Pic of the Day: Taebin New Tat

I was on asianfanatic when i spot a new Taebin tattoo pic written “Emmanuel.” Its a uni-sex name that is quite Biblical. Which translate to “God is with Us’..why I know this it me 2nd eldest middle name.

Couldn’t find any info on this recent tat pic of Taebin (?)

Pic of The Day

Next to dance its all about the muscle in YG.

Rise of the Beastly Boys!!!!

For Asian female singers it’s usually style and dress appearance what separates them.The common or typical desirable Asian female star is slim(petite) with long hair and light skin.Although many argue against this image because defining a “slim body” type for a woman can be quite controversial.Unlike Americans the ideal Asian women posses the “S” shape.Similar to west for admiring women who posses the “hour-glass figure”.Either way both are similar and not every women naturally posses these type of bodies.

For men in Asian media their torso can make or break the difference.Most Asian actors and singers are usually slim to average built.Makes you wonder if there is such thing as larger people in Asia.Although a large sum of the population falls into the”‘average” category some do go above.I notice a sudden increase mostly in K-pop to have much more large men.In height and  weight size to get more attention.Labels like YG, SM,and JYP have specialize trainers and gyms to support the efforts of having better looking pop stars.Hiring special diet nutritionists to make sure their K-pop stars don’t tip the scales the wrong way. In Japan the attitude about health is important but size isn’t an issue.While groups like 2am,2pm,DBSK(some members) bulk up a little  couldn’t help but notice the different body types that are emerging.

This new reasoning for bulking up has some fans turn off and a little turn on.Is there a need for Asian male pop stars to have a 6 or 8 pack abs?Remind you these people are just performers not all-star athletes preparing for the Olympics.The labels don’t seem to care and making sure not only musical do these men make massive waves but physically have the audience craving for their chocolate abs.

Beastly Boys

Beef Cakes,beastly,solid build to big muscles these are the “adonis” of Asian pop.Male K-pop stars like Rain,2pm’s Teacyeon,Big Bang’s Tae Yang,etc.. fit in these category.Males with short torso or stocky built fit perfectly in this category also.Why,because it allows you to bulk up your body size.The ideal shape is men who have a V shape or rectangular.Meaning from the broadness of his shoulder to the narrow division of his torso and length of the waist line.Those who have V shape means their torso is narrow to waist line but shoulders are extremely broad representing  a V shape.A male with a rectangular body means their shoulder and waist line are almost the same length.Having a straight torso that is even with upper and lower body.

Lean and Mean

Like beef cakes those who are lean body can bulk but not as greatly.Mostly possessing a muscular body or semi slim athletic body but still having a much longer torso.This is a common body type for athletes who are tall with natural muscular built. Despite being tall doesn’t give them a large body frame.Like beastly boys their muscle are define greatly but still have the image of an ultra slim body. Most common to have a V shape except the torso is much longer with the waist line more define.The peaks and biceps aren’t as large but extremely muscular for a small frame.

Skinny Mini

Naturally most Asian people even men do not have extremely large body masses.Due to diet and region which can affect a person height.Slim boys are the usually norm specially when it comes to high fashion.Still posses a minor athletic body to very small muscle mass.These guys can still have a six-pack but it isn’t always as define.Men who have rectangular bodies usually are slim built.

Average Joe

The average joe isn’t much but still consider having somewhat of an athletic built.Guys who are average fit in their weight class but not extremely muscular or to slim.The average joe is what most men fit and so do women.Having the right weight for your body frame.Without bulking up or going through hassle of defining your abdominal and biceps.

Cubby Wubby

Some people are just naturally large frame  or will always have a little more baggage on their body .Being chubby in K-pop is a sin if not extremely unattractive.The idea of someone who is over weight or has a large frame size can seem as being lazy.Lacking any natural athletic ability which is totally incorrect.Just because that person is large doesn’t mean their incapable of achieving athleticism.There is a small number of Asian artist and actors who have large frames.As fast food and technology increase this may become the common norm.There is nothing wrong with being bigger as long your health is good.Besides chubby boys make excellent cuddle buddies.

