Hyuna Mini Album Vol.1 Bubble Pop

4minute sexy vixen Hyuna is back and she is causing quite a stir with her first mini album properly title Bubble Pop. Hyuna has redeem herself from the “Change” days, explore  rapping  and shares the spotlight with fellow Cube starlets.

Despite this being only  a mini album it certainly has a full album feel. The opener “Attention” already sets the mood. A little hip pop, dance and Hyuna sex appeal pretty sums up the whole album attitude. The primary track “Bubble Pop” is the most infectious of cutesy  Hyuna can exude. Making weird pop noises it can either excite you, annoy you or just totally turn you off.  Yet this track best shows off Hyuna feminine sexuality without being so vulgar.

Trust me only “Bubble Pop” has that dorky sex appeal. I found “Downtown” featuring Jiyoon to be a more better suited song for Koreans who worship the night life. While “Just Follow” kicks things up a notch. With Dok2(Gonzo) masculinity, mix-in with Hyuna’s confident sexiness you get one killah hip hop not pop track.  Hyuna shows off her more improved rapping skills and some serious HBIC (Head B!tch In Charge) swagger.

The hidden master piece on this track and one song that has fans confuse is “A Bitter Day” featuring G.NA and Junhyung of B2ST/Beast. Some people can’t get over how Hyuna isn’t singing but believe it or not it completes this album.

So I guess you can say Bubble Pop is a mixture of pop,ballad,dance and hip hop sounds that only Hyuna can get away with doing. Overall this album is *** 1/2- 3 and half  stars.

Bubble Pop  Full MV

Hyuna mini album Vol.1 Bubble Pop is available for pre-order on yesasia.com -drops July 8th Korea July 5th

Hyuna Bubble Pop


01. Attention  ***

02. Bubble Pop! ***

03. Downtown (feat. 전지윤(Jiyoon-4minute-) *** 1/2

04. A Bitter Day (feat. 용준형(Junhyung-B2ST/Beast-), G.NA) ****

05. Just Follow (feat.DOK2) ***1/2


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