Who is Sunzoo?

Drunken Tiger leader Tiger Jk and his amazing wifey Tasha(Yoon Mirae) are back . This time collaborating on a hip hop project called Sunzoo. Teaming up with producer !llMind ( worked with  Eminem, LL Cool J, Kweli, and 50 Cent) for some bad ass hip hop but on a global scale. Sunzoo consist of DJ Jhig aka DT DJ, Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones. Including Tiger JK and Tasha at the helm.

Their MV ” Get Down” is receiving positive feed back.

Sunzoo is nothing like anything else in hip hop right now. As American hip hop becomes a hood rat’s paradise and Korean electronic waste land. Sunzoo keeps the street vibe alive with delivering original beats  with raw lyrical dominance.

Source: Drunken Tiger Youtube channel and  Drunkencamp

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2010 MNet 20th Choice Awards Ceremony

2010 host their 20th Choice Award Ceremony honoring those who are Most Influential Stars. Some I agree and are surpirse

Lee Su Geun, 2PM, T-ara, Ki Sung Yong, Kim Tae Won, Supreme Team, Park Myung Soo, Bang Shi Hyuk, Kim Hyun Joong, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, 안철수, Kim Gab Soo, UV, 4minute, 2AM, Shin Se Kyung, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Jung Jae, Seo In Young, and Jo Kwon.

(Click On name for acceptance speeches)

Notice no SM and YG entrainment artists? MNet Media is in a freaking feud with SM and is boycotting their artists…again. While YG artists were simply to busy to attend the event. With Big Bang wrapping up activities in Japan and Se7en promoting Digital Bounce there was no room. The irony no YG artists was even honor Most Influential Star award. I can’t ague with results but music should stray away from politics and allow that artist(s) body of work and the audience speak.


Runway Divas

New bloods female groups Secret, Nine Muses and Miss A special stage  fashion inspired.

Now work it cover girl Miss A, Secret, and Nine Muses show off fierce fashion and their best cat walk.

One to the Next

Ladies first T-ara stop hearts with “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “I Go Crazy Over You” with new members.

4minute Hyuna performs “Cange”  a short and sexy dance number while the group as a whole performs “HuH” remix.

Seo In Young wows the crowd with her performance of Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” best cover I heard by a Korean artist.

Beastly Boys

2pm “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and “Without U” was epic and best from boys this year.

2am wows fans by teaming up with Oaiii , electronic music and emotional ballads.

Last but has to be one of the greatest Supreme Team

T Finally Gets Her Wedding Dress

Okay that seem so odd to say since T aka Yoon Mi Rae is married to Drunken Tiger leader Tiger JK.The couple said their “I Dos” back in 2007 but  Tiger wasn’t a man making lots of money.He couldn’t afford his blushing bride a proper white wedding dress.Tiger promise someday Yoon Mi Rae a wedding dress and lucky Project Runway Korea has offer him the opportunity.Tiger made it very clear what he wanted

Make Yoon Mi Rae a wedding dress.

Yoon Mi Rae was excited and couldn’t believe Tiger made such a request.

I always wanted to wear a wedding dress so I’m extremely happy. The feeling of having my own wedding dress made on a show viewed by so many is indescribable.

Tiger said

I felt really sorry for not being able to have her wear a wedding dress at our wedding, so this opportunity makes me really happy.

Seems this dynamic hip hop duo was made perfect for each other.There is also a story on how Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae got engage.According to rumors Tiger was so broke and short for cash he bought Yoon Mi Rae a plastic engagement ring.Smitten Tiger wanted to prove his devotion to Rae and make it official.Sadly as a young hip hop MC starting out he wasn’t making made money.Tiger was determine to wed Rae even without the shiny diamonds.So he went out to a local market near by and bought a plastic ring.When he came back while Rae was home got on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.Joyful Rae said yes and been together for poorer or for worse.Tiger later on bought Rae that diamond wedding ring he promise and now the perfect white wedding dress.Also lets not forget he bless her with little Jordan, Tiger pride and joy.Ah, don’t you just love stories specially when its real.

The show Project Runway Korea featuring Tiger JK airs 20th of March.

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