Quote of the Day:TOP UFO Drunk Rant?

Big Bang member TOP has done some funny,dorky and down right weird things in his past. But this little joke or drunken stupor takes the cake. A drunken or playful TOP decided to dial UFO and leave the wackiest message ever to fans.


English subtitles

TOP is so WINNING he must have tiger blood

Quote of the Day/Pic of the Day:Heechul Tweet rant

Oh precious Heechul how has this disfigurement come to be?…..>cries<…>falls to the floor<………>cries some more<……….T____T

Heechul who receive an injury during a Super Junior’s Super Show 3 concert in Shanghai by a projectile. It was thrown by a fan and worse caught on video.

Heechul went to the hospital and encourage fans to refrain from sending gifts. He later disclosed that fans should treat their idols with a little more respect. In the meantime  Heechul who’s been healing from his injury updates his current mood status on the situation via twitter.

I think Heechul needs some time alone, lots of chocolate and a damn good movie. Sending out XOXOs and a flower <—-@

Get Better Heechul

Quote of the Day: sean and Jung Hye Young Kind Hearts Makes a Difference

My quote of the day is more an exert from AKP. Sean (former member of Jinusean) and his wife Jung Hye Young (actress) show that kindness is in all of men. No matter if you’re rich, poor or live half way across the world.

Sean and Jung Hye Young recently visited and became the “parents” to 100 Haitian children.

Compassion Korea stated on January 18th, “Our ambassadors and supporters, Sean and Jung Hye Young, sealed a relationship with 100 Haitian children and have now become their second “parents”.”

The couple have been giving continuous support to 100 children from 26 nations for three years, in which six of the children are from Haiti.

The island was rocked by a devastating earthquake last year, and it was reported that Sean travelled to Haiti to meet his injured 13-year-old “daughter”, Shintichi.

Commenting on his decision to sponsor 100 Haitian children, Sean revealed, “It’s been one year since the Haitian earthquake, and after thinking of what I could do to help, I felt the need to give our love to Haiti, the native country of my daughter Shintichi.”

With the addition of their 100 Haitian children, the married couple have now become  ”parents” to over 200 children across the world.

Source: Max Movie via Nate

Translated Source: AllKpop

I am happy that ALP did a translated article on this kind deed but hope it will enlighten others. You don’t have adopt 100-200 kids from different nations. You can do good deeds within your own community. Reach out an extended hands in those who are in need. I’m a firm believer in good Karma and good will. This is very inspirational to me and a pleasant surprise.

Quote of the Day: G-Dragon (Big Bang)

G-Dragon with GDTOP changing the perception of Korean idols.

“We are different from the so called idols. Although we are called ‘idols’, we think that the idols nowadays also perform professionally”

-G-Dragon (read translated interview)

Quote of the Day: Teddy Park

Quote of inspiration to start,end or enlighten your day.

…..”If you find just one thing, devote yourself entirely to that one thing… Become a fanatic”-Teddy Park

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