Happy Valentines Day

here is some eye candy for us ladies

Jay park ft Dok2 Know Your Name for club worshipers

Taeyang “prayer” double hit of sexy with a  shirtless YB and an ovary busting suit wearing Teddy Park

Rain “In My Bed” the original Korean god of everything sexy in K-pop

oh yeah for the guys

Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”  their’s goes your heart these ladies are fierce

Girls Generation “Genie”  if your a sucker for super cute gals in suits

Lee Hyori “Get Ya” is one sexy goddess in k-pop

for my fellow brown/dark skin sexy  divas a vid that will leave you speechless for the wrong and right reasons

Stony Skunk “Boom di Boom di”

Do International Fans Support Asian Pop?


There is a heated debate among Asian pop fans who are non-native or international. In recent efforts SM Town hold their first ever concert in France. Featuring  Girls Generation (SNSD), Super Junior, TVXQ, Boa Kwon,SHINee and F(x). To connect with fans all over the world SM open a Facebook account and shared their performances via Youtube. The two biggest social networking catalyst sites that have catapulted K-pop to a much wider diverse audience. For years Japanese artist tour Europe and America to further expand beyond  Asia and enter neighboring music markets.

Everyone from Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, Dir En Grey,X-Japan, to former Kat-Tun member Akanishi Jin have toured or performed state side. Unlike their Korean cousins the ambitious spirit to place on America music charts whether via iTunes or on Billboards is becoming the primary focus for K-pop idols/soloist. From Se7en to Boa Kwon most recent Wonder Girls, K-pop is the most determine to usher in Asian pop wave to the west.

The admiration for Asian pop stars debuting state side is a mutual feeling for industry heads in America. Producer Teddy Riley team up with Raina for “Mr.Feel Good.” While Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am producing tracks for 2ne1 for a possible state side debut. Wonder Girls currently working with Claude Kelly on a new American single. A follow up to their mini tour back in 2010 for “Two Different Tears.” Even JYJ team up with Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins and Kanye West for their first English album The Beginning release last year.

Despite big name producers showing interest in Korean base artist native fans doubt international ones will support. Already available on iTunes anyone from Epik High to Big Bang have place top 10 on charts but not Billboard . Only Boa, Wonder Girls and former YG artists Stony Skunk have successful place on Billboards genre base charts and/or TOP100/200. Regardless if it was briefly or the TOP 100 of the year. The potential is their but will international fans make sure it happens?

V-blogger diskea disclosed the same excitement but concerns that maybe lingering over international fans on making K-pop successful on foreign soil.

Although K-pop has found success via Youtube outside it seem very concentrated. In America areas like Washington,New York, Los Angles and Seattle have warm up to the recent Asian pop wave. Other neighboring nations Valenzuela and Brazil have shown fan support and request for their favorite K-pop star to perform in their nation. On iTunes (America) the increase of K-pop is becoming more evident. Everyone from Beast(B2st), MBLAQ,2pm,etc… have released Korean singles via iTunes for state side fans to download.

The level of fandom differs for international fans verse native. While South Korea is the spic center of K-pop. Fan clubs of major K-pop idol groups have made it their goal to make sure their bias is #1 on something. Doesn’t matter if its on Melon,Bugs,Navar,Monkey3,Mnet,Gaon, Hanteo or music shows like Inkigayo,Music Core,M!Countdown to Music Bank. Making them a popular topic trend on Twitter and top view videos on Youtube. The level of commitment is far more important to Korean native fans verse international in some aspects.

For Koreans they have the option to view their favorite bias idol perform live on TV. Enabling them to be #1 creating this competing spirit among fan clubs. For international the only connection is through Youtbe and other social networking sites. The only other way international fans can show support is by buying music available  in their nation. Youtube has spark popularity with some K-pop MVs with 20 million hits but sale wise K-pop falls miserably flat.

Earning less then what normally a K-pop idol can create staying on native soil. Far less than on Japanese making the Americas and Europe risky business that may cost greatly. Only time will tell if international fans are ‘all in’ or just fascinated by a trend.  The only way K-pop will have any pedestal to stand on from international fans is by supporting them beyond the web. Radio request, downloads and free publicity has proven to be essential for an idol group/soloist success in Asia. Fans on the western side need to realize they must work harder to create some type of foundation and media notoriety for their favorite Asian idol or group.