Missing TaeBin

taebinsolo2He is the youngest in a 4 man hip hop act called 1tym and goes under the name Danny.The shinning knight and ever girls’ dream minus the tough bravado or really able to wheel a sword.With a deep silky voice and perfect “guy” hair Danny aka Taebin is easy on the eyes.Having that boy next door charm that you’re hurting to get with and wish to know personally.One moment he was riding high with his fellow 1tym members,then turn soloist winning new fans with one smooth ballad song after another.Like all good things it came to an end and for the past few years he’s been keeping a very low profile.So what happen to Danny I mean Taebin?Did he suffer some identity crisis and was force to go under one name?Most likely not but it seem like he has disappear and his fans are missing him.

danny4Before he was soloist or even in 1tym he grew up in sunny California. Real name Im Tae Bin is Korean but American born. Who is able to speak both Korean/English fluently.During his high school years he met his future 1tym member and leader Teddy at a party.The conversation was spark off when Im Tae Bin made comment on Teddy’s hat and two be in bromance heaven ever since.After high school both Teddy and Im Tae Bin  went under Brother’s Entertainment.  Only shortly after to be discover by YG Entertainment.Whom at the time was holding auditions for a new group.Both Teddy and Im Tae Bin made the cut and were first members of 1tym.Oh Jinhwan and Song Baek Kyoung would soon follow and be second group to sign under the newbie label.Im Tae Bin (who is Christian) went under the  Hebrew name “Danny”which is usually short or is form from Daniel.A name meaning “God is my judge.”I don’t know for sure it Im really wanted “Danny” meaning to be apart of his identity but soon dye his brown locks to blonde.

TaebinteddyThe group release their first album in 1998 One Time For Yo’ Mind and making “1tym” the album’s solid hit.The boys experience instant success and release four more albums making their 2005 One Way being their most memorable but not their last.After One Way the groups activities died down each member began working on solo projects.This isn’t an unusual custom for YG artist to go solo or collaborate with fellow YG members.Danny who was also part of YG family project and feature on songs like “YMGA.” Other members like Teddy would take up music producing and become main lyricist.Oh Jinhwan would face mandatory military service and Baek Kyoung would develop Moo Ga Dong but short lived.Danny would change his name back to his Korean name Taebin and began work on his solo album.


Taebin release Taebin Vol.1 Taebin of 1tym being “The Reason Why I Close My Eyes” the primary single.Produce by Kim Do Hoon and written by former YG label mate Wheesung.The album would show a different side of Taebin who didn’t want to go under the name of Danny.Allowing him to show off diversity and maturity in his music.The album was struck with controversy when one of the songs was banned from Korean airwaves.“TaBu” featuring Teddy was banned due to being “thick with sexual intentions.” Although an MV  was in production for the single was quickly stop.Disappointed, Taebin was full of anguish boast on how this was one of his favorite songs.How “TaBu” was a personal favorite and showed off his vocal range.Taebin continue with promotions and appearing on few variety shows.Which he is no stranger to but also teaming up with other male YG artist like Se7en.Taebin also release “Did We Love Back Then”  proving he can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Once his solo activities came to an end Taebin went into hiding.Only making vocal appearances on other YG artist songs like Masta Wu “Scandal.” for YMGA.Landing s small modeling gig for Korean hip hop clothing line Colonize with fellow 1tym members. *Givin his blessing to newly soloist G-Dragon of Big Bang.Rumor has it that Taebin maybe do another solo but doesn’t feel rush.The second go around he wants to take his sweet little time and most likely is enjoying his off time.The fans would love to see not just Taebin but 1tym also grace the k-pop music charts.Please  don’t hold your breath for either.They are older men with different career paths so keep that in mind.Taebin maybe out but he isn’t down for the count.Keep  eyes and ears open you may just hear from him sometime next year.

*at 3:12

Bonus:Danny Getting Prank…whata sucka

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