Whitney Houston R.I.P

Like many I was shock to hear that Whitney Houston was found dead at her Beverly Hilton hotel room. Found unresponsive in a bathtub by management. Reports say she either had died from a overdoes  and/or drowning or maybe a combination of both. This has yet to be determined because she was removed from that area upon paramedics arrival. Who conducted CPR and found her unresponsive. She was in the mist of a Grammy rehearsal and celebration. According to friends and spectators she was in “good spirits” before her death. Yet L.A.P.D  is treating this case as a “normal” death for the time being.

The autopsy has already been done as of this moment toxic reports are last to be concluded. Her body was released Sunday and funeral services for the singer starts Friday and Saturday in New Jersey. Her home state were she was raised and started her career as a gospel singer.

It’s a public known fact that Whitney had a long time history of drug abuse before she met Bobby Brown. So many others who passed Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson that were drug related deaths. I hope she find peace on the other side. That people will remember her for her music more than the troubles she faced leading to her death. I hope this will help others who are abusing either legal or illegal drugs to sober up. Life is to short and you are to precious to waste. Doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not you can get help. You can find support and you can move on.

I hope the Houston family will find peace in their dark time of need.



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