Japanese showcase. In May B2st drop the Japanese version of “Shock”  ranking #2 on Oricon Weekly. But could not follow up with promotions do to 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. Despite the set back B2st  surpassed their senior male group Big Bang upon their first Japanese debut. Now on the eve of their So Beast Japanese album there is only hope for major success. The album includes the Japanese version of “Mystery,” “Fiction” (also orchestrated), and “Bad Girl.”  Along with known Korean favorites “Soom,” “On Rainy Days” “Beautiful” etc.. This albums has 3 types Type A  (CD+DVD), Type B (CD+DVD+32 page Photobook) and Type C (CD Only) available on

Fiction Full Audio -Japanese Version-


Certified bad ass in their own right 2ne1 reenter Japan  still under YG flag. In an  attempt to maintain artistic colors YG created a sub-label with Avex Entertainment called YGEX. This new sub-label will debut all YG base artists that includes Gummy, PSY,Se7en and Big Bang. 2ne1 will be the first to debut under this new joint label. Earlier this year 2ne1 debut back in May (against B2st) but do to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake promotions were called off. It was suspected that 2ne1 would debut with the Japanese version of “Go Away” on Music Station but it was canceled. Two weeks later 2ne1 release a collective Korean album through Avex that did not contain previous planned promoted songs “Go Away” Japanese Version and “Can’t Nobody” English version. The album sold 9,000 copies upon its release. YG consider the whole situation a “disappointment” and instead focus on a Korean mini comeback. A stream of 6 songs plus MVs that were certified all-kills on digital charts in Korea.This comeback also will showcase the group’s first  concert on August 27th  at Chamsil Olympic Park in Seoul,South Korea. Tickets for the event sold out in minutes.

2ne1 plans to tackle Japan in September with the release of “I Am The Best” and “Hate You” already in rotation. There is no information leading whether or not 2ne1 will drop a mini album for their revamp Japanese debut.

I Am The Best Full MV -Japanese Version-

Hate You Full MV -Japanese Version-


Some people would say SHINee is the next big thing and others stress THEY ARE. SHINee release their first Korean to Japanese single “Replay” in May of this year. Which turn certified gold by RIAJ with 100,000 copies sold by June. The group is on the verge of releasing Juliette Japanese album. With “Kiss Kiss Kiss and their smash hit “Juliette” set for Oricon conquest. SHINee Juliette will have 3 types Normal Edition (CD+ DVD+ 40 page Photobook +postcards)  Type A Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Playbutton) Type B Limited Edition (CD+DVD) available for on drops August 29th.

KISS KISS KISS Audio Preview  


Still fresh from their Korean promotions of Starlight Moonlight and Jieun solo debut single “Going Crazy” these ladies still have fire for Japan. Secret debut with their female empowered funkadelic tune “Madonna”  which Japanese fans respond positive with 13,000 units sold upon release. Secret will continue promoting in Japan well into August.

Madonna Full MV -Japanese Version-


Once group member Hyuna is done promoting her solo mini album Bubble Pop, 4minute will return back to Japan. The group plans to promote Japanese version of “Heart to Heart”  schedule to drop September 7th. Along with their DVD Emerald of 4minute. In the meantime 4minute duet with Japanese pop princess Thelma Aoyama in “Without You.”

Without You -Japanese Version-

Shoujo Jidai (SNSD/Girls’ Generation) Japanese Album Teaser

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) also know as Shoujo Jidai in Japan has proven to be the best import from South Korea. While J-pop scene is still recovering from their first Japanese single “” Previous translated Korean to Japanese songs like “Genie(Tell me Your Wish),” “Gee” and “Run Devil Run” has made this platinum. Not Just in Japan but also in South Korea. making Shoujo Jidai the top female group to debut in Asia since the last decade.

SM entertainment isn’t quite done with their Asian domination pop destruction. Shoujo Jidai will release their first Japanese album. To keep fans at bay release a preview audio teaser of what to suspect.

While you’re suffering a massive headache from the optical illusion show. Shoujo Jidai new Japanese album is creating hot buzz for all Asian music fans. Judging by what I hear some new racks will be on it..lucky Japanese fans. This album will follow the standard Normal Edition, Deluxe First Limited Press, Limited  Edition and a hundred others (just kidding). It will be 12 tracks long and a whole lotta pop-cuteness that will leave you dazed and pinked.Track titles haven’t be fully reveled yet. Known songs like “Gee,” “Mr.Taxi,” “Run Devil Run,” and “Genie” are feature. Drops June 1st

Shoujo Jidai (Girls’ Generation) First Japanese Album available for Pre-order at

Normal Edition (CD Only)

Deluxe First Press Edition (DVD + Poster+Make-up Box+40 page Photobooklet)

Limited Edition (DVD +Poster)

All DVDs are in region code 2

Shoujo Jidai Mr Taxi Full MV -Japanese-

I find people are having mix reactions to Shoujo Jidai (SNSD/Girls Generation) new song “Mr.Taxi.” Usually an MV can sell a song even more. I find the MV to be very simple and mainly focusing on the girls. Stressing the importance of their individual beauty.  A classic pop group MV with some futuristic themes thrown in. The song isn’t bad bit is it right for J-pop?

