2pm Comeback Teaser

Its out

2pm actually doesn’t comeback until April, so why not tease fan girls in March? Yeah JYP, what a great way to troll my emotions. Either way judging by that short teaser two things are possible for 2pm’s comeback

1) Its epic and will most likely be a break up song or something on those grounds

2) 2pm will be wet…again

and its not until April


2pm Making A Comeback

All this time my love for k-pop was diminishing severly into non-existent. Than JYP announce 2pm is making a comeback and the date is set for March 25th.

my body is ready


YG New Girl Group: Does This Means The End of 2ne1?


In spring of 2012 YG entertainment announce they were in the mist of creating a new female group. While members were not official named yet YG compare their new girl group being similar in sized to Girls’ Generation, T-ara and After School. YG also over emphasized that this new girl group would consist of natural beauty unlike some of their competitors who are suspicious of plastic surgery.Since that announcement only two potential members have been named, Jennie Kim and recently Kim Ji Soo. There is little information to be know about each girl. Only Jennie Kim has shared some spot light time after being feature as G-Dragon’s love interest in his solo song “That XX.”


A recent update on YG-Life features Jennie Kim doing a cover to Wale’s “Lotus Flower Love.” As well a  picture update of Jisoo. But despite the little news known about the group YG fans, particular Blackjacks, are not responding warmly to them. Blackjacks are genuinely worry that this new group will replace already preexisting  2ne1. Are the Blackjacks worries legit to think this newbie girl group will take the crown from queens 2ne1?  Well sorta.

The truth is that 2ne1 seems to be on top and most likely has reached their peak. Yet this doesn’t indicate that 2ne1 is falling from grace just need to expand onward in order to live up to their own hype. In the summer of 2012 2ne1 release their comeback single “I Love You.” A daring new image concept sense the group ditch their in-your-face attitude and settle down to be more sultry and sensational. 2ne1 did this after their stint in Japan  2011 that lead to a small mini tour. It was clear that 2ne1 has grown since their debut days and was trying to mature their image. The comeback was successful but short-lived as the group prepared themselves for their 9 city New Evolution World Tour. Making them the first female Korean group to embark on a world tour in the history of K-pop. The year 2012 was probably one of the best years, on a growth level, 2ne1 has ever endure. So why do Blackjacks still fear the end is near for their precious group?

The issue is not that 2ne1 has manage to create a name of themselves through the media and touring but the lack of a U.S debut. Since 2010 2ne1 and American electro-pop producer Will.I.Am, along with Teddy Park, are collaborating  an American single or mini album for 2ne1’s U.S debut. In 2012 2ne1’s “Take The World On” was not an official debuting single but was the first single produce by Will.I.Am. The track alone was less than the bombastic “I Am The Best” and a total generic sleeper.  Way to similar to 2ne1’s Japanese singles “Scream”and remix to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin which equally lack so much spark and charisma. Whatever happen to 2ne1’s more aggressive dance beats?

The decision to change not only 2ne1’s sound but to tone down their image was a bit drastic. Even though 2ne1 carved a niche market for themselves in Japan and South Korea it is very clear YG isn’t confident about their expansion westward. Other factors  may arouse Blackjacks suspension of 2ne1’s demising is the success of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”


PSY is no idol rapper or pretty boy but a pudgy man who can horse dance. His silly music video “Gangnam Style” which makes fun of Korea’s wealthy elite was infectious. His unique look of wearing a suit and humorous approach to rap help him stand out from today’s artists. Whether or not American K-pop fans agree to PSY popularity as a freak of nature and ever furthering the image of the Asian male as a joke. In matter of months PSY surpass any K-pop idol star or group could ever dream of and didn’t change a single thing about his music or image.

I don’t think 2ne1 is falling from grace but is reaching an obstacle in their careers. The lack of confidence in fans only shows that 2ne1 is missing something that will complete them as a whole. This new female group shouldn’t worry fans whether or not 2ne1 is coming back stronger but are they coming back more true to themselves than they were before. If anything the success and experiences that 2ne1 has endure on their world tour and meeting different artists from the west can only show through their music. You can suspect that YG is already in the works of creating a new single for 2ne1, so in the meantime all fans can do is patiently wait.

