Charice and Operah Make Nice

Charice was on Oprah and I miss it because I had to clean the house.This is her second time appearing on Oprah.She song her new single “Pyramid.” Sharing the stage  with newbie break out star Justin Bieber.Charice opens her heart and her trouble family past.Despite not having a positive up bringing she started singing at the age of 7 to support her mom.Since then has been on a mission to be a top international female star who happens to be Filipino.

This album is available at Target and iTunes having limited addition 2 bonus tracks.

1. “Pyramid” (featuring Iyaz)  3:58

2. “Reset”  4:23

3. “In This Song”  3:36

4. “Nobody’s Singing to Me”  3:38

5. “Thank You” 4:16

6. “I Love You”  3:05

7. “In Love So Deep”  4:08

8. “All That I Need to Survive”  4:05

9. “Nothing” 3:50

10. “The Truth Is” 3:22

11. “I Did It for You”  3:43

12. “Note to God”

Bonus only available Target/iTunes Store online

13. “Breathe You Out”  3:14

14. “Are We Over” 3:54

Charice Defends Former American Idol Star

Filipino singer Charice is making waves with her dance/pop hits “Pyramid” #4 on Billboard dance Remix Charts.Charice dish some disapproval over gay rumors about fellow friend and former season 7 American idol contestant David Archuleta.After Charice perform at a gay club in New York with David attendance for support.

“Even Madonna goes to gay clubs to promote her songs”

I don’t blame her for fighting against those nasty rumors and really David personal busy.He was there to support his friend not to make controversy over his sexuality. The interview touch ground on Charice new album being recorded in Japan.Although the singer remain type lip but excited  about Japan.She boast about making her 4th appearance on the Oprah Show for the 11th of May.Charice was wise not to dis too much given Ellen DeGeneras credit for teaching her proper live TV edict.

“She told me backstage, ‘just be yourself and the good breaks will come your way,’” Charice recalled.

A word from a very wise women.


Candy Mafia Watch Yo Back

2NE1’sDara had made a comment that sorta struck me at odd…

When I went to the Philippines after debuting in 2NE1, I noticed a lot of people who imitated our song and clothing”

I think Dara is flatter and a slight hint of concern that other wannabe Asian pop stars are ripping off 2NE1.I mean Candy Mafia is from Thailand so different nation out of mind?Maybe Dara is to goofy to pay close attention to copyright violation.I wonder how Yang Hyun Suk feels about copycat groups?I mean YG was being busted for over zealous sampling by Sony.I guess they can’t throw stones if they live in glass houses.

So my photo skills suck I have an old photo editing  lab.

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