Don’t forget Shoujo Jidai Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run is out

Mr.Taxi Full MV Japanese

SNSD/Shoujo Jidai Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run Single Album -Japanese-

I’m sorry but I must confess my admiration for SNSD (Shoujo Jidai/Girls Generation). Believe it or not I really like “Mr.Taxi.” Although the beat isn’t fresh but still resonates SNSD’s charms. I don’t know any other K-pop group out their that can surpass SNSD’s success in Japan. Only Kara can compare on bringing forth K-pop to the land of the rising sun. Even though I read comments on how much people hate SNSD. You must give these ladies some credit and respect. They are becoming legends in their own rights. If it wasn’t for them groups like 2ne1 wouldn’t even exist. ***1/2 3 and half stars.

Run Devil Run Japanese Version Full MV

Mr Taxi -Dance-Japanese Version Full MV

Shoujo Jidai Mr Taxi/Ruin Devil Run Single Album available on Normal Edition (CD Only), First press Limited Edition Deluxe Type A (CD+DVD) and  First Press Limited Edition Type B (CD + DVD) All DVDs all in Region Code 2



02 Run Devil Run


01 Run Devil Run (日本語 ver.) (Music Clip)

SNSD Run Devil Run Japanese MV

Girls’ Generation aka SNSD who goes by Shojo Jidai ( Shōjo Jidai) in Japan release “Run Devil Run.” The girls are set to release Japanese song “Mr.Taxi” on April 27th. Already MV is creating buzz with 69 thousand hits and only 126 dislikes. Hmm… I guess those who hit the dislike button better start running cause SNSD isn’t slowing down. May I add the song is still freaking amazing. It’s like SM produces perfect  Asian pop songs.

25th Japan Golden Disc Winners

Here is the list Girls Generation (Shoujo Jidai/SNSD) snags two. Kara snags 2 wards, Arashi snags 2 and Exile 1.

– Artist of the Year
• Domestic – Arashi
• International – Lady Ga Ga

– New Artist of the Year
Domestic – Shoujo Jidai
International – KARA

– The Best 5 New Artists (Domestic)
• Kitano Kie
• KG
Shoujo Jidai
• miwa

– The Best 3 New Artists (International)
• Orianthi

– The Best Enka/Kayoukyoku Artist
• Sakamoto Fuyumi

– Album of the Year
• Domestic – Arashi: “Boku no Miteiru Fukei”
• International – Linkin Park: “A Thousand Suns”

– The Best 5 Albums
• Arashi: “Boku no Miteiru Fukei”
Tohoshinki: “BEST SELECTION 2010″
• Nishino Kana: “to LOVE”

– Classic Album of the Year
• Tsujii Nobuyuki: “My Favorite Chopin”

– Jazz Album of the Year
•  Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto: “TAKE YOUR PICK”

– Instrumental Album of the Year
• Various Artists: “image 10 emotional & relaxing”

– Soundtrack Album of the Year
• Cecile Corbel: “Karigurashi no Arrietty Soundtrack”

– Animation Album of the Year
• Various Artists: “ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST”

– Traditional Japanese Music Album of the Year
• Nihon Columbia Ginei Ongaku Kai: “The 46th Columbia Zenkoku Ginei Concours Kadai Gin ‘Ume’”

Special Product Album of the Year
• JUJU: “Request”
• Tokunaga Hideaki: “VOCALIST 4″

Single of the Year
• AKB48: “Beginner”

The Best 5 Single
• Arashi: “Troublemaker”, “Monster”
• AKB48: “Beginner”, “Heavy Rotation”, “Ponytail to Shushu”

Song of the Year by download
• Domestic – Nishino Kana: “Aitakute Aitakute”
• International – KE$HA: “Tick Tock”

The Best 5 Songs by download
• EXILE: “Motto Tsuyoku”
• Kimura Kaela: “Ring a Ding Dong”
• Nishino Kana: “Aitakute Aitakute”, “if”, “Best Friend”

The Best Music Videos
• Arashi: “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10″
• The Rolling Stones: “Ladies and Gentlemen”

Special Award
• Uemura Kana: “Toilet no Kamisama”
• Tokunaga Hideaki: “VOCALIST” Series

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