2NE1 Don’t Stop The Music

OMG for once something  2NE1 did this year I liked and cans stomach to listen longer than 30 seconds. The queens of all things auto-tune drops a crazy CF for Thailand Yamaha Fiore (scooters). Even though it’s a bloody CF but the beat is bangin’. Wish more of this was on To Anyone or their up in coming Japan cross over.

The Best Box Hitman makes it sound 10x’s better



2NE1 Don’t Stop The Music

Korean and Blackjacks are making me laugh my little Puerto Rican ass off right now. 2NE1 “Don’t Stop The Music” audio has been release. Thus far K-poppers are in a state of frenzy and trying to figure out the genre. Its dance but it’s not pop. The beat it’s strong like hip hop but it’s not. There is a mild reggae influence but it’s very club.

What could it be? Ah its dance hall Black Caribbean club music.

Even though “Don’t Stop The Music” is for Yamaha Thailand CF of Yamaha Fiore(scooter). The song has typical 2NE1 style. Which mean an excessive amount of auto-tune. To Korean fans they consider this unique but to someone like me I heard many times before. Other than that the song is perfect and catchy. The music genre matches Thailand island feel. Good job to the producers and song writers who created this jingle.

I only wish more of this was on 2NE1’s up coming album. It would breathe in some diversity into K-pop.

XLR8 vs SuJu

Newbie Filipino group XLR8 is under question of coping SM mega size Korean boy band Super Junior.XLR8 single “You’re so Hot” ir ripping off SuJu’s “Sorry,Sorry’.

XLR8 “You’re So Hot”

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry”

The eight man band consist of Kiko Ramos, Arkin Del Rosario, Caleb Santos, Carlo Lazerna, Adrin Muhlack, Hideaki Torio, Melmar Magno and Meljohn Magno.

This issue becoming such a problem even their own mama’s defending their name.

“They were not based on Super Junior or any particular group. They were based on the pop trend,” wrote Cris Ramos, who is identified as the mother XLR8 member Kiko.

XLR8 fans don’t seem faded by this accusations that borderlines plagiarism and support them fiercely.I mean this could be a mistake of musical identities,right?

Quote:VidoesAsian-Unity QuotesAsianFanatics

K-pop Invades Thailand

MNet the main leading cable next work that weekly provides the best K-pop stars is hosting a free concert event in Thailand.Showking M in Bangkok will host 18 Asian base stars gracing the stage for free on April 6 with follow up interview two weeks after the event but a press conference April 5th.Those who are set to perform are Brown Eyed Girls,2am,U-Kiss,T-ara and 14 more.This will take place at Rajamangala National Stadium.

Nicky Pimp

All I could find out Nick Pimp(Sura Teerakol) is that he is an actor/musician that lives in Thailand.He’s worked with a few Thai pop artist already is some serious hardcore eye candy.I mean his body is just straight perfection and provokes some many naughty thoughts.I found one of his songs “Playboy” which is a fan favorite not really my taste,Sorta like smooth jazz meets bad pop beats.Note:Nick Pimp is a Thai rapper so kudos to him.

Candy Mafia Say What

Has YG fall victim to their own doing finally?Many fans have accepted sampling as the only way most artist can make music but it still sucks.YG’s 2NE1 is extremely popular and most likely have small fan followings in other neighboring Asian countries.I find this act of fandom quite ironic and just to hilarious to pass up.Thailand girl group Candy Mafia hearts 2NE1 style and 4minutes dance moves.For their single “Mafia” it seems that 2NE1 song “Fire” has fallen victim to copycats or something more serious copyrights violations.

The song “Fire” is originally produce by Teddy Park the former boy band hip hop leader of 1tym.He’s been spending most of his days knee deep in producing tracks for 2NE1 and their solo songs along with Tae Yang up coming new album.In the past YG was accused of plagiarism when “I Don’t Care” struck a nerve with Sony.Candy Mafia song “Mafia” just might struck a nerve with YG and it’s devoted fans.The song “Mafia” sorta has the same “feel” as “Fire” but two people from different parts of the world can look the same.That doesn’t mean its the same person most likely a long lost evil twin.Candy Mafia has made a mockery of 2NE1 vocal style and imagery.The girls aren’t doing such a bad job if I may add.This could be a sign that 2NE1 is famous or just an easy target.

The girls impress me when they mock 4minute “Muzik” and “Hot Issue” really had the dance moves down to every step.Even when 2NE1 first debut didn’t quite had it all together like the rest of newbie female idol groups.Then again 2NE1 was doing their own dance moves and did not karaoke their way to the top of K-pop charts.

Honestly copycatting Korean idol groups maybe a bad idea but most likely will sell for now.There’s the question if Candy Mafia will ever get their own style?Are they meant to be another cash cow for a desperate label?


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