Reminder:Wonder Girls At The Apollo Movie

Ok you guys I don’t have cable (at this time) but if you do please tune in and watch WG new movie. Wonder Girls At The Apollo on February 2nd on Teennick. Check your local listing for times and channel. Its been a long time coming but their still going strong.

Teaser (Korean)

The DJ Is Mine ft. School Gyrls (OST Track)




Dumbfoundead Are We There Yet

For those who bump  hip hop underground you know about Dumbfoundead but those who don’t. He is unsigned raw talent that shouldn’t be considered another  “Youtube sensation.” Dumb is no amateur when it comes to rapping and has dominated LA’s underground circuit. Very much capable of writing hip hop songs that go beyond money,cars and scantily clad women. His latest song “Are We There Yet” kinda hits home for me. The song isn’t some random repetitive club anthem but Dumb showing love to his mother and the trivia of fast love.


Alan Z Can We Touch and MJ Cover Lady In My Life

Independent sexy male r&b singer Alan Z is making summer time hotter with his newest track “Can We Touch.”

WARNING: You may find yourself falling in love, listening to this for endless hours pondering “How come my boyfriend isn’t this sexy or romantic or just fantasizing  about Alan for days on end.”

He also did an excellent cover to Michael Jackson’s “Lady In My Life”

Note:That isn’t his girlfriend ladies retract your claws

Thanks to Alan Z for the tip

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Miss A Love Alone For Kim Yuna

Miss A loans their vocal pop appeal to ice skating queen Kim Yuna’s with “Love Alone.” This being the second completely English sung song from the group. JYP has decided to release an MV that features previous performances. There is no serious plans to promote this single on local Korean music shows. At the moment Miss A is working on a comeback. Rumor has it its gonna be freaking epic.

Love Alone Lyrics

I don`t wanna be in love alone
Wanna give you my heart
But you can`t be playin` cause
I don`t wanna be in love alone
See me falling, yeah but I can`t be the only one
Cause I don`t wanna be in love alone
So give it to me straight, know you feeling me baby
No I don`t wanna be in love alone
All on my body, and I just can`t take it

Heart racing, It`s amazing
The way you got me off on my game
No secret, Imma go head and say it
Ya lovin` got me feeling this way (yeah, yeah)

If It`s an illusion
I need you to tell me now
No room for confusion
I need you to let it out

Staring into space
Thinking about the way you
Be having me calling your name
Get distracted, Hard to focus
Boy you know you got me open
Wanna know

(Oh ooh Oh ooh Oh baby let me know)
Whatever you wanna do (yeah, yeah)
(I can make it yours
If you ready for it)
But you gotta be true
Cause I



lyrics by

via allkpop

Aziatix GO Full MV

Finding a good Asian-American or North American artist sin’t hard. Just a matter of achieving notice-ability on a national level. Even though last year Far east Movement blew minds away. With their successful single “Like A G6” but can another do the same?

Aziatix doesn’t fit the same music category as Far east Movement. Instead of creating house electronic music these guys are for r&b/hip hop lovers. Their single “Go” (produce by Solid’s Jung Jee Yoon) reeks of potential chart topping success.

Maybe Aziatix is still small beans but you can create major buzz. By downloading “Go” on iTunes. Subscribe to their Youtube,facebook and Official Website.


Who is Sunzoo?

Drunken Tiger leader Tiger Jk and his amazing wifey Tasha(Yoon Mirae) are back . This time collaborating on a hip hop project called Sunzoo. Teaming up with producer !llMind ( worked with  Eminem, LL Cool J, Kweli, and 50 Cent) for some bad ass hip hop but on a global scale. Sunzoo consist of DJ Jhig aka DT DJ, Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones. Including Tiger JK and Tasha at the helm.

Their MV ” Get Down” is receiving positive feed back.

Sunzoo is nothing like anything else in hip hop right now. As American hip hop becomes a hood rat’s paradise and Korean electronic waste land. Sunzoo keeps the street vibe alive with delivering original beats  with raw lyrical dominance.

Source: Drunken Tiger Youtube channel and  Drunkencamp

On & On

My Time

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Crown J I’m Good Ft. Young Dro

Crown J FINALLY release his MV for “I’m Good” with Young Dro (GrandHustle). This being a complete positive since his arrest for assault against hid former manager. The MV is low-budget but hey its a catchy southern style hip hop song with sexy Crown J rapping the beat. I’m willing to look past all that and appreciate this feel good song perfect for the summer.

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