Happy Valentines Day

here is some eye candy for us ladies

Jay park ft Dok2 Know Your Name for club worshipers

Taeyang “prayer” double hit of sexy with a  shirtless YB and an ovary busting suit wearing Teddy Park

Rain “In My Bed” the original Korean god of everything sexy in K-pop

oh yeah for the guys

Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”  their’s goes your heart these ladies are fierce

Girls Generation “Genie”  if your a sucker for super cute gals in suits

Lee Hyori “Get Ya” is one sexy goddess in k-pop

for my fellow brown/dark skin sexy  divas a vid that will leave you speechless for the wrong and right reasons

Stony Skunk “Boom di Boom di”

2ne1 TV Season 3 Episode 5-7

I’m not sure if MNet and YG is able to keep up with English subbing on YouTube. Because of this you may see two different version of each video. The original aired version from MNet prior to any translated material. The English subs are secondary and used specifically for YouTube fans to watch. So suspect delays on English subs as the season progress. Each video will be indicated (KOR) Korean and (ENG) English. I don’t work for MNet or YG I just have good common sense.

Note: Although English subs are preset on some videos it can also be a scroll options menu separate from the video offer by YouTube. When  you see a symbol that represents a ‘page’ that is English subs or use Google Chrome browser.

English Sub




2ne1 TV Season 3 Episode 3-4 English Sub

More focus on their “Ugly” promotions enjoy

2ne1 Season 3 English Subs Episode One

If you are really into behind the scenes stuff than you’ll find this interesting or it will drag no end.

Rain Mention In My Local paper

Where I live has a small town feel. the population here is slightly over 150,000 and less than 1% is consider Asian-America. So when my mom informed me that Korean singer Rain was meant in the local Bradenton Herald. OH! My fan girlness went through the roof.

[Rain talks and movies, but not military duty

In nine years, Rain has gone from an unknown backup dancer to one of Asia’s hottest stars. The South Korean actor-singer also has tow Hollywood movies to his credit.

But his thriving entertainment career must be put on hold later this year when he reports for two years of mandatory military duty. It’s a topic the 28-year-old performer doesn’t want to discuss. At a news conference-delayed- 2 1/2 hours-before his concert at the Venetian Macao casino-hotel late Saturday,organizers banned questions that were not preapproved by Rain’s managers.Instead of discussing how the break would affect his entertainment career, Rain spoke about Macau and fan reaction around Asia.

Rain’s fans are confident their idol emerge from two-year break unscathed. -Herald wire reports

Even though rain was only mention briefly in the Hollywood section. I was still excited to see rain written as an entertainer not tied to the Hallyu wave trend.  All I can think maybe more K-pop performers will come my way.. Where I live Bradenton, Florida lucky enough to get a 5 stars circus.

JYJ 3hree Voices Coming Soon !!!!!!

JYJ is making a documentary 2hree Voices that will also feature their new single title the same. JYJ tease their loyal Cassies with a photo college that feature the up in coming single.

Mostly Jaejonng handsome face and all three members in one bed.( girl fan-ness starting to go out of control *_*)

I can’t wait “3hree Voices” single schedule to drop April 13th. Bonus 30 lucky fans will get to preview it. Those fans are so freaking lucky.

Go to allkpop see pics

Japan Celeberities So United Front To support earthquake/Tsunami Victims

Japanese pop culture media uses the power of infleunce to strength support for earthquake and tsunami victims. As Japanese celeberties all over donate millions of yen and spread the word of aid. Dragon Ball animator Toriyama Akira release a video via Youtube for fellow anime lovers to send out “Genkidama” (spirit bombs) of support. The video features images of main hero Goku and Arale-chan (from Dr.Slump).

English version

Japanese Version

While numerous actors/actress Japan native leave words of encouragement and strength.

Voice actors for popular Japanese anime series One Piece Tanaka Mayumi (voice character Monkey D. Luffy) and Okiayu Ryotaro (voice character Toriko) urge people to donate.

Johnny’s Entertainment has cut back or cancel some performances. In addition to new methods that will conserve energy as the crisis with Fukushima unfolds in eastern Japan. Also sending supply aid and electricity to those in need.Sending trucks and power supply vehicles to northern Japan. This includes engery saving methods. Johnny’s entertainment headquarters is using back up generators to cut down the exhaustion of electricity. The entertainment company is in the progress of putting together a charity CD to donate to victims.

Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki has donated 30 million yen.

TV Ashai launched Doraemon Charity Fund which will send donations to Iwate and Miyag. Charity has collected 600 million yen and counting.

NTV networks has launched their 24 Hour Television that raised 254 million yen.

Japanese groups AKB48,SKE48, NMB48, and SDN48 has raised 500 million yen in donations.

Other Asian celebrities have step up and volunteer. Taiwanese actor Jerry Van is visiting Japan and volunteering in relief aid.

Korean celebrities singer Kim Jeong Hoon, Sean (YG’s Jinusean), and Narsha( Brown Eyed Girls) participated in the Salvation Army. To help aid earthquake victims in Japan.

Entertainment companies Horipro and Stardust Promotion also send out funds and support.

You can also donate doesn’t have to be a lot

text REDCROSS to 90999 (American) $10.00 or visit redcross.org

text ASIA to 30333 (Canadian)$10.00  or visit redcross.org

text MFR to 85944 for Music For Relief foundation $10.00

You can also visit care.org or unicif.org us this link as a reference for additional aid and information



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