At the end of the day if music is the universal language of the world, us international fans need to show it more greatly verse Asian native. I feel international fans are caught up on ‘who would have the most success‘ verse ‘wanting to support those who do debut.‘ Only time will tell if a group is destine or not but this power is created by the fans and not always determine by the media.

K-pop in the U.S Are You For It?

I’m gonna be straight forward about this and wonder if Korean pop fans fully support the ideal. I get a sense of fear and passiveness when K-pop fans hear or speak about their artists going state side.(did article about this a while back) I don’t blame them for feeling this way. Lets just face it America has a habit of ignoring and flat-out bastardizing foreign music and its musicians. Although K-pop groups like Big Bang and 2ne1 are trying to bridge the gap. Either featuring large amount of foreigners in their music videos or releasing English tracks. Using Youtube as their catalyst  to show their form of artistry and spark the interest of foreigners.

There is a huge problem about Asia introducing foreigners into their music videos. RACE (Americans can’t help it) Take the most recent and controversial video G-Dragon and TOP’s “High High”

Many fans were alone excited about GDTOP collaboration album. In the music video it only show Caucasians and Asians partying. Granted in Asia there isn’t a lot of Africans or African-Americans hanging around. That is the main reason why you don’t see them in “High High.”Most Africans are working to professional class individuals are very few….very few in numbers. They don’t live up to the stereotypical point of view of western white culture has portray them to be. In other words seen as ordinary people who are living normal lives.  Wouldn’t make great partying buddies in an MV that is about over indulgence. Yet many Black K-pop fans are confuse and feel left out.  In American MVs  showing different ethnicity together is normal. Because the United States is made up of different ethnicity of people.  Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Rock”  is a mixture of different people partying together. Even Far East Movement did a cameo. As Quest Crew are the primary dancers who are all Asian.

YG has shown Black and Asian relations before just not always the most positive. Take Stony Skunk “Boomdi Boomdi” feature Asian males with Black females (Jamaican women).

Reminder this was shot in Jamaica so it makes perfect sense.When “Boomdi Boomdi” single hit #2 on Billboard hip hop/r&b charts in 2007. YG quickly revamp the video with computer animation and eliminating Kush, Skull only. Most likely to avoid negative feed back or racial tension. Even though  “Boomdi Boomdi” the first version original context  is about partying. The way Black females are portrayed in the MV can cause quite a stir for westerners. Lets be real only reason why it would be controversial because its Asian men dancing with sexy Black women. No different from any other hip hop video. But because Kush and Skull are Asian makes it 1o x’s more controversial.

In se7en’s MV “I Know” featuring Teddy Park  has Black male dancers. No different from Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Rock” having Asian male dancers.

In an older YG video former singer Lexy “Tears” features Africans but as tribal. This video was shot in Africa most likely South Africa.

If you figure it out Africans and African-Americans are seen as two different cultural identities. African culture is more traditional, conservative  and is consider unique because of their indigenous customs still prevalent. The negative is that African people are viewed as poor,uneducated and suffer European colonization oppression. While African-Americans in hip hop view them as free-spirited and party influence. The negative African-American men are seen as scary thugs and women portray as objects of sexual lust.

Whites in Asian MV aren’t portrayed in a negative way but bare little cultural importance. Pretty much like any other model in a music video and seen as a novelty items like G-Dragon and TOP “Knock Out”

and U-Kiss 시끄러

K-pop isn’t politically correct nor does it want to be. The more K-pop uses Youtube as it catalyst gives foreign media the opportunity to place them under a microscope. Americans forget the situation we are in is totally different from our Asian cousins across the pond.They come from homogeneous base nations were 90%-99% of their nation will be one ethnicity and heritage. Despite America being a melting pop everyone is categorize by race and ethnic background. Which can determine if a person will be successful or fail.

