Super Junior-M To Perfect Korean/Taiwanese

Korean version..went down a pitch

Taiwanese version

Again Chinese culture  is very foreign to me but Taiwanese usage of Mandarin  is slightly different and vocabulary. Compare to Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese.

Super Junior-M Perfection

Super Junior-M release their mini album Perfection…well its not so perfect but getting their. Although Chinese is just not my comfort zone of Asian languages. For heaven shakes I though Korean and Japanese was dreadful to translate without a Webster dictionary and a prayer.  But my reasoning for liking Asian music is for the music. While I can not get my grubby hands on translated lyrics and romanticized text the beat is what I remember. So my ear is far more in tune to what has been produce verse that group’s image and lyrically capability. Although it’s a pity cause I have to wait for translations.

Thus far I think Perfection is an album that requires some ballad taste. There is one thing I know about Chinese musicians they are ballad masters. “Destiny” and “Love is sweet” stay true to C-pop infamous, well executed pop ballads. While “Perfection” is the most unique and heavy pop driven track. “True Love” and “My all is you’ is bubbly M-pop flavor that requires some taste. I find “Off my mind” more of K-pop style with westernized influence. Music wise “off my mind” didn’t impress me much but good vocal work from Henry. Overall this album is ***3 stars but an improvement for Super Junior-M.

Perfection MV

Super Junior-M Perfection temporary out of stock but register copy at -drops March 3

1. 太完美 (Perfection) ****

2. 命運線 (Destiny) ***

3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet) ***

4. 表白 (Off my mind) **1/2 (I hard this before)

5. True Love **

6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you) ***

Super Junior-M Perfection

Super Junior-M has return with a banging track “Perfection.” Seriously I’m obsessed this groups has come back stronger.

Perfection MV

Perfection English subs thanks to SHRINX4SiHaeSeason3’s

Super Junior-M To Perfect Teaser

Super Junior-M is making their comeback with a newer line up. Korean Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Sungmin has join team M. “To Perfect” is feature on their mini album Perfect set to drop the 25th of February in Taiwan. Perfect is plan to dominate the M-pop/ C-pop scene. HENRY and Zhou Mi’s compositions “Off my mind” and “True Love,” as well as “Love is Sweet,” written by Jay Chou for Super Junior M.

To Perfect Teaser

Super Junior -M Perfection (Folder)+ CD  is available for pre-oder on March 4th


1. 太完美 (Perfection)

2. 命運線 (Destiny)

3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet)

4. 表白 (Off my mind)

5. True Love

6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you)


Jay Chou The Era World Tour Live (DVD+2CD) (Deluxe Edition

Jay Chou who is also in the Green Hornet has release a CD+DVD combo. The Era World Live Tour taken place at Taipei Arena on June 1. This includes the extravagant 360 degree 3D computer imagery he used during the concert. Spark a trend among Asian artists to venture into 3D concert show casing.  In South Korea  pop artist used specialize theatrical release of major concert in 3D. While in Japan idols revamp previous concert DVDs in 3D. But Jay Chou took it up a notch and did it LIVE. Lucky Taiwanese fans so envious.The combo consist of Jay Chou classic from 2000-2010.Along with back stage footage/preparation of the Era World Tour 2010. Making it the must have for the ultimate fan .

Jay Chou The era World Tour DVD+CD is available for pre-order on January 31st



02. 龍戰騎士

03. 跨時代

04. 蛇舞(with梁心頤 Lara)

05. 愛在西元前

06. 我不配

07. 嘻哈空姐

08. 威廉古堡

09. 魔術先生

10. 黑色幽默(with 袁詠琳)

11. 想你就寫信(浪花兄弟)

12. 你是我的OK繃(with浪花兄弟)

13. 稻香

14. 陽光宅男

15. 龍捲風

16. 說好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷(特別畫面 陳奕迅)

17. 免費教學錄影帶

18. 時光機

19. 爸 我回來了+心事誰人知

20. 雨下一整晚

21. 愛的飛行日記(with 楊瑞代)

22. 超人VCR

23. 以父之名

24. 開不了口

25. 給我一首歌的時間(特別來賓蔡依林)

26. 東風破

27. 雙截棍

28. 特別收錄-幕後花絮(約27min)

CD 1

01. 龍戰騎士

02. 跨時代

03. 蛇舞(with梁心頤 Lara)

04. 愛在西元前

05. 我不配

06. 嘻哈空姐

07. 威廉古堡

08. 魔術先生

09. 黑色幽默(with袁詠琳)

10. 想你就寫信(浪花兄弟)

11. 你是我的OK繃(with浪花兄弟)

12. 稻香

13. 陽光宅男

14. 龍捲風

15. 說好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷

CD 2

01. 免費教學錄影帶

02. 時光機

03. 爸 我回來了+心事誰人知

04. 雨下一整晚

05. 愛的飛行日記(with楊瑞代)

06. 以父之名

07. 開不了口

08. 東風破

09. 雙截棍


Who is I Me?

I caught a gliss of this female C-pop group during MAMA. iMe or I Me is a make up fo different girls from different Asian nation.  They are compared to Korea’s  (Girls Generation)and DBSK on the level of popularity. Made home base in China but also in Thailand and South Korea.

Their multicultural backgrounds has some Chinese nationalist seeing red. But no fear I Me is the new generation of Asian pop and doesn’t allow “cultural differences” stifle musical glory. The group consists of 5 super cute ladies Li Yuan Xi 李媛希(China), Zara 那琳 (Thailand), Yizi 易易紫(China), Shim Hyun Kyung 沈泫京(Korean), Liu Mei Han 刘美含 (China).

Finding info about this group is a bit difficult and music wise pain in the arse. All I know is that I Me is a newbie that took some 2 years to get here. Their single “哎咿呀(Aiyiya)” is driving Asian pop lovers wild. So I guess the anticipation for them is pretty damn high. I hope to see more of these girls in the future and what they have to offer. Besides the normal cutesy Asian girl charm fan boys love and fan girls want to be.

哎咿呀(Aiyiya) MV Full

Source: Asia Chinese Girl Group @Joshua Ong’s Blog

Hangeng My Queen

Okay another dance track from Hangang “MyQueen.” Some people are comparing this to Lady Gaga , really? Cause dance tracks been existing since the 70’s except that was called DISCO. I feel like the disco are is coming back instead of vocoders its auto-tune and title “club” not disco. Unless your European it’s just more tasteless mundane wannabe techno pop.

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