The arrival of the  new female group will only strengthen and expand YG’s brand power in K-pop. YG has to see success even after 2ne1 is long gone and still continue the tradition of making good music. YG fans forget that the first debut female group under this label was SWI.T and the second Big Mama. Both did not manage to be equally successful as 2ne1. But I doubt 2ne1 will be the last female group YG will ever produce nor are they ditching them any time soon. It is possible for a record label to have more than one female group be successful? Fans need to realize without this ability I feel its YG who will fall to the wayside not their idols.


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I’m In School

I’m doing better but I am in school for Business management so my time is shorten. With homework and among the most time consuming…studying. I’m spending half the summer buried in books in the other half not so much. But dreadfully dealing with my weakest subject Pre-Algebra.  I’ll be back in fact I’m drafting a new post. Not so much of what is going on right this very moment in K-pop but global fans suspicions.

A Brief Update

There is a reason why I haven’t been updating my blog on the regular. I  still don’t have internet at home. It takes quote a deal of time to independently blog but also some money. Lately my life for the past year has been rather hectic in other responsibilities haven take me away from blogging about K-pop.

I don’t not want to shut down my blog since things are becoming more in order. Between me trying to get into school and dealing with my mother’s debilitating illness I’ve been rather stress at the moment.

I really like my blog and develop a great interest in creative writing also business. Well I’ve always been into entertainment business and wanted to create a blog that isn’t afraid to discuss those issue along with other political and social regarding K-pop and the Asian-American entertainers here in the U.S.

Although I’m not Asian myself I always do quite a deal of research to be respectful.

I’ll be back soon kids with more things to fangirl to dish about.

My main focus is K-pop expanding into western hemisphere and how international fans are supporting but also hindering the advancement. As well the marketing strategies and pitfalls.

I can’t wait to get back at blogging and share my thoughts.

Thanks You to those who are reading despite the lack of updates.



My Top 5 Club Hitters

I have the nasty case of club fever and finding jams to satisfied my craving. So here are my fave tracks to make sure night will keeping going  even if nobody understands the Hangul.

Jay Park “I love You” ft Dynamic Duo from New Breed Part 2

miss A “Lips” from Touch

Miryo “Party Rock” ft Lessang’s Gary & The KOXX from Miryo a.k.a Johoney

Wonder Girls “Me In” from Wonder World

T-ara “Lovey Dovey” from Funky Town [Repackage] -Zombie Version MV-




Update on Contact

OK I’m not 100% back to blogging currently enrolling in school and possibly moving

This time for Business Management AA degree than hopefully I can achieve my master in International.

I have another email account added to my contact founded at the top of this website.





Happy Valentines Day

here is some eye candy for us ladies

Jay park ft Dok2 Know Your Name for club worshipers

Taeyang “prayer” double hit of sexy with a  shirtless YB and an ovary busting suit wearing Teddy Park

Rain “In My Bed” the original Korean god of everything sexy in K-pop

oh yeah for the guys

Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”  their’s goes your heart these ladies are fierce

Girls Generation “Genie”  if your a sucker for super cute gals in suits

Lee Hyori “Get Ya” is one sexy goddess in k-pop

for my fellow brown/dark skin sexy  divas a vid that will leave you speechless for the wrong and right reasons

Stony Skunk “Boom di Boom di”

Whitney Houston R.I.P

Like many I was shock to hear that Whitney Houston was found dead at her Beverly Hilton hotel room. Found unresponsive in a bathtub by management. Reports say she either had died from a overdoes  and/or drowning or maybe a combination of both. This has yet to be determined because she was removed from that area upon paramedics arrival. Who conducted CPR and found her unresponsive. She was in the mist of a Grammy rehearsal and celebration. According to friends and spectators she was in “good spirits” before her death. Yet L.A.P.D  is treating this case as a “normal” death for the time being.

The autopsy has already been done as of this moment toxic reports are last to be concluded. Her body was released Sunday and funeral services for the singer starts Friday and Saturday in New Jersey. Her home state were she was raised and started her career as a gospel singer.

It’s a public known fact that Whitney had a long time history of drug abuse before she met Bobby Brown. So many others who passed Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson that were drug related deaths. I hope she find peace on the other side. That people will remember her for her music more than the troubles she faced leading to her death. I hope this will help others who are abusing either legal or illegal drugs to sober up. Life is to short and you are to precious to waste. Doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not you can get help. You can find support and you can move on.

I hope the Houston family will find peace in their dark time of need.



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