No wonder why both Korean and Korean Americans fans might be biting their nails. When a K-pop groups goes state side your pretty much sending them to be slaughter by wolves. This doesn’t stop Wonder Girls from teaming up with Claude Kelly (who is Black) or 2ne1 with Wil.I.Am (who is Black). Maybe the success of Far East Movement is proof that my generation is trying to shed the ugliness of our parents racial driven pass and present. With one generic  pop electronic beat at a time.

This makes me wonder for non-Asian K-pop fans, are we listening to their music because its Korean or because you really like it?

Maybe this is why racial comments and concerns among non-Asian especially those non-white and female are popping up more.Is  K-pop whiting it self off to be more accepted or are they using them because of convenience? Are K-pop artists  teaming up with Black producers because they are more prevalent in American pop culture and business or because they wanna make good music? Will American except Korean foreigners and their bad engrish ? So many question arise when I think about K-pop and west starting to merge. Even though in J-pop you have happas who are half black or white in their music scene. Maybe it’s that old belief Koreans are extremely hateful towards Blacks and only accept whites?

Music should just be about music but once you give it a face, a scene, a language  and try to mix it up with others who differ becomes more discriminatory. I want K-pop to come state side and have foreigners in their MVs for all the right reasons. Not for white or Black cultural acceptance. I want fans to support because they love the music and respect the people who make it. K-pop fans not only can be divided by their favorite group but also ethnic race. I don’t want the mood of K-pop foreign fans turn into whites vs Blacks and Koreans trying to regulate by saying “we like you all  STFU.”  For heaven sakes kids lets keep K-pop pure of the racial scrutiny Americans are so infamous for. Maintain our support for K-pop equally among all types of fans.

So do you agree with me?


Miss A vs Jamaica Dance Hall Queen

Miss A new single “Breathe” breaks Korean’s Top 10 charts on music portals all over the mainland. The inspiration behind the infectious hit is the mild influence of reggae.Jamaican and Rastafarian  culture is attractive to most outsiders do to its laid back vibe. With the nation itself the ideal of island paradise.”No worries, be happy” seems to be the motto when it comes to Jamaican lifestyle. The music is deeply  rooted within the culture and is the foundation of hip hop next to African.  You can throw in any dance hall track and suspect the party to start jumpin’. Doesn’t matter what language you speak dance hall music will guarantee a good time. No wonder why so many Koreans and Japanese artists experiment more with Jamaican style music than any other ethnic beat.

There is something that is key to dance hall…..its the dance. When ever the drums start or the DJ drops a reggae beat, its time to show off your best dance move . I have to give Miss A so much credit in their dance version of “Breathe.” The video is water down version of how dance hall queens can move. It was perfect for Miss A but small beans compare to the real thing. Every year in Jamaica and Jamaica Queen,New York Dance hall competitions are being held. Women from all over, different races and creeds compete to be title Queen of The Dance Hall. This isn’t for the faint of heart or wannabe show stoppers. Dance hall divas show case they’re best acrobatic and gymnastics along with some dancing skills. Having their own costume to match that  leaves little to the imaginations. The whole point is like any other dance competitions. Show off you best dance move,earn the title and win a cash money prize. Women from Poland, American to Japan are willing to go the extra mile and fight for glory. Miss A can’t really compare to what these ladies can pull off in a matter of minutes. Any thing from flying splits, hand stands into a spread eagle while shaking every part of their body.  It’s enough to make the Korean censors go blind.

Miss A “Breathe” Dance Version

Verse Jamaican dance hall queen competitors

Note: Japanese woman at 7:31

In the end Miss A has given dance hall some justice while still appealing to their target audience. You don’t see flying splits or spread eagles but you can tell Miss A was having fun. The only other video I can think of that showed off Jamaican style booty shaking is Stony Skunk’s “Boomdi Boomdi” from Ragga Muffin first MV version.

This had to make some Koreans and Japanese YG fans jaw drop in stare even though the dancing in this video is pretty weak. Jamaican culture is like Latino culture despite the conservative  government and laws it’s still sexual charge. Most people from the Caribbean don’t care for race majority of time because we are so heavily mixed. For Blacks/Latinos  who are from the Caribbean island know it’s  about good food, good alcohol and happy spirits for all. Maybe that is something people from the far east can learn and spread to other neighboring nations.


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